Be yourself! ~ The Root of Heads

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So, today I opened my blog. It’s been almost 5 months since my last post. People may think I am dead or something. But hey! Here I am! Alive and healthy, busy with visa, studies and work. Hopefully it will be better in a month or so!

Fun fact: I kind of wanted to post randomly either “Keep Changing” or “噓偽りノ世界” (Primary, liberator, OMG I love this CD), BUT, my phone is dead and I am too lazy to send my translations to my PC or copying them. Maybe I should start publishing posts when I’m on the train. Maybe.

Anyway. See you (hopefully) soon! And this reminds me I said on discord would have had published/scheduled GSS’ Day 02, but I have already published that day, so technically I have to schedule day 03, but since the compact file is not ready, I just skipped it. Hooray.

tl;dr this song is so optimistic and I just love it. It boosts my morale so much every time I listen to it. I wonder if that’s because I pretty much see my way of thinking in this song.


Title: Be yourself!
Vocals: Rita
Lyrics: Rita, yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: The Root of Heads
Album: Star’s Voice
Event: M3-38

Be yourself!

さぁ 下向いたら見えるものが

saa shitamuitara mieru mono ga
kizukeba tooku natte
kieteshimau sono hikari wo
minogasanai youni to

So, if you’ve noticed that what you see when
You look down becomes distant
And that light has disappeared
You shouldn’t overlook it

ねえ 顔を上げて探してみよう

nee kao wo agete sagashitemiyou
ima ikanakucha kitto
jibun ga tabun yurusenakute

Hey, lift your head, let’s try to search them
We have to go there now
Or you may not forgive yourself
And won’t move on

そんなじゃさ 君らしくないだろう?

Cry? mayotteitanda itsumo…
sonna ja sa kimi rashiku nai darou?

Cry? When you were lost, always…
But, you see, that isn’t like you, no?

次の場所 目指すとき

kimi no nayande arekore wa
ashita wo kaeru gaido
tsugi no basho mezasu toki
omoide ni naru

All this and that troubling you is
A guide changing tomorrow
The next place where you’ll go to
Will become a memory


naite bakkari ja irarenai
chotto warattegoran
hora sukoshi kao agete
kimirashiku nare

You can’t always just cry
Try to smile
Come on, lift your head
And be yourself

そう 君は何を見ているのかい
No!少し違う そんなことで

sou kimi wa nani wo miteiru no kai
omotteta koto to wa
No! sukoshi chigau sonna koto de
chotto konran shiteru ne

Say, what are you looking at?
I was thinking that…
No! You’re a bit wrong, you’re
Making some confusion


soredemo mata arukidaseru
kotae wa hitotsu janai
fuan to kitai kakaeta mama
daremo ga sagashiteru

Yet, you can still move on
There’s not just one answer
Holding anxiety and expectations
Everybody is searching it

Why?君は君 そうだろう?

Try! ikutsumo no namida tsutau
Why? kimi wa kimi sou darou?

Try! Let all your tears come out
Why? Because you’re you, no?


kitto kimo wo kidzuiteiru hazu
subete wa jibun shidai!
atarashii tobira nara
kimi no te de… sou da!

I’m sure you too have noticed
Everything depends upon you!
If there’s a new door
Open it… yes, like that!


mezasu basho ga mieta toki ni
sono saki de matteru sa
kimi dake no “tokubetsu” ga
mayowazu ni yuke

When you’ll see the place you’re going
There will be waiting
Yours only “special” one
Don’t hesitate and go


dounimo naranai nara
kangaeru no yamete
toki ni wa konna koto mo
arunjanai katte

If nothing can be done
Stop thinking about it
There are times when even
Such things happen, no?
So smile


kimi ga aruitekita sono michi wa
dare ni mo keseyashinai
jibunrashii yari kata de
omoide ni shite

The path you have walked so far is
Something nobody can erase
Make memories with what
Suits you most

もう何も ためらわず

dokoni nani ga arundarou
ima nara mi ni ikou yo
mou nanimo tamerawazu
kimi rashiku are

There’s always something somewhere
Let’s go and see it now
Never, ever hesitate
And be yourself

Let’s get started with me!


