謳 ~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

What to say about Imperial Circus Dead Decadence, if not they’re awesome?

I really like their style, and it’s one of the few bands with male vocalist that I appreciate. Maybe it’s because their genre is black metal oriented to gothic metal, and I love gothic metal. Plus, despite the fact lots of people actually hate and dislike Kylie’s voice (the female vocalist), I love how she sings and talks, she as a great voice in my opinion.

Stated this, their M3-28 album, is probably the best they’ve made so far. Personally, I’d preferred to see Kylie in more tracks, here her performance is confined to only a couple of songs, and only a few parts. This song is probably the one where she appears the most, and maybe it’s because of this that it is my favorite track from this album.

Even if Imperial Circus Dead Decadence is one of those circles who got a lot of dislikes for some reasons, and I’ve personally saw lots of negative comments around, I think you should give it a shot; it’s not a circle for everyone, their songs are incredible long (this one is 9:02, and except for the introductions and interludes, and the standards are around six minutes per song), and the mix of melodies insides are truly a lot. More than listening to a single song, it’s like you’re listening to a medley, where it’s really rare to find some melodies repeated.

But still, I think this circle is amazing. I really love the story behind the lyrics, it’s pretty good and quite enigmatic, plus there are some references to their past song… or well, it’s what I think, but I’ll explain this in detail in the notes.


Revised somewhere in 2017.

As for the romaji, whenever required, I’ve added between brackets what I hear as a separeted stanza, while I’ve left outside them the plain transcription of the lyrics available on ICDD’s site. According to the Wiki, they sing in Japanese and in their own fictional language, stated to be the “taihaisekai” -though I personally haven’t investigated this yet, and to be honest, “taihaigo” would make more sense.

Whenever I could, I “divided” the lyrics’ phrases, because they were simple too long; it actually looked more like a textbook than a booklet. Anyway, if you’re interested into the original phrases’ length and disposition, you can check Imperial Circus Dead Decadence’s site.
Another little note: some parts (Kylie’s narration at about 5:30 is completely skipped, and some phrases are omitted among the song) don’t appear in the lyrics, so they’re not translated. I’m sorry for this, but they’ll probably be missed forever.
Also, I wasn’t able to check the screams, so those kanjis with multiply readings can be wrong. I apologize for this too, I tried to keep the best pronunciation –and of course, meaning- according with the context, but I truly couldn’t grasp even a word out of the screams. Thus, I decided to “separate” them using ・・・
Last thing before the in-text notes; I haven’t translated the part right below the title of the lyrics on the site because they’re not part of the song. Plus they’re essentially an introduction and a little summary of the “story” inside this song.

-Some changes has been made. What there’s below may be now obsolete.

“謳” is in my opinion a very well played title. It’s pronunciation is the same for “歌”, song, while the kanji “謳” means declare, express. I think it’s great how you can give to the title a meaning around “I’m going to tell you a story”; or well, this is my impression. For the translation, I’d use “Express”, because I find it very fitting the context and this will of accepting and expressing one own feelings.

