I’ve finally finished to fix up this blog, so I’m quite happy :3

Today’s arrangement was about Murasa, but I already talked about it too much in the video description, so I’ll end it here. I plan to upload more  Koneko’s arrangements in the near future, I’m really turned on them at the moment.

Since my first and previous post was quite useless, I decided to put this one today (you can see this one as the true first post of this blog). Basically from now on, I’ll talk about updates, upcoming songs and so on here.


I’ve finally finished to put subtitles on 紅夜の黙示録, Septuor de écarlate will be the next one. Again, many, many, many thanks to Kafka-fuura for the translations, and allowing me to use them on my videos :3

I won’t talk anymore about upcoming stuffs, events, albums and so on my videos; I’ll do that here when it’s something big enough, or on Twitter when are just a few things. In this way I’ll keep the videos’ descriptions quite clean and I can talk a lot about upcoming things.

I’m thinking about collecting all the songs I’ve used for the videos, uploading them and put the download links here (I don’t want to do it on/through YouTube for lots of reasons). But well, since the albums are really easy to find around, I’m not sure about this. I’ll see what’ll be the responses and then I’ll decide.

For the joy of whoever is greedy of pics, I’m saving pics’ link, and searching those for the pic I’ve already used. So well, videos I’ll make (and I repeat, make, not upload) from now on will have their pic source x3


A rewriting of I Bet You’ll Forget That Even if You Noticed That. I don’t know when I’ll find time to do it, but I want to do it with all of my might.

A general revising of the lyrics I’ve already putted on some videos (expecially 幽し者へ, song which, when I’ll improve my japanese, I want to -try to- translate so much).

I’ve already said it before, but I love to repeat myself; I’ll update slowly videos with the pic source.

Totally thinking on put here the lyrics of UNDEAD CORPORATION’s songs, as well as writing lyrics for some other songs.

And last, but not least, I kinda want to try to translate and put romanjis for the titles’ songs, both ’cause I’m pretty sure that if I keep translating even small stuffs, I’ll improve, and ’cause in the past when I saw only symbols (correct me, but to me japanese was only symbols) and couldn’t find a translation, I always ended up rename the song with the original theme.

Lots of things to do, I’m sure I forgot something, but whatever; I talked again a lot, but actually is what I made this blog for.

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