Sort of big update (Gore Screaming Show)

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Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, whichever time you are reading this.

As you have noticed, I haven’t updated this blong since a couple of weeks because of reasons I won’t bore you about. And as for Gore Screaming Show… it takes me way too much time to divide the script, make the post format, adding the link ect. Thus why I decided to be lazy and posting download links to the chapters (or days, if you prefer) here in both .docx and .pdf.

Good side is that you will have bigger portions of the script all at once, and for me it will be way easier to share. Bad side is that this system may be even more confused than before. Though I want to believe it’s not too confused.

Links are right below. And yes, you’re seeing it right; there are day one and two over there complete. All the links have been uploaded on Mega, but I can’t exclude I will upload them also on other sharing sites. As usual, if you spot any error/mislink/link down and so on, please contact me, I will fix it as soon as possible.

This said, pick up your format and have (I hope) fun!

.docx Download

Chapter 00 – Prologue
Chapter 01
Chapter 02

.PDF Download

Chapter 00 – Prologue
Chapter 01
Chapter 02

Prototype ~ Primary

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each cover

I’m not sure if it’s the rhythm or the lyrics, or maybe both, but I really feel like this song is sung by an uncompleted (or maybe I should say, failed attempt to create a human-like machine) robot –and thus, the title. Well, the whole album is based upon “living alone”, so I honestly expected a darker tone here, but I would never expected them to be this dark –not a complaint.

This said, starting from the third track of an album may be not the smartest idea to understand it, but well. I wasn’t even sure to post something today, so let’s just say I decided to go back to translations sitting in my hard driver since a ridiculously amount of time –calculating it in years. And yes, I’ve skimmed through and corrected (I hope all) translation errors. Cheers.


Title: Prototype
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: each
Event: M3-28


why? don’t you know? いつから…少しずつ辿った
why? don’t you know? いつから…途切れぬ鼓動

why? don’t you know? itsukara… sukoshizutsu tadotta
kono basho doushite? itsumo to chigau disupurei
oboeteru sono me wo sagashiteita no wa
why? don’t you know? itsukara… togirenu kodou

Why? Don’t you know? Since when… I followed it little by little
Why this place? It’s different from my usual display
I remember those eyes I was searching for
Why? Don’t you know? Since when… my heartbeat doesn’t stop


tsumetakute… nigitta sono te wa mou ugokanai

It’s so cold… the hand I grabbed doesn’t move


nidoto owaranai atashi no monogatari
tokashita kajitsu no amai sasayaki

My story won’t end ever again, it’s
A melted fruit’s sweet whisper

何度も見てきた 最期の瞬間
記憶に閉じ込め 指先を伝って
進み続けても 同じ時間のようで

nandomo mite kita saigo no shunkan
kioku ni tojikome yubisaki wo tsutatte
susumitsudzuketemo onaji toki no you de
“ikiteru” riaru ga toozakaru yume

I saw it many times, my last moment
Locked in my memories, following your finger
I may move on, but it always seems the same moment
“Living”, reality is just a dream faded away


tsukisashite… torinokosarete mo kanashiku wa nai

Even if I will… be stabbed, or left behind, I’m not sad


nidoto owaranai atashi no monogatari
itoshii hodo kowashite hoshikatta

My story won’t end ever again, though
I wanted to break it so much it was lovely

叫び続けた日々 (止まる事はない)
同じ時間の中で (違う道だった)
重なるその掌 (砂の様に消えてく)

sakebitsudzuketa hibi (tomaru koto wa nai)
onaji toki no naka de (chigau michi datta)
kasanaru sono tenohira (suna no you ni kieteku)
tasukete hoshikatta dake

The days I kept screaming (they won’t stop)
Inside the same time (it was another path)
All those palms overlapping (disappearing like sand)
I just wanted to be saved

背筋なぞる “運命”に従って

owari no mienai atashi wa nukedasenai
sesuji nazoru “sadame” ni shitagatte
otoshita naifu wo mune ni tsukitatetemo
kaerarenai hitotsu no monogatari

I can’t see an end, I can’t go away
Down my spine, according to “fate”
Even if I stab into my chest the knife I dropped
This only one story won’t change

Naked flyer ~ Primary

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shutter girl

It feels so good to translate so many yuiko’s lyrics all in a row, she writes just too beautiful lyrics. I can’t wait for the next Primary album.

