Well, at the beginning I wanted to put an image from EXTRAVAGANZA, but in truth I’m not confident with that game (I know it only because of this song and its soundtracks), so take this original picture.

I actually didn’t planned to translated this song, but -surprise! I dreamt of it. So here I am. I always love when my mind makes me think about translations I’ve already done or those I’m working on; it’s always a: “You’ve translated this in this way, but you’re an idiot, it have to be translated it that way!”, and so when I have time I fix everything.

Anyway, as I’ve already said I’m not confident with EXTRAVAGANZA, and even if I haven’t played it, I’ve read around that it’s not a title as good as Gore Screaming Show and some others from Black Cyc. Maybe someday I’ll give it a try, but well, I’m totally not turned on those eroge games where the eroge part is…well, everything.

I’ll see how things will go, Gore Screaming Show has an amazing story till now (even if I don’t have much time to play and I’m pretty behind), and maybe EXTRAVAGANZA too has a good background story; but for now, I’ll keep enjoy only the Soundtracks, especially this opening theme, Cocytus.

I love the dark atmosphere which creates, the only bad part is that in the booklet there aren’t the chanting parts, nor the male vocal parts; that’s quite sad, I really wanted to know what they’re saying, but I guess it’s all right to have at least the lead vocal’s lyrics.


停まる感情 | My heart will stop moving”; it’s even quite sad that they decided not to put the pronunciation of some kanjis in the booklet, so there might be some errors –I hope not. Here, the word pronounced as “heart” is written as “feeling”. To grasp this phrase completely, you need to read it as “What will cease is not only my heart to pulse, but also my emotions”.
偽りのキスを重ねた未来に | Your false kisses are piled up in the past”; the words “in the past” are actually originally –if I’ve heard right- “before”, but I wanted to evince the contrast between “the be gone days” and “the coming days”. In fact, the word used for “past” is written as “future”. In the end, this sentence can be interpreted also as “No matter how much time will pass, now, like in the past, and in the future, your kisses will always be lies”; or also as “No matter how much you’ll try, your false kisses will always be as they are”.

Vocal: 井月稀世伽 (Kiyoka Itsuki)
Arrangement: あるるかん (alulu-can)
Lyrics: あるるかん (alulu-can)
Album: EXTRAVAGANZA -Original Sound Track-
Source: EXTRAVAGANZA ~蟲愛でる少女~



same yuku karada no hitoma ni

I woke up in a leisured body

停まる感情 微笑み嬲れば

tomaru kokoro hohoemi nabureba

My heart will stop moving if your smile persecutes me

漂う想い 任せればいい

mou anata e no shinjitsu wa tsumi ni naru
itsuwari no kisu wo kasaneta saki ni
tadayou omoi makasereba ii

The truth has already became a sin for you
Your false kisses are piled up in the past
My unsteady emotions; if only I could entrust them

彷徨う街に 傷つけばいい

sou watashi kara sashidashita inochi nara
itetsuku mune ni tojikomete miseru
samayou machi ni kizutsukeba ii

Really, if my life hadn’t held out,
I would have tried to lock it in my cold chest
Roaming in streets, I’ll be glad to damage it

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