Life Session ~ KOOL

Well the picture could be quite unrelated but hey, I couldn’t found a cheerful original one, and I think it actually fits the theme song.

I have nothing much to say on this one, I didn’t know this song before, but it’s pretty good actually. Not one of those which made me say “Epic”, but still, pretty good (maybe because I’m not turned on male vocalists). It was really hard to translate actually, lot of parts was (and still are) pretty confused to me, but somehow I made it (I actually thought it would have took way more time for me to translate this, but I made it in “just” three days~).

Well, that’s pretty much it.
Translation requested by KyoHyon.
Have a nice reading~


I decided to translate “音” as “music” instead of “sound” or “note” for most of the song; I believe it suits better the whole song, plus in the song it’s used the term “melody”. Well, this is was just to clarify, since there are some people who might say “But it’s not music!”.
How do you feel? どう感じるだろう | How do you feel? Tell me”; here the Japanese phrase is really just the English one translated. I couldn’t find any difference between the two, it’s really a repetition of the same phrase. But well, since in the text it sounds pretty redundant, I decided to add a “Tell me” to try to preserve the emphasis given. Forgive me if you hate this choice~
縦ノリで行こうぜ | Turn up the volume”; the literal translation is among the line “Let’s go higher”. I’m not sure if this is some sort of expression used in Japan to mean something else, but due to the context my bet is either on “To be on heat” or “To turn up the volume” referred to the previous phrase.
泣いて 眠ったら また笑って | I’ll cry, until I’ll sleep, and then I’ll laugh”; here there’s a conditional, but really, it means nothing to me. Translating this phrase as “If I/you sleep, I/you will laugh” makes no sense to me. If instead has a sense for you, well, you’re welcome to leave your opinion~
歌えや 踊れや3countで Enjoy! | Sing, and dance, and say three times “Enjoy!” ”; this is the first –and I hope the last- time I truly needed to chance the English text. If you want to keep it, the translation would be “And count (for) three times “Enjoy!””.

Title: Life Session
Vocal & Lyrics: KOOL
Arrange: よっぺ (Yoppe)

Life Session

Let’s play together, Life is gonna (be) Session!
How do you feel? どう感じるだろう
楽に 自由に さあ奏でてこ

Let’s play together, Life is gonna (be) Session!
kimi no oto to boku no oto wo awasete
How do you feel? dou kanjiru darou
raku ni jiyuuni saa kanadeteko

Let’s play together, Life is gonna (be) Session!
Your and mine music are the same
How do you feel? Tell me
With comfort, with freedom, yeah, let’s play

君は不貞腐れながらそう言うけど ほらそのシールド抜けてるよ?

daremo hontou no jibun wo wakaccha kurenaitte
kimi wa futekusare nagara sou iu kedo hora sono shiirudo nuketeru yo?

“You must understand everyone’s true self”
You say something like this when you’re sulky but, look! Is that shield falling off?

Now’s the Chance聴かせて
Release yourself君の音
手始めに僕に 大音量でさ

oto mo desazu ni「kiite kore」nante muri na hanashi sa
Now’s the Chance  kikasete
Release yourself kimi no oto
tehajime ni boku ni oo onryou de sa

Don’t make a sound 「listen to this」, you say unreasonable things
Now’s the chance, listen
Release yourself, your music
Start with me to make great music

Let’s play together, Life is gonna (be) Session!
君だけのLIV(F)E 楽しんで
Take it easy, babyかき鳴らせyour Guitar
What do you feel? 音合わせた分だけ
君だけが主役の 人生ができる

Let’s play together, Life is gonna (be) Session!
boku no coddo ni kimi no merody nosete
jikoshuchou shichatte nanbo no sutaaji
kimi dake no LIV(F)E tanoshinde
Take it easy, baby kakinarase your Guitar
kata hamaranai 「rashisa」 dake de OK!
What do you feel? oto awaseta bundake
kimi dake ga shuyaku no kyoku ga dekiru

Let’s play together, life is gonna (be) session!
Pick up your melody with my code
How many performances have you done for your self-assert?
But make your liv(f)e comfortable
Take it easy, baby, thrum your guitar
That type 「it seems to」doesn’t fit, but it’s ok!
What do you feel? The music matches perfectly
But you’re the leading actor of your life


「mainichi onaji koto wo tada kurikaeshiteku dake de
tanoshii koto nante mitsukeru hima mo nai」
tte iu kimi, hontou wa wakatteru yo ne?

“Every day, you keep doing the same boring stuffs and
You have no time for discovering interesting things”
that’s what you say, but have you really understand?

つまらない日々があるからこそ 些細な喜びがきっと
輝いて 見える ありきたりな 言葉でも

tsumaranai hibi ga aru kara koso sasai na yorokobi ga kitto
kagayaite mieru arikitari na kotoba demo
sono kangaekata tte daiji daro?

You’ll certainly find a trivial joy from those dull days you have
Shine, look, those are ordinary words but
That way of thinking, is so important?

君から聴こえる 骨太のRock Sound
縦ノリで行こうぜShake my head, shake your head!
Love is over恋敗れちゃった
泣いて 眠ったら また笑って

ressei no sono joukyou ni Kickin’!
gyakkyou norikoete koso mieru sono saki
kimi kara kikoeru honebuto no Rock Sound
tate nori de ikouze Shake my head, shake your head!
Love is over koi yaburechatta
kimi karada da more nokanashii neiro
sore sae mo yasashii komoriuta ni kaete
naite nemuttara mata waratte

Kickin’ that uncomfortable situation!
Climb over the adversities, you’ll surely see after that
It can be heard from you, a stout rock sound
Turn up the volume, shake my head, shake your head!
Love is over, love has been defeated
But from you I can see my sorrowful tone color
I’ll change even that in a tender lullaby
I’ll cry, until I’ll sleep, and then I’ll laugh

歳重ね 音痩せて 声枯れても

toshi kasane oto yasete koe karete mo
「sore mo aji da」tte waratte ierrya saio da yo na

Years piled up, the music became thin, the voice withered
“And over that, there’s agitation” it’s better saying that with a smile

Let’s sing together人生という名のSession
ジャンルなんて問わず 限りなくFreedom
歌えや 踊れや3countで Enjoy!

Let’s sing together jinsei toiu na no Session
juunintoiro no oto de tsumuide iku mirai
janru nante towazu kagirinaku Freedom
utae ya odoru ya 3count de Enjoy!

Let’s sing together, the life’s name is “Session”
Men’s music is keep spinning to the future
Regardless things like gender, an endless Freedom
Sing, and dance, and say three times “Enjoy!”

Let’s play together, Life is gonna (be) Session!
思うままに響かせて Follow your heart!
楽に 自由に 楽しめばいいんだよ
Let’s play together, Life is gonna (be) Session!
不意に出てくる不協和音だって 笑って 許して 気を取り直して
さあ行こうぜmy friends! 何度も何度でも

Let’s play together, Life is gonna (be) Session!
kimi no oto to boku no oto awasete sa
omoumama ni hibikasete Follow your heart!
raku ni jiyuuni tanoshimeba iinda yo
Let’s play together, Life is gonna (be) Session!
fuini detekuru fukyouwaon datte waratte yurushite kiwotorinaoshite
saa ikou ze my friends! nandomo nandemo

Let’s play together, life is gonna (be) Session!
Your and mine music are the same
Make your emotions resound, follow your heart!
With comfort, with freedom, if we enjoy ourselves, it’ll be all right
Let’s play together, life is gonna (be) Session!
Suddenly, the dissonance came out, but laugh, forgive, and completely rethink about it
Yeah, let’s go, my friends! Many times over, until we want

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