Speaking of, SHUTTER*GIRL is one of my favorite Primary’s album of all times (so far), if not my favorite one, and one of my favorite CDs overall. I hope the next album will be as good as this one! And I’ve said “album/CD” too many times in too few words.


Title: Naked flyer
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Event: M3-37

Naked flyer


todoku hazu wa nai to
tsumetai tobira no mukou
souzou de kowashite
yowai kokoro no mama
otona ni natta

It wouldn’t have reached you
So I gave up
The other side of a cold door
Destroyed by guesses
I don’t want to be hurt
I can’t notice it
I became an adult
With a weak heart

遠くで 呼ぶ声にまだ
気づかない ふりをして

tooku de yobu koe ni mada
kidzukanai furi wo shite

Far away, there’s still a voice calling me
I pretend to not hear it

『泣かないで 逃げないで』
もう一度 もう一度
飛べるなら この声を…

『nakanaide nigenaide』
nando negate mo
boku no te wa sono saki wo
tsukamenai mama
mou ichido mou ichido
ano aozora wo
toberu nara kono koe wo…

“Don’t cry, don’t run away”
No matter how many times I pray for it
My hand won’t grasp
What there’s beyond
One more time, one more time
If I will be able to fly
In this blue sky, my voice…


usotsuku nara semete
egao de itte yo
kowareta kagami ni wa
shinjitsu wo kakushite
sokudou ageru kodou
donna oto darou
fuantei na ashi wa
onaji basho dake

If you’re going to lie
At least do it with a smile
Within a broken mirror
Truth is hidden
I wonder what sound makes
An increased heartbeat
Unstable legs stay
Only in the same place

回る 回り続けて

mawaru mawaritsudzukete
deguchi wo sagasenai

And I go on, keep going around
I can’t find an exit

泣きたくない 逃げたくない
止まらない 止まらない…

modorenai kako nante
kokyuu sae wasuretai
namida koboreta
nakitakunai nigetakunai
wakatteiru no ni
tomaranai tomaranai…

Past won’t come back
I keep shouting
I want to forget even how to breathe
Tears fell down
I don’t want to cry, I don’t want run
I know that much, but
They don’t stop, don’t stop

この両手 いらないよ

douze kawaranai no nara
kono ryoute iranai yo

If it still won’t change after all
I don’t need these hands

泣かないで 逃げないで
聞きたくない その声で
僕はまだ 僕はまだ…

『kono koe wa itsudatte
todoiteiru desho
nakanaide nigenaide
wasurenaide yo』
kikitakunai sono koe de
tobira ga hiraku
boku wa mada boku wa mada…

“This voice will always
Reach you, so
Don’t cry, don’t run away
And don’t forget”
That voice I don’t want to listen to
Opened the door
I’m still, I’m still…

飛び出したい 逃げたくない
ただ一度 もう一度
飛べるなら 飛べるなら…

tobidashita nigetakunai
nando negattemo
boku no me wa oboreteta
ugokenai mama
tada ichido mou ichido
ano aozora wo
toberu nara toberu nara…

I want to go out, I don’t want to run
No matter how many times I pray for
My eyes were so captivated
I couldn’t even move
Just one time, one more time
If I will be able to fly
In this blue sky, in this sky…

Depressing ~ Primary

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depressing cover

Fun fact: while from the XFD “Depressing” was the track I was super excited for, but I ended up loving “Innocence” rather than this one after listening to the full album. I somehow prefer these lyrics though, probably because they have a darker tone, but well, Primary is Primary, period.

Title: Depressing
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: イノセンス・Depressing
Event: C91



kaketa tsuki wo miageta
umaranai kokoro mitai
sukoshizutsu chikadzuite wa
fuan ni nari hanareta

I looked up at the broken moon
Resembling an unburied heart
Little by little, drawing near
I felt anxious and went away


ashiritsudzuketa hazu no
ashi wa tomatta mama da… naze?

