Gore Screaming Show – (a bit late) Day 05

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This time around, a bit later than expected, but it’s finally here.

The next chapter/day, will be out in (I hope) two weeks. Like always, this may vary accordingly to other things.

As always, download links are hosted on Mega and the script is available in both .docx and .pdf. Leave a comment/contact me if you find any error/mislink/link down.

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Chapter 05

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Chapter 05


R ~ Roselia

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R cover

What to say. I like this song, but I still hate having English into Japanese phrases because while it sounds cool in Japanese, it’s a pain to translate it and doesn’t sound that cool in English. And I think I complain about this almost every time I translate a Roselia song. But who cares. Also, useless remasters are useless and no, the fact that Risa’s VA has changed doesn’t make these remasters less useless, IMO. Nice marketing move, I can only say. Anyway, feel free to disagree~

Romaji may be wrong because I got lazy and copy-pasted them and corrected only a few things. If I’ll get less lazy in the next few days, I’ll revise them. Cheers!


Title: R
Vocals: Roselia
Lyrics: 織田あすか (Oda Asuka | Elements Garden)
Composition: 上松範康 (Noriyasu Agematsu| Elements Garden
Arrangement: 藤永龍太郎 (Fujinaga Ryuutarou | Elements Garden)
Album: Roselia 6th single 「R」
From: バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ! | BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
Band: Roselia


礎なるOne’s Intention
歌は凛々しく 百花繚乱
輝かしきOne’s Intention

ishizue naru One’s Intention
uta wa ririshiku hyakka ryouran
kagayakashiki One’s Intention

It’s our roots, one’s intention
Our song is gallant, like thousands flowers blooming
It’s dazzling, one’s intention

(Shout out!)鮮烈に示すわ
(Shout out!)私たちの声で
(Shout out!)世界の
(Shout out!)果てまで

(Shout out!) senretsu ni shimesu wa
(Shout out!) watashi-tachi no koe de
(Shout out!) sekai no
(Shout out!) hate made

(Shout out!) I’ll show you clearly
(Shout out!) That with our voice
(Shout out!) We can go on until
(Shout out!) The end of the world


takaraka ni hibike Forever…

Resound loudly forever…

Never End! Never End! Never End!
“W E A R E”

夢をヒトサジ 掬い取って

idaku ishi ga michibiku mama
yume wo hito saji sukuitotte
matou sugata wa kizen to shi
tobikau yami wo hanenokeru

As the will you embraced guides you
Take your dreams all at one time
Clad yourself with firmness
And push away the darkness floating here

(R R R R R)
(R R R R R)

( R R R R R)
isshi midarenai oora
( R R R R R)
kuzure wa shinai no

(R R R R R)
Our auras synchronized
(R R R R R)
Will not fall apart

(Shout out!)激情は目覚ましく
(Shout out!)影を洗う光が
(Shout out!)何時でも
(Shout out!)何処でも

(Shout out! ) gekijou wa mezamashiku
(Shout out!) kage wo arau hikari ga
(Shout out!) itsu de mo
(Shout out!) doko de mo
onore wo terashiyuku wa

(Shout out!) This passion is stunning
(Shout out!) And this light that washes away shadows
(Shout out!) Always
(Shout out!) Anywhere
Shines upon us

天に示すOne’s Intention(雲突き抜けて)
絢爛たるOne’s Intention(高らかに今)
選ぶわ 正しい明日を

ten ni shimesu One’s Intention (kumo tsukinukete)
kenran taru One’s Intention (takaraka ni ima)
eien ni yamanai omoi
erabu wa tadashii asu wo

Pointing at the heaven one’s intention (piercing the clouds)
A gorgeous one’s intention (now loud) 
My unstoppable feelings in the eternity
Choose the right tomorrow

“Rose” shouts so loud!

薫り高く(Showing, Showing up!)
未来永劫 咲き誇るのよ

kaori takaku (Showing Showing up!)
mirai eigou sakihokoru no yo

Gently perfuming (Showing, Showing up!)
Blooming fully, the eternity


kyokugen wo tadori nagara mo
sono tokidoki no netsu wo motte
nozonda basho e susumu dake
michi wa sudeni hirakareteru

Though you’re pursuing your limits
Take the passion of that moment
And walk on towards the place you seek
The path is already there

(R R R R R)
(R R R R R)

( R R R R R)
orinasu messeeji
( R R R R R)
karei ni kakagete

(R R R R R)
An interweaved message
(R R R R R)
I hoist with magnificence

(Shout out!)ありのまま踊るわ
(Shout out!)愛を知る瞳で
(Shout out!)覚悟が
(Shout out!)背中を

(Shout out!) arinomama odoru wa
(Shout out!) ai wo shiru hitomi de
(Shout out!) kakugo ga
(Shout out!) senaka wo
oshitsuzukete kureru no