再び訪れる成れの果て | Again, I visit what I was”; the latter part is an expression to say “the ruin of what one once was”. You can read this as a person who wish to have back his youth, or at least the –I assume- important figure he was. It’s like he’s looking back at the past, aware that he won’t never be what he once was.
終りを迎える 貴女と私の姿は… | I accept the end; your and my appearances are…”; the kanji used for “appearance”, even if has the same meaning of “形”, is used mainly to indicate people’s aspect, how they are, what they look like, and not as a count like “形”. To mark the difference, even if it sounds a little odd, I’ve used –added- “appearance”. With the usage of the other kanji, the meaning would have been a simple “You and I are…”.
オフェストラの名の下に 血潮が燃えている | In the name of “Ophestra”, I burn into a strong emotion”; the name pronounced is “Ofesutora”, which I’ve translated as “Ophestra” because of one of the previous Imperial Circus Dead Decadence’s song, titled as “the Blood Funeral Ophestra”, which is also inside this CD –with the title completely in Japanese this time. I don’t know if this is actually a reference to their previous work, but the pronunciation is closed enough to make me think it actually is.
疵付けあい 死に絶えるまで終わらない | In a love wound; until it isn’t extinguished, it won’t end”; I really like how this phrase (and the one in a following stanza) are structured. You can read it as “We are powerless, suffocated by a love wound; if it’s not extinguished, it’ll continue to hurt”. It’s like here the narrator is oppressed by this sensation, which increases the pain; pain that won’t end, unless someone –or something- “repairs” this wound.
人というものは本質的にわかりあえないものである | What I call “people”, in their essence, is something I can’t understand “; you can read this phrase as “What I call “people”, those beings”. In this phrase, essence is used to describe people as something that live, people as people, how they are, and their nature. Basically, what people are physically, and not as an union of “body and soul”. I’m sorry if this is confused, but I hope you’ve understood.
無い在る等らと言う 無意味な神論を | “What doesn’t exist” I say it’s a meaningless argument of gods “; I’m not that sure how to translate the latter part, it’s the first time I see only these two kanji together. Somehow I believe it’s also a –vague- play on the word “無神論者”, which means atheist. Which would be appropriate, since it can be seen as an answer given by someone who doesn’t believe in something.
この力をもってしてロストフェルを討つのだ | With the use of this power, I’ll destroy Rostfel”; I’ve searched around, but couldn’t find anything about this name. At the beginning I thought it was “Lost fell”, but it’s just impossible considering the context. So I’ve tried my best to give a good translation –I suck a lot when it comes time to write names from katakana to English. Anyway, I can’t deny that at the beginning the first name which came to my mind was “Nosferatu”. But still, it’d be out of the place. And sadly, I don’t remember any of their songs which has a similar name in it.

Title: 謳
Vocals: Reino, KIMIKO, Hellnear, Rib:y(uhki)
Female Vocals: Kylie
Lyrics: Rib:y(uhki)
Guitar: KIM, Anyo, TOME, PEATH2
Arrangement: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence, Hull
Album: 狂おしく咲いた凄惨な骸は奏で、愛おしく裂いた少女は聖餐の詞を謳う
Event: M3-28

謳 ~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence


ushinawareta no de wa naku,
katachi wo kaete omoi wa umare tsudzukeru.
anatatachi wa,
eien ni mimamorare tsudzukeru.

What has been lost is not,
Change your shape as your feelings keep born.
You all will be
Watched over for all the eternity.


futatabi otozureru narenohate,
hito wa inochi no katachi o samazama ni kae nagaramo,
yagate koko e ikitsuiteshima.
orogashisa yue no boutoku ka,
daga shikashi,
sono kotowari o shiru mono wa hi toshite shirezu――.

(futatabi otozureru narenohate,
hito wa inochi no katachi o samazama ni kae nagara,
yagate koko e ikitsuiteshimau.
orogashisa yue no boutoku ka,
daga shikashi,
sono kotowari o shiru mono wa――.)

Again, I see the shadow of myself,
The same person that, while changing other’s lives,
In the end, arrived here.
Is this because of a foolish curse?
Not even the sun knows the true reason――.


終りを迎える 貴女と私の姿は…

matashitemo owatteshimau
omari ni hakanai
daga kono itami kanashimi wa karera no koro waza de aru
owari o mukaeru anata to watashi no sugata wa…

And once again, it ends
Way too soon
However, this painful sorrow comes from their own deed
That’s it.
Accept this end, as thee and I together…」


オフェストラの名の下に 血潮が燃えている
今まさに其の時が来たのだ 武器を取れ
勝利の意味を記して 後世に伝えようぞ

ofesutora no na no moto ni chishio ga moeteiru
ima masani sono toki ga kita no da buki wo tore
wa ga seigi wo tsuranuita sakini aru
shouri no imi wo shirute kousei ni tsutaeyouzo

(jousei no na moto ni chishio ga moeteiru
ima masa ni sono toki ga kita ki wo tore
wa ga seigi wo tsuranuita sakini aru
shouri no imi wo shirute kousei tsutaeyouzo)

In the name of “Ophestra”, my will becomes strong
Now, the time has come. Draw your sword
This is the justice I’ve always carried
My reason of victory will be remembered, bequeathed by posterity



daga sono arasoi sono mono no orokashisa kara me o somuke tsudzukete eta mono wa shin no shouri to ieru no darou ka?
douzoku ga arasoi ai tsudzukeru kagiri sore wa eien ni kurikaesareru no dakara――.