I was supposed to keep running
But my legs just stood still… why?

思い出の中 キミが笑ってる
一人の世界で もう何も見えない
悲しい夢は 時計を止めた

omoide no naka kimi ga waratteru
kasuka ni nokotta kaori wo tadoru
“yurusareru nara” negatta daishou
hitori no sekai de mou nanimo mienai
kanashii yume wa tokei wo tometa

In my memories you’re smiling
I pursue your faint scent left behind
“If I’ll be forgiven”, the compensation I wished
In my lone world where I can’t see anything
This sad dream stopped the clock


me wo tojite mo mabushii
tooku hikaru keshiki wa
mou nidoto konai darou
atatakaku sugita hibi

Even if I close my eyes, it’s dazzling
That far away, shining scene
But they won’t come ever again
Those too warm days


hitori wo eranda koto wa
machigai janai to ieru darou

The only thing I’ve chosen
I can say it’s not a mistake

目の前には何もないのに 何度
声に出しても キミに届かない
それならもう この糸を切って

hirogatteyuku kage ni obieteta
me no mae ni wa nanimo nai no ni nando
koe ni dashitemo kimi ni tokonai
marude tsukamenai maboroshi no you
sorenara mou kono ito wo kitte

I was frightened by the shadows spreading
Yet how many times there was nothing lying ahead?
Though I call you, my voice won’t reach you
Just like an illusion one can’t grasp
If that’s so, just cut off this string

繰り返しても 繰り返しても
意味などないから 終わりにしよう
今 この場所を壊して

kurikaeshitemo kurikashitemo
tada iki wo suikomu dake nara
imi nado nai kara owari ni shiyou
ima kono basho wo kowashite

Even if I redo it again and again
If you’ll only take one breath
It wouldn’t have sense, so let’s end this
Now, let’s break this place

わかっているけど もう何も要らない
言葉はもう 届かないキミに

tometa tokei wa hitori ja ugokanai
wakatteiru kedo mou nanimo iranai
koe ni dasou to hiraita shunkan
nagarekondekuru tsumetai mizu de
kotoba wa mou todokanai kimi ni

A stopped clock won’t move alone
I get it, but I no longer need anything
The moment I was about to say it
They flowed into cold water
My words will never reach you

思い出の中 キミが笑ってる
赦されないまま 落ち続けてゆく
暗い水の底 もう何も見えない
悲しい夢と 呼吸を止めて

omoide no naka kimi ga waratteru
kasuka ni nokotta kaori mo kiete
yurusarenai mama ochitsudzukete yuku
kuroi mizu no soko mou nanimo mienai
kanashii yume to kokyuu wo tomete

In my memories you’re smiling
Even your faint scent is fading
I won’t be forgiven, I’m keep falling
At the sole of this dark water where I can’t see anything
Where this sad dream and my breath stop


ツクリモノセカイ ~ ゆいこんぬ

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yuikonnu yumemigachi

All my love to yuiko and Meis. Though, I’m not sure if Meiko is actually Meis, but for sure, the style awfully reminds me of him. This said, this song is actually an original one took from yuikonnu’s C92 CD. And to me, it’s like having a new track by Primary without being Primary… sort of. And yuiko’s lyrics are just beautiful.


Title: ツクリモノセカイ
Vocals: ゆいこんぬ (yuikonnu/yuiko)
Lyrics: ゆいこんぬ
Composition: めいこ (Meiko)
Album: 夢見がちなクリームパッフル
Event: C92

ツクリモノセカイ”, “tsukurimono sekai”, “Fabricated world”.


