桜風 ~ 森羅万象

I can safely say this song is one of saddest I’ve ever read, and one of the most beautiful if you think about the lyrics related to Yuyuko and Youmu.

I really love the references inside the whole song; it’s like this is a Yuyuko’s subjective about what’s happening. And if you think about it, since Youmu’s half human, she will die someday, while Yuyuko won’t, since she’s a ghost. Of course, this is just how I have read this song; the “two people” could be anyone, not necessary those I’ve said before. It’s just up to you.

A couple of stanza sounds really like there’s a third person speaking –somehow it’s like Ayakashi’s speaking. But still, what this song brought up to my mind is a really sad yet beautiful doujin (though I don’t remember the circle nor the title, sorry-) where Youmu, aware that won’t be able to stay with Yuyuko forever, says “I wish I could became a cherry tree, so that I will be able to stay forever near Lady Yuyuko”. And after this, Youmu’s wish were granted; she became a beautiful cherry tree, the most beautiful cherry tree. And, each spring, during the full blooming, Yuyuko keeps remember she’s near Youmu, yet she’s alone.

So, basically, this song reminded me to that doujin –and not only. Aside this, it’s pretty hard to say if the lyrics are under Yuyuko’s or Youmu’s point of view. If you think about the butterfly, and the cherry trees, as a reference to Yuyuko, then it’s her prospective; if you think they’re a representation of Yuyuko, then it’s Youmu’s point of view.

I believe I’ve already talked too much about this song’s “meaning”, so I bet it’s time to move on.


桜風”; the title itself could assume a lot of meanings, also because there isn’t a spelling for it. But probably the fittest, considering the context, here’s “Sakura kaze”, translated “Cherry tree’s wind”. Imaging this title with some particles, the title could also be read as “The breeze under a cherry tree”. Meh, Japanese is amazing, is just incredible how many meanings only two kanji can have.

不思議と 涙が出る | a miracle happens and tears come out”; here the verb for “miracle” and “tears” is the same, aka “come out”. But I couldn’t find a verb fine for both the nouns, so I’ve decided to “break” the sentence.
どこか 懐かしい花が 手と手を繋ぐ | Somewhere a nostalgic flower is joining two hands”; yeah, there’s really written this. The better way to see this phrase is to think about it like if two people are joining their hands to hold a flower –or at least, this is how I’ve read it.
涙もやがて凍るから | Even tears, after so long, will stop”; the verb used is “freeze”. And while I find it very poetic, since recalls the “winter” theme, this time, somehow, I couldn’t stand the “Tears will freeze” translation. Even if here the meaning could be really see as “Tears will freeze since it’s so cold”. Anyway, what I want to point out here is that the “action” of stop crying isn’t something done intentionally; or at least, that’s how I’ve read the Japanese text.
遠い仮初の恋路を 自分で感じたいの | I want to feel inside me that distant, transient love”; here the word used is not “Love”, but “Romance/Love’s pathway”. Anyway, I preferred to use the term “Love”. I think it fits most.

Title: 桜風
Vocal: Candy
Arrange: kaztora
Circle: 森羅万象
Album: あの日の夢のアリス
Event: 例大祭9
Original: アルティメットトゥルース | Ultimate Truth | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Stage 6 Theme
幽雅に咲かせ、墨染めの桜 ~ Border of Life | Bloom Nobly, Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Saigyouji Yuyuko’s Theme


いつの日か 二人 春の中
可笑しいね 不思議と 涙が出る
覚えている事は 桜の香

itsu no hi ka futari haru no naka
koko de yakusoku wo shita ne
okashii ne fushigi to namida ga deru
oboeteiru koto wa sakura no kou

One of these days two people, during the middle of spring
Will make a promise here
It’s funny; a miracle happens and tears come out
I still remember the cherry blossoms’ fragrance

どこか 懐かしい花が 手と手を繋ぐ
「壊れないで」と ココロ寂しく笑う
遠い仮初の恋路を 自分で感じたいの

dokoka natsukashii hana ga te to te wo tsunagu
“kowarenai de” to kokoro sabishiku warau
tooi karisome no koiji wo jibun de kanjitai no

Somewhere a nostalgic flower is joining two hands
“Don’t break it” you say; and I lonely smile in my heart
I want to feel inside me that distant, transient love

いつか 遠く遠く 離れる時も
決して 近づけない 触れ合えないから

itsuka tooku tooku hanareru toki mo
sakuraba sakihokoruru
keshite chikadzukenai fureaenai kara
douka hitorikiri ni shite hoshii

One day, far away, far away, even the time to separate will come
The cherry tree’s leaves are fully blooming
Because never, we will never get close, we will never touch each other
Please, I just want to stay alone

いつの日か 一人 雪の中
いつまでも 続いた 笑う声を
忘れる事は きっと無い

itsu no hi ka hitori yuki no naka
namida mo yagate kooru kara
itsumademo tsudzuita warau koe wo
wasureru koto wa kitto nai

One of these days, alone, inside the snow
Even tears, after so long, will stop
Always, your laughing voice keeps going on
Surely, I will never forget it

いつも約束の花で 目と目と結ぶ
「離さないで」と 抱きしめて

itsumo yakusoku no hana de me to me to musubu
“hanasanai de” to dakishimete
soba ni iru dake no koiji wo
jibun ni kizamitai no

Always, under the promised flower, we looked into each other eyes
“Don’t leave” you say; and hold me tightly
You’re near me, but the love
Inside me, I want to pull it out

いつか 迎えに行く 約束しても
決して 叶えられず 忘れ逝くから

itsuka mukae ni yuku yakusoku shite mo
sakuraba chiri ochi yuku kara
keshite kanaerarezu wasure yuku kara
douka hitorikiri ni shite hoshii

Someday, I’ll meet you, and we’ll make another promise
The cherry tree’s leaves are falling down
Because never, it will never come true, and we will forget
Please, I just want to stay alone

目覚めたら 夢じゃないと気付いてしまう

mezametara yume jianai to kidzuite shimau
mankai no sakura ni

If I’ll wake up,  if it isn’t just a dream, we will realize
Under a full bloomed cherry tree

胸に 閉じ込めてた 思い出の蝶
空いた右手 空を切る
決して 悔やまないで 忘れないから

mune ni tojikometeta omoide no chou
aita migite kuu wo kiru
keshite kuyamanai de wasurenai kara
douka ima dake wa nakasete hoshii

In my heart, I locked up that butterfly’s memories
In my opened right hand, cutting the air
Because never, I will never regret, I will never forget
Please, now, I just want to cry

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