A conflict is stupid by itself, yet you keep your eyes closed to not see it. Can you really call this a victory?
People will keep fighting each other forever, again and again――.」


疵付けあい 死に絶えるまで終わらない
人は儚く小さい 其れは覆らない
今を生き続けて 其の命を燃やしながら

ooinaru sekai no naka de warera wa moryoku
kizutsuke ai shinitaeru made owaranai
hito wa hakanaku chiisai sore wa kutsugaeranai
ima wo ikiri tsudzukete sono inochi o moyashi nagara

Inside this vast world, we are powerless
We hurt each other and don’t stop until one dies
People are transient beings and that can’t be changed
Keep living seizing the day as our lives burn



mananda tote hito wa umarenagara ni seotta tsumi ni yotte,
shibaritsukerarete iru
hito toiu mono wa honshitsuteki ni wakariaenai mono de aru――。

I learnt that people are burdened with sins since their birth,
They are tied to them
Those I call “people”, are beings that don’t understand each other――」


無い在る等らと言う 無意味な神論を
我が力で問おう 黒き闇を召還した

nai aru nadora toiu muimi na shinron wo
wa ga chikara de toou kuroki yami wo shoukan shita

(nai aru da toiu muimi na shinron wo
wa ga chikara de toou kuroki yami wo kaeshita)

Being and not being are meaningless god’s theories
We asked for strength and summoned the black night



akuma to no keiyaku ni shitagai, watashi no omoi wa togerareta.
kono chikara o motte shite rosutoferu o utsu no da.

Because of my contract with devil, my feelings ended.
By using this power, I will defeat Rostfel」


崩れ果てて 壊れて
千切れ朽ちて 流れて
前を向けず 頭垂れて

kuzure hatete kowarete
ushinatte kara kidzuku
chigire kuchite nagarete
kidzuite karaja osoku
mae o mukezu kabu tarete
soredemo ikitsudzukete
semete yume o misasete
negai togete

Falling, dying, breaking
All because I’ve lost, I know it
Collapsing, rotting, vanishing
It’s too late to realize it
Don’t look back, lower your head
And then, keep living
At least, you will dream of
Your wish coming true

殺し合い 死に絶えるまで終わらない
人は儚く小さい 其れを受け入れなさい
今を生き続けて 其の命輝かせて

ooinaru sekai no naka de karera wa tsuyoku
koroshiai shinitaeru made owaranai
hito wa hakanaku chiisai sore o ukeirenasai
ima o ikitsudzukete sono inochi o kagayakasete

Inside this vast world, they are powerless
They kill each other and don’t stop until one dies
People are transient beings, they have to accept it
Keep living seizing the day as your lives shine



「kanashimi o haranda monogatari
higeki no ai
furuki kamigami no kanashimi
chi ni mamire, furanshi, yakarete
kyouki no yami ni nomi komareta」

「A tale born out of sadness
A tragic love
The sadness of the old gods
Stained in blood, decomposed, burned
Engulfed into this night of madness」


生きるという 苦しみこえて
絶望もすべて 私と
命を見た 其処には心

ikiru toiu kurushimi koete
zetsubou mo subete watashi to
inochi o mita soko ni wa shin
watashi tachi wa koko de seizan no kotoba o utau
anata e to――。

(ikiru toiu kanashimi koete
zetsubou mo subete watashi to
inochi o mita soko ni wa shin
watashi tachi wa koko de seizan no uta wo utau
anata e to)

To live means to cross hardships,
And despair as well, together with me
I saw the life, my mind is there
And we, in that place, celebrate the “Eucharist”
For you――。

囚われ 孤独さも 風を待つ 雛鳥のように
目を逸らすな この痛みを 愛の姿は刻薄
哀れなこの子らも 羽を持つ 手は いらない 儘で
忘れないで この思いを 愛に似た哀しみを 今も――。

torare kodokusa mo kaze wo matsu hinadori no youni
me wo sorasuna kono itami wo ai no sugata wa kokuhaku
oware na kono ko ra mo hane wo motsu te wa iranai mama de
wasurenai de kono omoi wo ai ni nita kurushimi wo ima mo――。

Captured, isolated, I wait the wind like a little bird
Don’t look away from this pain, the faces of love are cruel
Those pitiful children who now have wings have lost their hands
I won’t forget this feeling, this sadness which resembles love, never――.

