Dear scarlet sky ~ Primary

For once in a while, I haven’t even checked if this song has already been translated. This song is just too beautiful to not translated it. I believe I still haven’t talked too much about Meis Clauson –the arranger. Maybe now it’s time.

The first time I listened to a Meis Clauson arrangement was during M3-28, when DastinIa came out –fact that I’ve probably already said. I surely was really impressed by his style, and that album became (and still is) one of my favorite all over the time. After that little gem he made, I went searching for other works by him, and I found out he works a lot with “Primary” –even if I’m still not sure if this is his circle’s name when he collaborates with yuiko, or something else. Whatever it is, he made a lot of songs under that circle. And I fell in love with most of them.

When it comes time to rock and metal (not sure if classify his style also as “metal”, but surely some of his song aren’t just “rock”), he is incredible, able to make such powerful and emotional arrangements. And he’s second to no one even when we’re talking about acoustic/pop arrangements; and often, he also merges the acoustic part with something stronger, creating arranges that to my ears are simply wonderful.

Meis Clauson isn’t just a great composer; he’s a step ahead everyone, making unique songs full of strength, able to make you keep listening to them over and over again. Listening to one of his song just once, doesn’t make you grasp each and every aspect of it, but just a little part. It’s almost incredible how a song can make you shiver in front of its beauty, and how it can left you speechless. Really, there aren’t many people who can do such a marvelous job; if you still haven’t listened to something by him, do it right now.

Anyway, even if most of his songs are simple wonderful, there are some I truly hadn’t appreciate; I truly don’t like when he arranges those too IOSYS style songs –read: denpa. Maybe it’s because I really can’t stand that genre, but I hadn’t enjoyed not a single song done with that style.

Thus, I strongly recommend to  start with “DastinIa”, or “seven’th color” if you want to know Meis Clauson better; also, either “indications” or “CHOCOHOLIC”, might be a good choice if you want something lighter, since the songs are quite bright (except for “セカイノハテ” inside “indications”), but I think the best Meis Clauson shows when we’re talking about “dark” songs.

Maybe I should now talk about yuiko, or “Dear scarlet sky”, but either because I’d like to save my words about yuiko for another time, and this song left me speechless since the first time I heard it (and I don’t want to write too much more actually), I’ll end it here.


Revised during August, 2017. Notes haven’t been, though.

君が泣いてた空 | You were crying, under the sky”; this, and lots of the phrases below, has words without particles. Which means, you can read phrases like this literally (where they’d became something like “You were a crying sky”,  which is pretty suggestive, but really, out of the place), or think about them with particles –and with a structure phrase a little different. Thus, how I translated the phrases.

Title: Dear scarlet sky
Vocal & Lyrics: yuiko
Arrange: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: seven’th color

Dear scarlet sky

それは 懐かしいような
どんな願いも もう

sore wa natsukashii you na
kimi ga naiteta sora
donna negai mo mou
todoku koto nado nai to

You were crying, looking nostalgic
You, dear sky
Whatever I wish for,
Will never come back

愛を知らず まだ

soredemo boku wa kakedeshita
ai wo shirazu mada
yuuyake sora ni kieta kage
tooi hibi no hate made

But even so I started to run from
A love I still don’t know
Your shadow vanished in a scarlet sky 
At the end of distant days

それは 音も無いまま

sore wa oto mo nai mama
mune wo semetateru sora
hito wa yowai mono de
mienai furishite temo

You torture my heart while being silent
You, dear sky
People are frail being
They pretend to not see


hitorikiri de wa arukenai
ai wo shitte nara
gouzen janakute ima koko de
kimi no namae wo yonde

I can’t walk by myself
Even if I know love
It’s not a coincidence, I’m here
Calling your name

それは 懐かしい空
君が笑った 声と・・・

sore wa natsukashii sora
kimi ga waratta koe to…

That is a nostalgic sky
You were laughing

5 thoughts on “Dear scarlet sky ~ Primary

    1. Lyrics aren’t mine, but yuiko’s, the only thing I’ve done is the translation. There’s no need to ask for permission xD
      And even if you were planning to using the translation, as written in the homonymous section, credits/a link back to this blog would have been fine :3
      So, in the end, just go ahead~

      1. Thank you~ Also can I have a link to their other lyrics? I’ll try doing translation for the others as well~

        I’ll surely link back to this page, thank you so much~

      2. There are just a couple of other songs by Primary here, if you check the tag you should find ’em. For the other lyrics they all are on Primary’s album booklets; if you have the CD, you also have the lyrics, you just need to transcribe them :3

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