“Yet I still want to live”

It has been some time since my last translation (not that much actually, but still quite enough), but finally here I am. Maybe with something quite unexpected; anyway.

I know this song has been already translated, and I’m aware that doing something like another (useless) translation of the same song is something pretty crazy. And I’m not even a person that turned on vocaloids.

But still. If I don’t make a my translation of those songs I really liked, I’m not satisfied. And from time to time, I publish them for the mere reason that they’ve been translated without a note, and often are “just” videos’ subtitles. Under my personal point of view, even if well done, leaving a translation of such a beautiful and sad as it is, not giving even an introduction, sounds just too –empty. Anyway.

Why this song? Because Hanatan covered it, and her voice made me fell in love with it (click here if you haven’t listened to it yet). Although there’s already a translation on YouTube, I wanted to make mine. Even if there are parts that are identical, and this is absolutely an unnecessary translation, I hope you’ll enjoy it. Blame me if you want, but Hanatan made a wonderful job, as always. I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing; I had to do this.

Maybe I should’ve used the illustration done for the video, but while I was browsing Ao’s Pixiv, I found this one, and decided to use it.


Such beautiful, sad, cruel lyrics. You can safely skip this sort of intro, since it’s unnecessary. But I really want to point out how the title, “If”, is incredible well played. Plus, I’m really glad MuryokuP decided to use the English word and not the Japanese one; as for me, reading “もしも” as title would have been quite odd for many reasons, also because the phonetic somehow sounds less emphatic, at least for me.

ありふれた明日は来ない | Until the usual tomorrow won’t come”; there’s no “until” in the Japanese text, but it really fits here, in my opinion, I believe it give more emphasis to the phrase.
叫び始めた 命 | I started screaming for life”; not sure about the meaning of the phrase here. I mean, the translation’s is that one, but I really couldn’t find a good way to translate it in English. Plus since the lack of particles, I’m not sure if it is meant to be “I started screaming for life” or “命” is detached by the rest of the phrase because what (s)he is screaming is “Life”. I believe the meaning anyway the first one; written like this, it really sounds like if (s)he keeps screaming because (s)he doesn’t want to die.
鼓動の糸 | To my beat’s strings”; while apparently it has no meanings, I believe is a sort of play on the word “運命の糸 (Fate’s ties)”, where the beat has now the role of destiny –until I hear the beat, it means I’m alive; thus, I’m tied to it, and it’s something I can’t avoid. Another image that popped up in my mind, is an heart (one of the first “beats”  I think of is the heartbeat) which keeps pulse, “giving life” to the body, connected to it by veins –the strings. Just what I thought about when I read this passage anyway; and of course you’re welcome and free to post better interpretation~
無数の儚い「もしも」を切り裂く 心電図の音が  | Countless, transient “Ifs” I tear to pieces at the ECG’s sound ”; This phrase should actually be reversed in Japanese (心電図の音が無数の儚い「もしも」を切り裂く). The real meaning is “The ECG’s sound tears to pieces (all of mine) countless, transient ifs”. And since I didn’t want to break the Japanese sentence (“無数の儚い「もしも」を切り裂く” really can means “I cut off/tear to pieces countless, transient ifs”)It sounds really like if the ECG’s endless “beep” destroyed each hope, and everything (s)he had dream of simple disappeared, leaving nothing else than the cruel reality.

Title: If
Original vocals: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Awesome vocal cover by: 花たん (Hanatan)
Lyrics: ゐつ (Witsu)
Composition & Arrangement: 無力P  (MuryokuP)


叫び始めた 命

aruite, sawatte, nemutte, mezamete
arifureta ashita wa konai
kono mi ga owaru to kidzuita toki kara
sakebi hajimeta inochi

To walk, to touch, to sleep, to wake up
Until the usual tomorrow won’t come
“This body’s at its end”; since when I realized it
I started screaming for life

もしも この両足が自由なら
もしも この両腕が自由なら

moshimo kono ryousoku ga jiuu nara
heya no soto e fumidashite ikou
moshimo kono ryouude ga jiuu nara
dareka ni furete mitai

If these legs were free
I would walk outside this room
If these arms were free
I would try to touch someone

神がいるのならば なんて無力な
すがりつく 鼓動の糸

kami ga iru no naraba nante muryoku na
sugaritsuku kodou no ito

If there’s a god, then he’s powerless
So I cling to my beat’s strings

苦しい 苦しい

kurushii kurushii
soredemo ikitai
yasuraka ni nemurenakute ii
kono mi ga owaru to kidzuita sono hi ni
watashi wa umareochita

It hurts, it hurts,
Yet I still want to live
Even if I can’t sleep in peace
“This body’s at its end”; since the day I realized it
I was born again

苦しい 苦しい

kurushii kurushii
soredemo ikitai
yasuraka ni nemurenakute ii
musuu no hakanai 「moshimo」 wo kirisaku
shindenzu no oto ga

It hurts, it hurts,
Yet I still want to live
Even if I can’t sleep in peace
Countless, transient “Ifs” I tear to pieces
At the ECG’s sound


umarete, mezamete, nemutte, sorekara
sono saki ni wa nani ga aru no
musuu no hakanai 「moshimo」 wo yumemita
nagai yogaakete iku

To be born, to wake up, to sleep, and then,
After that, what there is?
Countless, transient “Ifs” I dreamt of
When the long night arrives


ikiwokoroshite matta
makka na ashita wo matta
makka na ashita wo ma

I held my breath, and waited
For a deep red morning, I waited
For a deep red morning, I wai-

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