緩やかに流れる 僕等の時間はきっと
永遠じゃないこと 知っている

yuruyaka ni nagareru bokura no jikan wa kitto
eien janai koto shitteiru
shitteita darou

Slowly flowing, our time, relentlessly
I know it’s not something everlasting
I already knew it

何気ない事がまるで 運命のように思えた

nanigenai koto ga maru de unmei no you ni omoeta
sugoshita hibi wo tsuyoku “shinjitetai” negatteshimau

Casual things seemed just like fated to happen
I end up hoping I will “want to believe” these passed by day

真実の在り処は わからないまま
いつかは届くと 手を伸ばした僕は

shinjitsu no arika wa wakaranai mama
tsukurimono darake no sekai de mo
itsuka wa todoku to te wo nobashita boku wa

Though I don’t know where truth lies
And this is a world full of fabrications
The day I arrived, I stretched my hand
I was crying

曇った星空じゃ ぼやけて掴めない何も
歩き疲れて また佇む しゃがみこんでしまう

kumotta hoshizora ja boyakete tsukamenai nanimo
arukitsukarete mata tatazumu shagami kondeshimau

The cloudy starry sky is dim and can’t grasp anything
I’m tired of walking, still loitering, and I ended up crouching

次々のぼる泡を 眺めるだけの日々を
自分で選んだ道と 思い込むのようにしてた

tsugitsugi noboru awa wo nagameru dake no hibi wo
jibun de eranda michi wo omoikomu no you ni shiteta

Bubbles coming up, one by one, days I could only gaze at
I tried to convince me I’ve chosen my path by myself

埋まらないパズルは どこへ行く?
気づけない このままじゃ…

taisetsu na Piece wo nakushita mama
nandomo nandodemo tameshiteita
umaranai pazuru wa doko e yuku?
kidzukenai kono mama ja…

Though I had lost an important piece
I kept trying again and again
Where is this unburies puzzle heading to?
I can’t realize it like this…

嘘を重ねる度 自分が消えてく 不確かな感情
零れ落ちたモノは もう二度と この手に戻らないの?

uso wo kasaneru tabi jibun ga kieteku futashika na kanjou
koboreochita mono wa mou nidoto kono te ni modoranai no?
wakatteta no ni…

When lies pile up, we start to vanish, it’s an uncertain feeling
What already scattered around, won’t come back to me, right?
I already knew it, but…

『例えば、始めよう 新しいコト
そうすれば何が 変わるのかも?』
小さく呟いた たった一言の嘘で
真実の在り処は 見えてたのに
ツクリモノだって 決めつけてた
手にした瞬間 全てが色を変えて

『tatoeba, hajimeyou hatarashii koto
sousureba nanika ga kawaru no kamo?』
chiisaku tsubuyaita tatta hitokoto no uso de
shinjitsu no arika wa mieteta no ni
tsukurimono datte kimetsuketeta
te ni shita shunkan subete ga iro wo koete

“Then, what if we start something new?
If we do so, something may change, no?”
I faintly muttered this single lie
I saw where truth lies, but
I decided it was all a fabrication
The moment I got it, everything changed colors
I was crying


•August 18, 2017 • 2 Comments


I wonder why I have never done this before. Translating requests in the order I like and not in chronological order is the best thing I could have ever done for my mind. This said, expect a lot of skips and some more C92 and more skips, because that’s what I feel like doing.

Unnecessary note: yuiko gave me her permission to translate her lyrics so I’m super happy <3 And I have to improve more.

Requested by Stereo Loli


Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: STRUGGLES /ひとつの願い
Event: C88


いつも目をそらして 背中向けたままで
無関係装って 聞き耳だけ立てて
自分を守っていた 傷を恐れていたんだ
これ以上もうどこも 失うことはない…?

itsumo me wo sorashite senaka muketa mamade
mukankei yosootte kikimimi dake tatete
jibun wo mamotteita kizu wo osoreteitanda
kore ijou mou dokomo ushinau koto wa nai…?

I always looked away and pretended to not see
I feigned ignorance and pricked up my ears
I protected myself, afraid to be hurt
There’s nothing else I can lose, right…?