(Shout out!) I’ll dance like always
(Shout out!) With eyes that know love
(Shout out!) I’ll be ready
(Shout out!) Because
You’ll keep pushing my back

偽りなきOne’s Intention(前を見据えて)
刻みつけるOne’s Intention(色濃く深く)

itsuwari naki One’s Intention (mae wo misuete)
kizamitsukeru One’s Intention (iro koku fukaku)
saigo made hanasanai mama
ichizu ni kakenukeru no

With no lies is one’s intention (look behind you)
Engraved is one’s intention (strongly deeply)
Don’t leave until the end
And run through determined

“Rose” shouts so loud!

華々しく(Showing, Shining up!)
未来永劫 咲き誇るのよ

hanabanashiku (Showing Showing up! )
mirai eigou sakihokoru no yo

Splendidly (Showing, shining up!)
Blooming fully, the eternity

喜怒哀楽 どんな台詞も

kidoairaku donna serifu mo
watashi-tachi ga unda supiritto
hitohira zutsu tsunagariatte
orenai tsubasa e to sodatta

Emotions and every phrase is part of
The spirit we gave birth to
And every single piece of it is united together
And raised to be our unbreakable wings

礎なるOne’s Intention(唯一無二の)
輝かしきOne’s Intention(汚されないと)

ishizue naru One’s Intention (yuiitsu muni no)
kagayakashiki One’s Intention (kegasarenai to)

It’s our roots, one’s intention (one and only)
It’s dazzling, one’s intention (don’t let it become dirty)

天に示すOne’s Intention(雲突き抜けて)
絢爛たるOne’s Intention(高らかに今)
選ぶわ 正しい明日を

ten ni shimesu One’s Intention (kumo tsukinukete)
kenran taru One’s Intention (takaraka ni ima)
eien ni yamanai omoi
erabu wa tadashii asu wo

Pointing at the heaven one’s intention (piercing the clouds)
A gorgeous one’s intention (now loud) 
My unstoppable feelings in the eternity
Choose the right tomorrow

 “Rose” shouts so loud!

薫り高く(Showing, Showing up!)
未来永劫 咲き誇るのよ

kaori takaku (Showing, Showing up!)
mirai eigou sakihokoru no yo

Gently perfuming (showing, showing up!)
Blooming fully, the eternity

絆の薔薇よ 美しく(華ひらくとき)

kizuna no bara yo utsukushiku (hana hiraku toki)
watashi-tachi no monogatari ga (mata hajimaru no… )

The bonds of the rose are beautiful (when it blooms)
Our story is (yet to begin…)

Promise ~ The Root of Heads

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Title: Promise
Vocals: Rita
Lyrics: Rita
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: The Root of Heads
Album: Star’s Voice
Event: M3-38



ame ga hoho ni ochi
marude namida no you
soredemo anata wa
hohoende kureta ne

Rain fell on my cheeks
Resembling tears
And yet you
Smiled at me


sayounara no kawari ni yubikiri wo

Instead of saying goodbye, let’s pinky swear


ameagari no kirei na sora
kidzukasete kureta
anata dake ni sotto chikau
itsuka mata aeru

You made me notice how beautiful
Is the sky after the rain
I secretly vow only for you that
One day we’ll meet again


koko de matteiru

I will wait here


sukoshi nakidashita
namida no you na ame
te ni totta kasa wo
hirogete soto ni deta

It cried only a little
Rain resembling tears
I opened the umbrella I had
And went outside

あの指切り あなたは覚えてる?

ano yubikiri anata wa oboeteru?

Do you remember our pinky swear?

私の中 消えはしない

ame ga yande nureta roji ni
hikari ga ochiteku
watashi no naka kie wa shinai
yakusoku no tame ni

The rain stopped and light shined
Onto this wet alley
It hasn’t disappeared from my heart
For our promise


koko de tatteiru

I will stand here

思いを乗せ 空へ

sora wa tooku tsudzuku
anata ga miageru basho made
omoi wo nose sora e
tori wa tondeyuku

The sky goes on far away
Up until the places you look up to
Take your feelings to the sky
Where birds are flying

いつかきっと あなたがまた

chiisa na kono watashi no sekai
tobira wo aite
itsuka kitto anata ga mata
koko ni kaeru hi wo

Open the door to this little
World of mine
I’m sure one day you will
Come back here


koko de matteiru

I will wait here

Star’s Voice ~ The Roots of Heads

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It’s funny how I have this song (and all the other I haven’t published yet from Star’s Voice) ready since more than one year, yet I always avoided to schedule them.


