未来永劫仏恥斬 ~ Rokugen Alice

Youmu is awesome, isn’t she?
She’s one of my favorite character because katana, and it has been quite some time since I was pending to translate a Youmu-only theme. But I’ve never done it because I’m lazy I’ve found other song to translate. By the way, if you’re wondering, the Japanese text in the illustration means “The things I cannot cut are next to none!”. And some Imizu-sama is always welcome.

Rokugen Alice. It’s a pity they decided to bring a best of to C82, I would’ve loved to see more Touhou arranges from this circle –lately they’ve been working only for those Toranoana CDs and Sky Area OSTs, and the recent lack of Touhou gothic metal arranges makes me quite sad. I want Black Night Funeral back :/

Well, I have nothing much to say on this arrange, if you know this circle, you know you’ll find a genre which is hard to classify; they have gothic elements, pretty close to gothic metal, but at the same time so distant, with elements which reminds me to hard rock, some little electronic-like instruments from time to time, parts that reminds me of pop, and so on; actually the only genre I can classify them is the “Rokugen Alice” one.

Surely this song is one of the most difficult I’ve ever read by Rokugen, the lyrics are really enigmatic and not clear, and even if I tried my best, I’m not sure about how the translation came out. Sorry-

Requested by Voß


未来永劫仏恥斬 | Slashing eternally this dishonor of mine”; probably still not one of the best possible translations, but I believe this one’s way better than the one before –and maybe “Eternally slashing my dishonor” would have sound better, but I totally wanted a title in some way similar to Rokugen Alice’s style. “斬” means “kill/decapitation/slash”; no wonder why I’ve picked up the latter this time. “仏” too has more than a single meaning; the main is “Buddha”, completely unrelated in this context, and the second one is “the death/ghost”. Thus, as Fractal said, the fact that “仏” can be substituted by “私” (I, myself); I believe is not so hard to notice also the similarities between the two kanji. Last thing, this title might be a reference to Youmu’s Spell Card 人鬼「未来永劫斬」, in English Obsessor “Slash of the Eternity”. This is pretty much it, even if I’ve cut a lot of parts. Credits go to Fractal Ho, just read his comments below for a better and complete explanation of everything~

校舎の窓など素手で叩き回った | I broke a school’s window with bare hands”; no idea what’s the meaning of a school in all of this, but that’s what’s written in Japanese. Maybe one day I’ll read Hiroari’s story in Japanese, and maybe I’ll find the answer –there are some references to that tale in these lyrics.
伝説の特攻服(マトイ)をキメ | I’ve settled the legendary target ”; literally, “The choice (of) the target of the legend. I believe this is a reference to Hiroari’s legend (マトイ means “target  shooting”), though I’m not sure what Rokugen Alice decided to do in this song; some parts are clearly about Youmu, some others about Hiroari (or a reference to Youmu’s theme). I can only say: I’ve tried my best.

Title: 未来永劫仏恥斬
Vocal: 櫻井アンナ (Anna Sakurai)
Arrangement: 六弦A助
Lyrics: 六弦A助
Circle: 六弦アリス (Rokuken Alice)
Album: 夢想演舞 妖之理 -Fairy tale for Cherry blossoms-
Event: 例大祭8
Original: 広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When? | Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When? | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Konpaku Youmu’s Theme



nakama, kizuna, akuji, himei, hashiri, sakebi, shishite kigeki.
koe mo, yume mo, dachi mo nakushi, kokoro tozashi mirai wo kiru.

Comrades, bonds, crimes, screams, running, shouting, the dying comedy.
My voice, my dreams, my friends, I’ve lost them; I close my heart, and kill my future.


hikari to yami, seoishi tsumi, isso kurueba muzai kakutei.
nanimo nakute tohou ni kure, sakura ga mai, soko ni hitotsu no deai—.

Light and darkness, the sin I’m burdened with, I’ll rather go mad than keep my innocence.
There’s nothing missing, the cherry blossoms dance, there, where I met a person—.

上等で参上 走りは命懸け

fureru mono subete wo kizutsuketa ano koro, kousha no mado nado sude de tataki mawatta
joutou de sanshou hashiri wa inochigake
nanpa na mono nado subete kirisuteru made

That time when I crushed everything I touched, I broke a school’s window with bare hands
They said I’m superior, and desperately ran away
I will go on, until I’ll cut through everyone’s hesitation


nageki, takeki, senkei, densetsu, aishou, yuushou, namida, shinnen.
shuki mono wa mamoru okite. seigi no tame shibuku kimeru

Grieves, strength, respect, legends, affection, friendship, tears, faith
Protecting weak people, is my law. That’s my choice, for the sake of justice.

