Mirror, Mirror, Broken Mirror…

…or so I thought long time ago when I first put the “Mirror of Paranoia” title.

I’ve edited this post. I was wrong. Completely wrong. I was broswing -actually, trying- all the 150+ themes for Word Press. Then, suddenly, surprise! I think I screamed “Found it!”. I’m depressed (oh, really? Nah, just an excuse) so I’ll stick with this black-ish theme, which truly caught my attention, my eyes, my soul and my heart (wait, what?).

In the next days I’ll surely fix this up, so I can “share” this blog. First time I open one, actually D:

I should use  Twitter more too, but for now I think I won’t do it. I actually have nothing to say xD

Wait, why am I awake at this time? Why am I adjusting the blog? Dammit, I wanted to studied a bit japanese before going to sleep. Guess I’ll do it now. Sooner or later I’ll learn it >O<

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