Title: Star’s Voice
Vocals: Rita
Lyrics: Rita
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: The Root of Heads
Album: Star’s Voice
Event: M3-38

Star’s Voice

僕のココロ 何がわかるの

ikitai no wa doko nandarou
boku no mimi ni nani ga kikoeta?
shiritai no wa dore nandarou
boku no kokoro nani ga wakaru no

Where do you want to go?
What did I hear with my ears?
What do you want to know?
What does my heart understand?


tozasareteku yami no naka ni
tatta hitori tachitsukushite

Being imprisoned in darkness
I stand still, all alone

顔を上げれば 空一面に
星は いつだってまたたく

mimi wo sumaseba kikoerundeshou
hikari sasu michi no sono mukou
kao wo agereba sora ichimen ni
hoshi wa itsudatte matataku

If you listen carefully, you will hear it
Beyond the path where light shines on
If you lift your head, in the sky
You’ll see that stars always twinkle

誰も決して 孤独なんかじゃないと

daremo kesshite kodoku nanka janai to

Nobody is alone, that’s for sure


koko wa yami da
mienai mono wo
me wo korashite miyou to shiteru
hontou no koto
sore wa itsudemo katachi wo kaete mitsukerarenai

This is darkness
What you can’t see
Look closely look closely and it’ll be visible
What’s true
Is something that always changes and can’t be found


tozasareteta yami de sae mo
yagate asa ga nurikaeteku

Even the darkness is imprisoned
The morning finally comes


mimi wo samaseba kikoerundeshou
mitsumeteita hoshi no hikari
ano hitosuji no massugu na koe
kuroi sora wo kiriwaketeku

If you listen carefully, you will hear it
The star’s light you were looking at
Its earnest, honest voice
Is tearing apart the black sky

僕のなかに「それ」は確かに あった

boku no kaka ni 「sore」 wa tashika ni atta

I’m sure “that” was always inside myself


tozasareteta yami no naka de
tatta hitotsu michibiku hoshi

Imprisoned inside darkness
A single star is guiding me

知りたかった答えを もう

boku wa tashika ni kiiteitanda
shiritakatta kotae wo mou
kokoro no oto to kyoumei wo shite
boku ni chikara wo kuretanda

I’m sure I’ve already heard it
The answer I wanted to know is
Already echoing with the sound of my heart
And giving me strength

求めてゆく 一歩先へと

motometeyuku ippo saki e to

What I’m pursuing is one step ahead

知りたいことも 言いたいことも
見上げて泣いた あの夜の星

shiritai koto mo iitai koto mo
boku no kokoro ni kiitemiru
miagete naita ano sora no hoshi
kyou mo ashita mo soko ni aru

I will try to ask to my heart
What I want to know and to say
I looked up and cried, at the stars in the sky
They’ll be there even today and tomorrow

大丈夫 もう僕は迷わない きっと

daijoubu mou boku wa mayowanai kitto

It’s all right, I won’t get lost again, I’m sure

THE ANSWER ~ Primary

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each cover

THE ANSWER is so simple, yet such a powerful song. For some reason, whenever I listen to it, I feel at ease and very relaxed. It’s just as if everything is at its right place. And this is probably why I’ve decided to translate it.

Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: each
Event: M3-28



bokutachi wa tori deshita
sora wo jiyuu ni tonda
tobu koto ni mo akite
hane wo sute te ni ireta “ashi”

We all were birds once
Who flew freely in the sky
Then we grew tired of flying too
So we threw away our wings and got “legs”


bokura no sora, tobenakunatta…

Unable to fly
We became unable to fly in our sky…


bokutachi wa sakana deshita
umi wo jiyuu ni oyoita
oyogu koto ni moa kite
era no kawari ni tsuketa “hai”

We all were fishes once
Who swam freely in the sea
Then we grew tired of swimming too
So in place of gills we got “lungs”


bokura no umi, oyogenakunatta…

Unable to swim
We became unable to swim in our sea…


koukai wa nai no desu
bokura wa mae wo muita
demo sukoshi sabishiindesu
dakara furikaeri nagara yuku

There is nothing to regret
We all looked ahead
Yet we feel a little lonely
So we keep looking back as we go on


subete tenishita bokura tsuyoi mono deshita
tsuyoi koto ni mo akite
hikikae ni “yowasa” te ni shita

We who obtained everything were strong
Then we grew tired of strength too
So we exchanged it to get “weakness”


bokura hitori ja ikirenakatta

We couldn’t live alone
We can’t live alone…


demo, koukai wa shiteinai

Yet, we have no regrets


chotto sabishii dake

We’re just a little lonely


bokura “ai” wo shitta

We, who knew “love”


RooM ~ Primary

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each cover

Even short songs can be so powerful, and each is such a great album. And right because this one is a very short song, I decided to post it today. I wonder if I will actually manage to increase the number of posts per week.


