Another amazing track from this wonderful album. I truly have nothing to say this time, I think I’ve already said enough in my previous post about this CD. And there’s nothing new, aside the fact that the composer’s Koman. But well, since the whole album is actually a “collaboration” between Hanatan, Yuyoyuppe, Koman and ←P, in the end there’s nothing else to say.

I’ll save my words for the other Yuyoyuppe’s song, because I’m more fond in him than all of these other composers –and because it’s too hot here, and when it’s hot, my mind refuses to work, and to write something logically acceptable.  And hearing Hanatan saying “My ugly voice” made my mind blown.

It’s a pity that, for some reasons, I wasn’t able to find a picture like this with an original character. Well, at least considering the whole album, it might be quite fitting. Or maybe no?


狭間で見守る君も知らずに | You carefully watch, but even you don’t understand”; it’s really hard, if not impossibile, to find out if what it isn’t understood are the feelings, or the fact those feelings are just lies. Anyway, considering the title, I believe it’s the first one rather than the latter. But since Japanese is so fascinating, I had to write this note.
泣いていた約束も胸に抱いていくから | I will keep embrace in my heart the promise I was screaming”; the meaning of this phrase is more likely “The promise I said/screamed in tears”. Anyway, considering the context, the previous stanzas, and the fact writing “The promise I was crying” is out of question for me, I decided to translate it as “to scream” –and since “泣く” can also mean “to howl” in some cases, I think it fits.

Title: Drown
Vocal: 花たん (Hanatan)
Lyrics: こまん (Koman)
Arrangement: こまん (Koman)
Event: M3-25


I feel so unsure.

I feel so unsure.
kimi no koe wo kikasete okure
「itoshii」 no koe wo
osore de uruou kokoro ni mieta

I feel so unsure.
I can still hear your voice
Your “lovely” voice
I could hear it, in my heart hunted by pain

Now that you’re gone.

Now that you’re gone.
watashi wa naze oboreteita no
itsuwari no omoi
hazama de mimamoru kimi mo shirazu ni

Now that you’re gone.
Why it feels like I’m drowning?
These fake feelings
You carefully watch, but even you don’t understand


Aa… tada kawari yuku keshiki ni unagasareru no
「aitai ne.」
sonna koto ieba mou
subete kiete yuku you na kigashite

Ah… However I’m pressed by a situation that has changed
“I want to meet you”
If you’ll ever say this again…
I’m feeling like if everything is disappearing


nee, kikoeteimasu ka?
minikui hodo ni tada koe wo agete
towa ni tsumuide yuku kara
natsukashii utagoe de yurushite kuremasu ka

Hey, can you hear me?
I’m raising my ugly, only voice
That will repeat for the eternity
Will you forgive me with your lovely voice?

Forget it…
Did it notice?

Forget it…
me ni mieru deshou
karappo no sora
Did it notice?
ano umi ni utsuru koto wa nai

Forget it…
Now we can clearly see
The sky’s emptiness
Did it notice?
There’s nothing reflected in that sea

僅かな色 思い出して

wazuka na iro omoidashite
nandomo tsubuyaku

The only feeling I remember
I keep mutter
“Forgive me”


todoite imasu ka
minikui hodo ni tada koe wo agete
kanau koto wa nai hazu no
nakuiteita yakusoku mo mune ni idaite iku kara

Will it arrive?
I’m raising my ugly, only voice
But it will never come true
I will keep embrace in my heart the promise I was screaming

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