夜の闇を切り裂いて 舞い踊る花は咲いて

yoru no yami wo kirisaite mai odoru hana wa sakeite
densetsu no matoi wo kime, hikari no mukougawa kara arawareru—.

I will cut the night’s darkness; a dancing flower is blooming
I’ve settled the legendary target; it comes out, from the light in front of me—.

伝説の降臨 桜吹雪が舞う……

itazara ni kizutsuke hashiri ni akekureru watashi no kodoku ni hikari kureta ano hito
densetsu no kourin sakura fubuki ga mau…

I’m only able to run, to hurt with lies; in my isolation, that person gave me the light
The advent of a legend, when the storm of falling cherry blossoms dance…

“二人の絆は誰にも斬れないもの” (或る師の手記より)

“futari no kizana wa darenimo kirenai mo no” (aru shi no shuuki yori)

“Nobody can cut the bond between two people” (from a certain master’s memorandum)

4 thoughts on “未来永劫仏恥斬 ~ Rokugen Alice

  1. The title, surely, it is come from youmu’s SC : 人鬼「未来永劫斬」

    未来永劫斬,with my chinese knowledge,

    未来永劫,it may means,’having a destined calamity,forever’ , just like you will have the misfortune forever,even you have dead (that’s why 人鬼 appears in the SC’s name)

    And the 仏,base on the japanese->chinese dictionary, 仏 means
    1: Buddha
    2: The dead / ghost

    I prefer to understand this word with the second meaning,just because there are no Buddha in touhou world,

    But for the dead or the ghost,maybe it means Youmu herself,(so 仏 can be understanded as 私)

    The last sentence of the song

    Maybe Youmu just think that the relationship between her and someone,is a big shame for her ( loving someone that she must not to love) ,she just want to cut it (the bond) and forget it,and Youmu just want to have a punish for her fault,she just want to have the misfortune forever

    So,at last,under my understandability

    The title,in english.hmm….

    sorry I can’t think a title for it orz….,because my english is not very well,and the above is just my thought for this song,it may not be correct,you may think a new title for this song if you think my thought is alright.

  2. ok,I have found a little information for Hiroari’s tale,the coming information is translated by myself,from chinese to english,I hope it will be easy to understand…and some of the chinese word , I don’t know the words will be the same with japanese or not……

    This tale is come from : 太平記 which written by 今出川公藝

    At 1333AD, a bird go to the 紫宸殿(the palace for the kingdom) and make some strange sound(what a strange bird…), and then, 広有 just have to kill that bird with the bow(under someone’s order)

    The bird, is called 以津真天, It had Human’s Head,snake’s body,curved mouth, and the leg just like a sword,In hiragana,the bird is called いつまで
    , in english… ‘ Till when’

    Why the bird just make the strange sound on the palace?
    It felt grief with the people who dead under the disaster , the dead body haven’t been buried,

    ‘The dead body will be placed here,and won’t be buried, till when?’
    That’s how the name of the bird come from

    Back to Touhou world

    The name of the BGM 広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When

    It may be the same as the tale of Hiroari,Youmu just felt grief with Yuyuko,her dead body will be buried under the tree,till when?
    After I’ve read this story,I am not sure the story will be a great help for understanding the lyrics…… orz

    1. Yeah, I thought about that Spell Card too, but I totally didn’t want to compare the title with it –somehow I can’t see this title as a reference to Youmu’s Spell Cards. Well, still no excuses for me, I should’ve mentioned it in the notes-

      As far as I know (and read), “未来永劫” is simple a long word for “永遠/永劫” with a connotation of “future” –the eternity that will come. Didn’t know in Chinese it means something so different D:

      I totally missed the “ghost” part. For some reasons I’ve never seen 仏 with the meaning “ghost”, but now that you’ve said it, the title assumes a quite different meaning. I think your “仏” in place for “私” is simple brilliant, and considering the two kanji’s similarity, it might have been done even intentionally by Rokugen Alice. An yeah, I prefer too reading this kanji with its secondary meaning, but for the simple reason that “仏” might be related only to Byakuren.

      I really like your interpretation of the title chained to the last phrase, really, really great.

      As for the tale, Hiroari’s legend is totally of no help to translate these lyrics; though, I’ve found a lot of similarities between Hiroari’s tale and these lyrics. But considering I haven’t read it in Japanese, it’s most likely the English choice of terms made me think it, and the only “clear” reference is when it’s mentioned the “Legend” and when it comes time to “的射/マトイ”. But well, it is still of no help for translating-
      It wasn’t hard to read your comment(s), it was interesting, especially the part about “以津真天”, and totally helpful :3
      I’ve modified the title and its note, now it should have more sense. Thank you <3

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