Collapsing Floor ~ Draw the Emotional

As usual, lyrics are at the bottom.

In truth, I just have a few images with Tojiko. I really like her; I mean, she’s Miko’s wife. There’s no way I can dislike -or hate- her. Anyway.

I’ve been searching for those lyrics since I translated “We cannot get out of here forever”. And finally, I’ve found them. This one was really, really, really easy and fast translation, since there’s no much to translate here.

“Collapsing Floor” is a very great arrangement. At the beginning, I considered this song not so good, just like “We cannot get out of here forever”, and as it, now it’s really high in my favorite songs list. It seems the whole “Ghost and your heart” needs some time to be liked -or at least, this is what’s happening to me.

Surely, calo did better songs; but it doesn’t mean this arrangement’s bad. How it grew up in me, I have no idea. Maybe it’s because Miko’s my favorite character, and Tojiko’s her (his?) wife. Maybe it’s because lately I’ve been thinking that Chata’s voice would be perfect for Miko, and calo’s one for Tojiko. Maybe simple because the more I listen to the first three tracks of “Ghost and your heart”, the more I like them. Maybe because “Hall of Dreams’ Great Mausoleum” is essentially Tojiko’s theme.

Whatever is the reason, I’m so happy to have given a “second chance” to this track; even if I was so interested in readin the lyrics, I’ve never listened to this song with too much attention, until this morning.

I’ve realized late how good this is. But the funny fact is that, right after discovering the beauty of this song, and classified it as “awesome”, I’ve found the lyrics.

As I expected, they’re for the majority in english, so I truly didn’t do much aside from transcribing the lyrics; plus, calo’s english is really good, so I didn’t have troubles comparing and checking them.
Even if this time the lyrics aren’t the reason I changed my mind on the song, they’re still beautiful. I’ve always liked the way calo write lyrics, expecially those mainly in japanese.

As for the interpretation, I’d read this in a Miko-Tojiko prospective, but I’m sure this is not the only way it could be seen. As for me, I consider “Collapsing Floor” as a Tojiko’s subjective of what’s written on “We cannot get out of here forever”, or better, what happened during and right after it. Anyway, I’m not sure if here Miko decided to go to “sleep”, and Tojiko doesn’t want she (or he, if you prefer) to do it, or if the Crown Princess has already “died” and Tojiko’s alone, desperatly waiting for her beloved and grieving for what she can’t do anymore. Or maybe the song has both those passages (I’ll stick with this one, since it seems splitted up in  two parts). Anyway, those are my -and only mine- feelings towards this song.

As you can see, I’ve changed my “modus operandi” for this one. There’s no need to separate the translation from the original text as I usually do; hope this won’t lead to some kind of misleading/confusion.


崩れ落ちてく | Collapsing, and falling down”; if “divided”, the kanjis result to be an “union” between the words “collapsing” and “to fall down”. Even if it should be translated as a single verb, so as “crumbling down”, I wanted to preserve the word “collapsing” due to the title. And since I found it odd to write something like “Collapsing down”, ’cause if you’re collapsing, you’re already going down, I decided to do this pretty much liberal translation.
行く末は the end | My future’s the end”; I prefered using “My future” instead of the most suggestive “fate” because I think it suits better my Tojiko subjective interpretation. Since the first time I’ve read this, I’ve seen this as her though; without Miko, she feels lost, and for me it’s like she’s shouting “I have no future”. “Fate’s the end” doesn’t sound that good in terms of meaning -considering the whole song- but since it sounds epic, I’ll leave it here.

Title: Collapsing Floor
Vocals: calo
Lyrics: calo
Arrangement: 無力P (MuryokuP)
Circle: Draw the Emotional
Album: Ghost and your heart
Event: C81
Original: 夢殿大祀廟 | Hall of Dreams’ Great Mausoleum | Touhou 13 Ten Desires | Stage 5 Theme

Collapsing Floor ~ Draw the Emotional

Close my eyes in the silence
Now I can hear someone scream
Terrible pain shots my head
Now I know their hope is a dream

Kneeling down to pray on a cold floor
Please don’t take away our world

Everything comes to pieces
崩れ落ちてく | kuzureochiteku
Collapsing, and falling down
I wanna escape together
逃げ場なく falling | nigeba naku falling
There’s no escape, I’m falling

A little innocent light shines alone
Burn unsteadily, faintly
Kneeling down to pray on a cold floor
Please don’t take away our world

Everything comes to pieces
崩れ落ちてく | kuzureochiteku
Collapsing, and falling down
Only god knows the answer
行く末は the end | yukusue wa the end
My future’s the end

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