『世界なんて 嘘つきだ』

『sekai nante usotsuki da』

“The whole world is a liar”

不安定な足元 壊してしまえば -きっと-
下を向いても何も怖くはないさ -落ちる-
何一つ確かな答えはないから -すべて-
今の現実を目に焼き付け叫んで -終わる-
始めよう“宣戦布告” だ

fuantei na ashimoto kowashite shimaeba –kitto-
shita wo muite mo nanimo kowaku wa nai sa –ochiru-
nani hitotsu tashika na kotae wa nai kara –subete-
ima no genjitsu wo me ni yakitsuke sakende –owaru-
aizu wo ima uchiagete
hajimeyou “sensen fukoku” da

Even if this unsteady ground would crumble –I’m sure-
Though I would go down, I wouldn’t be scared –I’ll fall-
Since there is not even a certain answer –everything-
The present reality it’s burn in my memory and I scream –ends-
I launch the signal now
Let’s begin the “declaration of war”

見上げたビルの森 流れる人の群れ
通り過ぎるたびに 感情もなくしてた
新たな芽が出ても 気づかない街など
誰もとどまらずに 消えていくだけ

miageta biru no mori nagareru hito no mure
toosugiru tabi ni kanjou mo nakushiteta
arata na me ga dete mo kidzukanai machi nado
daremo todomarazu ni kieteiku dake

I looked up at the buildings, at the crowd walking
Every time I passed by, I lost my emotions
If a new bud were to sprout in a side street
Nobody would stop and it will just disappear

『もう一度 逆らえ』

『mou ichido sakarae』

“Once more, go against it”

戻れないと知ってても 求めてしまう -さだめ-
忘れないように何度でも探すから -心-
強さなんて誰にも譲れはしない -いつか-
世界中さえ敵にまわしたとしても -いいさ-
見逃してやれすべてを 悔しさを力に

modorenai to shittetemo motomete shimau -sadame-
wasurenai you ni nandemo sagasu kara –kotoba-
tsuyosa nante darenimo yuzure wa shinai –itsuka-
sekaijuu sae teki ni mawashita toshite mo –ii sa-
minogashite yare subete wo kuwashisa wo chikara ni

Though I know I won’t get it back, I wish for it –destiny-
Because I keep searching for it to not forget –words-
Strength can’t be yield to anyone –one day-
Even if the whole world would become my enemy –it’s okay-
I will take everything back, the strength during hard times

傷つくことなんて 本当に慣れてない
その度心臓が 痛くて 苦しくて
人は皆そうやって 世界に嘘ついて
自分を誤魔化して 生きてるだけ

kizutsuku koto nante hontouni narete nai
sono tabi shinzou ga itakute kurushikute
hito wa minna sou yatte sekai ni uso tsuite
jibun wo gomakashite ikiteru dake

I really will never get used to being hurt
Each time my heart hurts and tightens
Everybody feels like that and lies to the world
We deceive ourselves and merely live

不安定な足元 壊してしまえば -きっと-
下を向いても何も怖くはないさ -落ちる-
何一つ確かな答えはないから -すべて-
今の現実を目に焼き付け叫んで -終わる-
合図は自分で 決めるんだ さあ始めよう

fuantei na ashimoto kowashite shimaeba –kitto-
shita wo muite mo nanimo kowaku wa nai sa –ochiru-
nani hitotsu tashika na kotae wa nai kara –subete-
ima no genjitsu wo me ni yakitsuke sakende –owaru-
aizu wa jubun de kimerunda saa hajimeyou

Even if this unsteady ground would crumble –I’m sure-
Though I would go down, I wouldn’t be scared –I’ll fall-
Since there is not even a certain answer –everything-
The present reality it’s burn in my memory and I scream –ends-
Decide the signal by yourself. Then, let’s start

戻れないと知ってても 求めてしまう -さだめ-
忘れないように何度でも探すから -心-
強さなんて誰にも譲れはしない -いつか-
世界中さえ敵にまわしたとしても -いいさ-

modorenai to shittete mo motometeshimau –sadame-
wasurenai you ni nandemo sagasu kara –kotoba-
tsuyosa nante dare ni mo yuzure wa shinai – itsuka-
sekaijuu sae teki ni mawashita toshite mo –iisa-
mikaeshite yare subete wo
kotae wa “sensen fukoku” da

Though I know I won’t get it back, I wish for it –destiny-
Because I keep searching for it to not forget –words-
Strength can’t be yield to anyone –one day-
Even if the whole world would become my enemy –it’s okay-
I will take everything back
The answer is “declaration of war”