Title: RooM
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: each
Event: M3-28


そっと 今通り過ぎたんだ
もう開く事はないと思った その扉

sotto ima toorisugitanda
mou hiraku koto wa nai to omotta sono tobira
fureru, fureteru.

Softly, I passed by it now
I thought it would have never opened, that door
Shakes, it’s shaking.

独り想いを馳せるだけなら ただ
見ることも出来ない景色 伝えて

ugokenai zutto
meguru kisetsu no naka demo
hitori omoi wo haseru dake nara tada
miru koto mo dekinai keshiki tsutaete

Always stood still
Even within the rotating seasons
If thoughts just run wild when I’m alone
At least tell me how’s the scenery I can’t see

暗闇を 教えて きっと Ah…

nagareru kaze wo
sora ga yodonda oto de mo
karada kishimu koe mo
toiki sae mo
asa no nioi wo
kurayami wo oshiete kitto Ah…

The blowing wind
The sound of the sky stagnated
The voice of a creaking body
The sighs
The scent of the morning
And darkness, tell me everything, Ah…

butterfly ~ Primary

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butterfly cover

I can’t remember if it was this one song that stole my heart, but for sure I love it, and it’s one of my favorites by Primary, if not my favorite, due to many reasons. Also, the live performance of this song was gorgeous. I still have shivers when I think about that. Also, this time around, there are no changes neither in the format nor in the kanji or spelling of the words, unlike “solitary flower”.

Random note for everybody: wait a bit more for the (Touhou) requests, I will get back to them I believe by the end of this month and I will probably post them in bulk. Meanwhile, enjoy some yuiko.


Title: butterfly
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: 心音/butterfly, PS 2005-2013
Event: C80, C88


崩れ落ちゆく景色を 何度見つめてただろう
また繰り返す痛みを どうか止めて

kuzureochiyuku keshiki wo nando mitsumeteta darou
mata kurikaesu itami wo douka tomete

How many times have I been staring at this crumbling scenery?
Please, end this pain repeating all over again

笑わなくなった 悲しみに濡れて
いつからだろう この世界はどこだ?

warawanakunatta kanashimi ni nurete
itsukara darou kono sekai wa doko da?

Become unable to smile, I wonder since when
I’ve been soaked in sadness. What is this world?

Ah 僕は旅する 君に逢うため
もう いくつも超えて 求め続けて
また消えるだろうか そっと…

Ah boku wa tabi suru kimi ni au tame
onaji toji wo mata
mou ikutsumo koete motome tsudzukete
mata kieru darouka sotto…

Ah, to meet you I will travel through
The same time, again
I crossed it many times and I still wish for it
Yet, will you disappear again? Softly…

ずれ始めてた時間を 少しも迷わないで
明日の世界できっと 君と出逢う

zure hajimeteta jikan wo sukoshimo mayowanaide
ashita no sekai de kitto kimi to deau

I started to unaligned time, without any hesitation
I’m sure I’ll meet you in tomorrow’s world

かざしてたのは ちっぽけな正義感
不確かなまま もう戻れはしない

kazashiteta no wa chippoke na seigikan
futashika na mama mou modore wa shinai

What I held aloft was a tiny sense of justice
As I remain unsure, I will not go back anymore

そう 何度目だって君を見つける
もう このぬくもりは 消させやしない
強く願うから どうか…

sou nandome datte kimi wo mitsukeru
tooi sekai demo
mou kono nukumori wa kesase yashinai
tsuyoku negau kara douka…

Yes, I will find you, no matter how many times
Even in a world far away
This warmth will not disappear anymore
So I’m begging you, please…

抱えていたぬくもりは 冷えた影になる…

chigau sekai demo kuzureteku
hitomi ni yakitsuku kagerou
kakaeteita nukumori wa hieta kage ni naru…

Different worlds are collapsing too
Their heat haze etched in my eyes
The warmth I was carrying turns in a cold shadow…

Ah 僕は何度も君へ飛ぶから
もう 振り返っても 道はないから
Ah 出逢うたび 消えてゆくのに
そう 果てはあるのか 答えは出ずに
もう一度飛ぶから Butterfly

Ah boku wa nandomo kimi e tobu kara
chigau deai demo
mou furikaette mo michi wa nai kara
sakebi tsudzukeyou
Ah deau tabi kieteyuku noni
boku wa kurikaesu
sou hate wa aru no ka kotae wa dezu ni
mou ichido tobu kara Butterfly

Ah, I will always fly to you, every single time
Even to a different encounter
Even if I were to turn back, there’s no path
I keep screaming
Ah, the journey to meet you may vanish
But I’ll travel it again
Yes, without answering if there’s an end
I fly once again, butterfly