MISERICORDIA. Hanatan’s (vocaloid cover and not) album. One of the best one I’ve ever heard actually, maybe because there’s Yuyoyuppe as a composer, or maybe because there’s Hanatan singing; or perhaps both. But actually, it doesn’t matter; the emotions this album gave me are second to none else, and if you have never listened to this CD, you have to do it.

Dely is probably one of the best original song ever made, and Hanatan’s voice made it even better. Maybe in a future I will translate even that song, but for now, I want to translate those songs I wasn’t able to find a translation of. And so I decided to start with this one.

Unexpectedly, グレイシア’s lyrics have been written by Hanatan. So far, this is the third or fourth song where she has also written the lyrics, and I never thought she would have wrote them for a song by Yuyoyuppe; what a nice surprise for me.

Aside this, グレイシア isn’t a vocaloid song’s cover, at least for what I know, and it’s probably the reason why it hasn’t been translated yet –or at least I wasn’t able to find a translation. And this album is just too beautiful to not being wholly translated.


グレイシア”, in romaji “gureishia”, aside the fact I facepalmed when one of my dictionaries said it is the Japanese name for “Glaceon” (and I actually read part of the description, just because I thought it was some sort of expression w), should means “Glacier”. Thought I have no idea if it has any other meaning, I’ve read around someone translated it as “Gracia”, but for me the “true” translation remains “Glacier”.

ただ過ぎてく刻 | However, I passed through the time”; here, “time” is written as “刻”, terms which can also indicates a period of time (even if it’s usually a short period of time, and it’s an archaic term), but has as primary meaning “scratch”. I’ve found really interesting how the time has been compared to a wound, like if each minute leaves an indelible mark (probably) into the heart.
すっと落ちる 結晶 | Is quickly falling down, as tears”; if this phrase was left alone, I would have translate it as “They’re quickly falling down, tears”. Anyway, what I want to say about this one is that “tears” is written as “結晶”, which means “crystals”. Considering the title, I believe the meaning here’s that the tears appear like crystals, like if they can’t be defined any longer “tears”.

Title: グレイシア
Vocal: 花たん (Hanatan)
Lyrics: 花たん (Hanatan)
Composition: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Arrangement: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Event: M3-25


一人佇んで あの日と照らし合わす。

yukizora, toiki, maji awase
futari de chikatta omoi wa
yubiwa dake ga nokori
hitori tatazunde ano hi to terashi awasu.

A snow-landed sky, a long breath, joint together
Two people vowed their feelings
And only a ring remained
A person stands still, in the light of that day.

聖なる鐘に 永遠を誓うの

aa, ima shuukufuku no oto ga hibiku
seinaru kane ni towa wo chigau no

Ah, now the blessing’s notes resound
In the sacred bells, and swears for the eternity

伸びる指先 空を切る

nee, ima anata wa doko ni
nobiru yubisaki sora wo kiru
tada sugiteku toki
watashi dake ga…

Hey, now, where are you?
My stretched fingertips cut the sky
However, I passed through the time
But it’s only me…

すっと落ちる 結晶

hoho wo kasumeta nukumori ga
ima, okita koto no you de
kono obita netsu dake wa
sutto ochiru namida

The warmth stolen from your cheek
Now, it’s like since I woke up
I don’t want to forget it
Only this carried heat is
Quickly falling down, as tears

それが嗚呼 消えゆく

yurayura yureru hidane
sorega aa kieyuku
hora, kodomotachi shuukufuku no utagoe ga
nee? todoiteru kana…

Trembling, shaking live coals
That, ah, is vanishing
Look, the children’s blessing singing voice
Hey? I wonder if it’s reaching you…


nee, ima anata wa doko ni
te wo nobaseba anata ga
kasanariau ringu
yasuragu emi ga…

Hey, now, where are you?
If I stretch my hand, will you…
A ring lies on our fingers
The smile you do when you feel at ease…
I see it-

~ by Jaefine on July 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “グレイシア ~ MISERICORDIA”

  1. Thanks for the translation. Glacier has eventually became my favourite song from this album.

    Just like you, I really hope yuppe and hanatan will collaborate again in the future.

  2. Thank you very much for the translation :D I really love their collab. I am looking for MISERICORDIA cd unfortunately i cant find one online T_T keep up the good work on translating beautiful songs! hope to see yuyohana collab again :)

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