疵付けあい 死に絶えるまで終わらない
人は儚く小さい 其れは覆らない
今を生き続けて 其の命を燃やしながらも

ooinaru sekai no naka de warera wa moryoku
kizutsuke ai shinitaeru made owaranai
hito wa hakanaku chiisai sore wa kutsugaeranai
ima o ikitsudzukete sono inochi o moyashi nagara

Inside this vast world, we are powerless
We hurt each other and don’t stop until one dies
People are transient beings and that can’t be changed
Keep living seizing the day as our lives burn

生きるという戦いは 惨禍の中で
そして私は生き 愛することを謳おう

ikiru toiu tatakai wa sanka no naka de
inochi o aisuru kokoro da toiu koto
soshite watashi wa iki aisuru koto o utaou
donna konnan na michi mo koete sakebi tsudzukeyou――。

Living is a battle within calamities
Love your life, that’s your heart
And then, I will live, celebtrating what I love
And I’ll keep shouting it as I cross difficult paths――.


“ikiru” toiu tatakai,
sanka no naka de inochi o aisuru kokoro――
watashi wa “ikiteiku” koto o sanka shiyou――

“Living” is a battle,
Within calamities, I’ll love my life, my heart――
I will praise what you call “living” ――


inochi o mita, soko ni wa kokoro ga aru.
tatoe donna konnan ga matte iyou tomo,
watashi wa koko de sakebi tsudzukeru――。

I saw the life, where my heart is.
Even if many difficulties are awaiting,
Here, I will keep screaming――.

20 thoughts on “謳 ~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

  1. omg!!! u like Imperial circus decadence as well!! il agree whit you people should give them a try and liste one of theyr song’s =)

    and wow i think i am more atached to them now that i know theyr lyrics are awesome.

    thx for the traslation! :D

  2. HI i see this page finding lyrics of IZNA i love his songs and the Kylie´s voice of imperial cicus is amazing yes i like the synphonic metal and this is of my favorite band´s i am not a otaku or a anime freak but this japanese metal takes the forgotten symphonic metal and neoclasical metal amazing

  3. On the translation tidbit about “Ophestra”:

    Ophestra is the name of the protagonist of the album’s overarching narrative. It’s stated in the first line of the first track.

    A story of decadence opens its curtains (“begins an act [to a play]”) once more
    The girl born in the result of tragedy is named “Ophestra”

    However, I the context of “ロストフェル” is lost to me.

    1. Guess I both need to revise this translation and to start translating the whole album, this time also with the “notes”. Since the whole album is a story, translating only a track is pretty much useless to get the whole context.

      Rostfel (ロストフェル) is probably the antagonist of the story -just my guess. Probably, it also wanted to recall partially “Ophestra”. Anyway, it may also happened ロストフェル was actually mentioned in their previous album. Must check everything I guess~

  4. I think that missing narration by Kylie goes like this (I think the Romaji is right, not entirely sure)

    Abari no Chisuku, borobi to no kaisuse arabaina

    Soredemo, sono chisumai no tsiyoku

    Tsyoku kagaia dedou

    I may be wrong. But I sing the song every day and I’ve gotten the sound down perfectly so this is what I got.

      1. I appreciate your effort, but most of it is not right-
        She most likely says:

        “amari (?) no chiisaku horobi e to mukai[tsudzuke eien] aragaina
        soredemo, sono chiisana inochi wo tsuyoku, tsuyoku, kagayaiteiru”

        Though the part in brackets [] is way too unclear, and I’m not even sure if she says “amari” at the beginning. Because of this, Kylie’s narration at 5:30 along with some phrased omitted, will stay -sadly- untranslated (unless ICDD themselves decide to publish the missing parts).

        Anyway, thank you for the attempt!

      2. Ahhh shit cx well, that’s well and good then. I do wish I could figure out the lyrics to 劇愛の呼声が溺哀の叫声を喰らう. I’ve done all I can by ear when I practice to it and I can’t translate their kanji very well xD. That would be a great one for you to do sometime.

