It’s over

I’ve for most copied and pasted from the short version. Anyway, enjoy this amazing, epic song, that’s now full.

I’m not sure how many people really know this song, I personally spammed it everywhere, because it’s awesome. The only bad thing: it’s really short. It’s of the same length of an anime opening (or ending, if you prefer), since it’s done for SOUND VOLTEX (an arcade game). There are actually not so many differences between the full version and the one done for SOUND VOLTEX (2:13 vs 1:42), but still the full one is cleaner, and more epic.

As usually, what borns from the union of an awesome composer (Yuyoyuppe) and an awesome vocalist (Merami), is something even more awesome. I wish Yuyoyuppe will do in a future more collaboration with her, maybe leaving aside himself and clean male vocalists in general (while I love him for screams, and he’s one of the best composers among the doujin scene, I don’t like his clean voice that much –maybe with the exception of acoustic songs- but seriously, I don’t think his voice suits his arrangements). Just my opinion anyway.

I have no idea who wrote the lyrics this time. I want to believe Merami and Yuyoyuppe wrote them together, since the song is a “Yuyoyuppe feat. Merami”. But well, I actually think they’re by Yuyoyuppe (to me they seems closest to Yuyoyuppe’s style rather than Merami’s style). Also, since I’m kind of lazy, I’ve used a completely random picture from meola’s pixiv. Blame me for this if you want, but I truly think meola’s style is perfect for Yuyoyuppe’s arrange (even if I do not use his pictures always…), they follow the same “rules”, both are so crude yet so sweet, melting their notes and colors together like they’re one person.

If you’ve read everything, thank you; now I’m at the end of this “prologue”, so, enjoy the translation, and this beautiful song.


語り かけて | Talking isn’t enough”; not sure if Yuyoyuppe meant to do this, but still. “語りかけて” means “To make a speech”, but with this space in between, it may also be read as “talking is insufficient”–and tons of other things actually. Not sure if this is actually planned or not, but considering we’re talking about Yuyoyuppe, and the rest of the song, I decided to translate in this way.
君が描いてた 天国は 空虚 | You drew a paradise inside my emptiness”; keeping those phrases completely separated as they are in the lyrics would have made me translate the as “You have drawn /  The paradise’s empty”. Anyway I’ve translated the phrase as if it was “天国は 空虚に” (well, actually as 天国を 空虚に) because under my point of view it’s better, considering the song’s context. Another translation that maybe could’ve kept better the Japanese meaning  (and popped up in my mind) was “You drew a paradise that’s empty”. But  I really want to keep the strong contrast with the next phrase, thus how I decided to “adapt” the translation.

Title: It’s over
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Merami)
Arrangement: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)

It’s over

語り かけて
Pray for my bliss
It’s your mission in life
My bad jokes

katari kakete
Pray for my bliss
It’s your mission in life
zaregoto nurikatameta

Talking isn’t enough
Pray for my bliss
It’s your mission in life
I hid myself behind jokes
My bad jokes

追憶に 求めて末
I was laughing at that location
君ならば大丈夫と 思った

tsuioku ni motomete sue
I was laughing at that location
kimi naraba daijoubu to omotta
ano hi made wa

I’m seeking in my memories why
I was laughing at that location
“If it’s for your sake” I thought
Until that day

Ah… so, I cried


usotsuki na kono me de

From these eyes of a liar

吐き捨てた 願い
身に纏う 世界

hakisuteta negai
mi ni matou sekai
imi mo naku soko ni
atta mirai, aa

My desire spitted out
From a body tied to this world
There, where there wasn’t a meaning
A future opened, ah

天国は 空虚
夢から覚めて 投げかけた言葉
「It’s over」

kimi ga egaiteta
tengoku wa koukyo
yume kara samete nagekaketa kotoba
「It’s over」

You drew a paradise
Inside my emptiness
I woke up from that dream, threw at you my words
“It’s over”

「It’s over」

aa, zenbu uso
「It’s over」

Ah, they’re all lies
“It’s over”

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