Everlasting song ~ yuiko


I have nothing much to say on this song, aside that as always, Meis Clauson made an epic job.

I probably love this song most for its instrumental, the piano arrangements while being short, shorter than the actual song, is one of the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life. But the lyrics are beautiful, and yuiko’s performance is great as always.

I’m not sure exactly which anime is this song from, but it’s an Ending theme; almost the whole album is based on anime/games’ Opening/Ending themes. But since I’m lazy, I have no idea which anime/games they are, and there’s nothing written inside the booklet (aside the fact they’re OP/ED themes), I have no idea if they’re covers or not –but since it’s a KAGUYA x yuiko vocal collection, I somehow believe they’re covers.

Anyway, that means nothing to me. The whole album is really good, and even if Meis Clauson hasn’t arranged all the songs (and somehow, the difference in pretty evident, at least for me; there’s truly just a few other composers who can put so many emotions inside every note like he does) this is album is worth to be listened, especially if you like those anime-style’s songs.

I bet I’ve already talked too much, and since I’m writing this pretty late at night, I will stop right now. Sorry for the most rushed notes, but there’s truly nothing else to say this time (except for a couple of phrases); they’re for most my choice of terms.


笑顔に出会った | I saw a smile”; Japanese text actually says “I met a smile”. Or if you want, in other terms, “I met a person who smiled”.
横顔に | In your face”; the word used here is “profile face” and not face alone. But for me, “profile face” inside a phrase like this one, sounds just too odd.
形を変え | (…) to see that flower bloomed”; literally, “change the form”. My translation here’s really liberal, there are no references to the bud; this is just my guess. On another hand, it could also referred to the words, and the pray is to be able to hear something else –but well, the lack of particles doesn’t help me.
心こめて | (…) inside my mind”; my choice of translating “心” as “mind” instead of “heart” is lies in the fact that in the line below there’s the word “胸”; while it actually means chest, it’s used also as “heart”, even if I don’t know whether it has always a physical connotation or has an abstract one like “心”.
そっと指で 確かめて | Gently, with your fingers, you checked it”; I believe this phrase referrers to the bud, even if in this specific stanza sounds so out of the place. But well, unless “指で確かめる” means something completely different, I have no better hypothesis.

Title: Everlasting Song
Vocal & Lyrics: yuiko
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Published by: Atelier KAGUYA
Album: Gratitude ~KAGUYA×yuiko ヴォーカルコレクション~
Source: PC game “オレと彼女は主従なカンケイ”, “ore to kanojo wa shujuu na kankei”, Ending Theme

Everlasting song

庭の隅 つけた蕾
光受けて 膨らんでいく
淡い色に 気づいたのは
笑顔に出会った 暖かな午後

niwa no sumi tsuketa tsubomi
hikari ukete fukurande iku
awai iro ni kidzuita no wa
egao ni deatta atataka na gogo

In a garden’s corner there was a bud
The light it received made it grew up
I recognized it from the pale color
That mild afternoon, I saw a smile

横顔に 少し 感じた切なさ
ずっと傍に いたいと願う

yokogao ni sugoshi  kanjita setsunasa
zutto soba ni itai to negau

In your face, I felt a little pain
“I want to stay with you forever” is my wish

一つ一つ 紡いできた言葉
形を変え 何度も祈る
永久に続くように 心こめて
いつまでも胸に 鳴り響くメロディを

hitotsuhitotsu tsumuide kita kotoba
katachi wo kae nandomo inoru
towa ni tsudzuku you ni kokoro komete
itsumademo mune ni narihibiku merodi wo

One by one the words came out
Many times I’ve prayed to see that flower bloomed
It will last for the eternity, inside my mind
And forever, in my heart, this melody will keep resound

流れ行く 季節の色
その手を取って 歩いた道
ほんの少し 揺れる瞳
心を映した 夜空の下

nagare yuku kisetsu no iro
sono te wo totte aruita michi
honno sukoshi yureru hitomi
kokoro wo utsushita yozora no shita

Time goes on, and Seasons change
I took that hand, and walked on my path
Only for a few, the eyes I averted
Reflected my heart below the night sky

微笑み交わし 気づいた気持ちを
そっと指で 確かめて

hohoemi kawashi kidzuita kimochi wo
sotto yubi de tashikamete

We exchanged a smile; you noticed my feelings
Gently, with your fingers, you checked it

その笑顔を 守りたいと願う
空に迷って しまうときでも
大切にしてた 白い箱に
想いを詰め込み あなたに届けるから

sono egao wo mamoritai to negau
sora ni mayotte shimau toki demo
taisetsuni shiteta shiroi hako ni
omoi wo tsumekomi anata ni todokeru kara

“I want to protect that smile” is my wish
I’ve lost my way in the sky; but there’s no more time
It was too important; in the white box
There were my feelings; I will give them to you

あの時くれた 小さく輝く蕾を
この胸の奥 大事に育ててきたこと 忘れないで

ano toki kureta chiisaku kagayaku tsubomi wo
kono mune no oko daiiji ni sodatete kita koto wasurenai de

That moment you gave me a little, shining bud
Inside this heart, it became very important; I will never forget

澄み渡る 広い空の下で
今開く 花の色は
あの日の二人の 繋がる気持ち
その手で伝えた 大切な願いを

sumiwataru hiroi sora no shita de
ima hiraku hana no iro wa
ano hi no futari no tsunagaru kimochi
sono te de tsutaeta taisetsu na negai wo

It’s perfectly clear, under the vast sky
Now is open up, as a flower
That day, two people were tied together
I bequeathed with these hands my important desire

一つ一つ 溢れ出る言葉を
風がそっと つつんでゆく
いつまでも傍で 奏でていたい
その先もずっと 心から願うから

hitotsuhitotsu afurederu kotoba wo
kaze ga sotto tsutsunde yuku
itsumademo soba de kanadeteitai
sono saki mo zutto kokoro kara negau kara

One by one, the words overflow
The wind, gently, took them
I want to stay by your side forever
Even after that, it’s still my wish, from the bottom of my heart

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