      3. What I can mostly hear in that section coincides with:

        Owari ni chiisaku, horobi e to mukau hitsuzen e aragai da
        ”In the end, it is a pitiful (“small”) resistance against an inevitable path to destruction”

        Soredemo, sono chiisa na inochi ga tsuyoku, tsuyoku, kagayaite iru.
        “Even so, that small life is shining with great strength”

      4. Never thought for a second it could have been “hitsuzen e”, but it’s definetely it.
        Though, I’m still not 100% sure about “owari ni”, I can’t hear the “o”; anyway, that makes sense.

        Anyway, thank you for sharing it :3

  5. I don’t know if this too late or not,but
    from my Point of View
    some of the meaning are

    疵付けあい 死に絶えるまで終わらない
    ooinaru sekai no naka de warera wa moryoku
    kizutsuke ai shinitaeru made owaranai
    “Inside this vast world, the ones that powerless;
    Their loves wil be wounded and won’t stop until it dies”

    殺し合い 死に絶えるまで終わらない
    ooinaru sekai no naka de karera wa tsuyoku
    koroshiai shinitaeru made owaranai
    “Inside this vast world, the ones that powerful;
    killing other’s love, and won’t stop until it dies.”

    and for the Kylie missing parts
    “Amari” (remains) fit it better
    Amari ni chiisaku, horobi e to mukau hitsuzen e aragai da
    With little remains, it opposes an inevitable path to destruction.

    I don’t know if it right, I’m suck at both English and Japanese.

    1. It’s never too late for a comment or a correction!

      Sadly, what you wrote is wrong. I can see that you mistook the word “ai” for love, but here is part of a verb, as you can see from the kanji. I will listen better to Kylie’s as soon as I have some more time.

      Thank you very much for your comment and let me know if you want a more in depth explanation!

  6. i love this song too much, but sadly i can’t understand why the “official” lyrics (or album lyrics) are different from the published song, i would love to know what was said at the beginning ’cause i don’t listen “Ophestra” neither “jousei no na moto ni”. Instead, i just listen to something like “jousei sora na mo ni” i know it might be wrong but its just an example for why i differ from the lyrics written in this post (that doesn’t mean that i dislike the whole post, on the contrary, i liked too much). I hope somehow know the actual lyrics and that my love for this song keep growing for that.

    PD: sry if i made a mistake, english is not my mother language.

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment! I’m always happy to see that this song is still appreciated even after so many years. Anyway, let me answer to you.

      If by “why the “official” lyrics (or album lyrics) are different from the published song” you mean why the parts I put in (brackets) are different from what is sung, that’s because there is no official romaji version of them and most of the song is either growls or unclear, and thus impossible to understand them. The part you pointed out, after listening to it again 3 years later, I hear “ophestra na mo ni” – I hear no “jousei” whatsoever, I don’t know how I managed to hear that the first time. Part of the “o” is covered by the growl, and what you pointed out as “sora” it’s actually the last part ofesu”tora”. The reason why you hear “sora” is because the singer pretty much doesn’t pronounces the “t” in Ophestra, making it sound like “Ophesoura” making a sound pretty weird. Ribyuhki really loves chewing the words, so it can be incredibly hard understing what he’s saying and/or following the lyrics.

      Sadly, right because there are no romaji official lyrics, nobody will propably ever know. I’m still waiting for a remastered version of uta with clearer vocals though – maybe that will shed some light on the actual romaji lyrics haha

      1. Oh i see, thank you for taking your time to clarify my doubts, i’ll be waiting for a remastered version too. Until that thank you (again) for this post and also the lyrics and stuff.

  7. I have also heard that he writes much of his lyrics in some fictional language he created, so that could be part of why what he screams cannot be understood.

  8. thank you for posting the translation! i have fallen in love with the bands music and the lyrics played a huge part in that! the lyrics seem pretty difficult to understand so i appreciate the effort you took to translate all of them :D

  9. Hey there, thanks for spending the time translating this

    Will you ever go back and redo it as this was posted pre 2016? Or is the translation good enough as is.

    Thank you

    1. Hello! Sorry for the very late replay, somehow your comment got lost in between WP notifications.

      Even if this post was published in 2012, you can see under “notes” that it has been revised somewhere in 2017. I just checked this post history, and I revised this translation completely at the beginning of 2017 (February), and had a few more tweaks in September 2018, so I’m not planning to revise it anytime soon.

      Hope this answers your question!

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