Loftiness Dream ~ BUTAOTOME

Forgive me for the “BUTAOTOME” tag in this song, but since this is BUTAOTOME’s solo circle (not so hard to understand, the name’s そろぶた-R, translated as “Solo BUTA-R”), and I totally cannot think about this circle and BUTAOTOME’s as two separate circles. Anyway.

I love “Inanimate Dream”, it’s one of my favorite themes of all the times. In my opinion, the best one for  Yuuka, the one I consider her “true” theme, which perfectly describes her personality and the threat she is –unlike “Sleeping Terror” which is, at least for me, too soft for her. Even if Yuuka is somehow more difficult when “Sleeping Terror” is playing –oh God, that Master Spark.

Actually, Inanimate Dream is one of the reasons why I play “Lotus Land Story”; that BGM always gives me chills, and I’m still waiting for an arrange able to give me chills like the original track –because, so far, none of the tracks I’ve listened to, re-mastered or not, were able to create the dark, feeling of danger, that “You’re the prey” vibes Inanimate Dream gives me.

But even if, I usually enjoy the majority of its arrangements. They might be not as fierce as the original theme, but they’re usually very nice. And this one is nothing less.

I like how they’ve decided to kept almost intact Inanimate Dream’s “core”, even if some parts aren’t that good arranged in this way, at least not for an original track like this one –I’m talking especially of the intro, the original one is pure gold to my hears. But still, “Loftiness Dream” is a really good song overall, and among all the Inanimate Dream arrangements, vocal and not, this surely is one of my favorite.

Lyrics are absurdly great. Not that I’ve translated a lot of lyrics regarding Yuuka, but I love a lot what they say. They’re pretty much in Takatora’s “The Name of the Flower” style (great doujin actually), minus the strong frail trait of some parts –thus, the illustration; also because it’s the cover album, and a certain someone suggested me to do use a Takatora’s picture.

Amazing song I planned to translate a long ago since I wanted to dedicated it to a dear friend, but never found the courage to do so. So here it finally is, even if I’m a couple of months late.


Just in case you’re wondering, the album’s title means “Brilliant Floral Mat”

風見鶏はいつも | I’ve dreamt of flying in the air”; as you might have already noticed, “風見鶏” has the kanji of “Kazami” in it –風見 in Japanese. Considering this is an arrangement of Yuuka’s theme, I believe azuki decided to insert this term as a reference to Kazami Yuuka –even if it’s impossible to keep it in English.
0か1の合間 | Another time”; literally, “From zero to one time”. Japanese is pretty complicated when it comes time to numbers and dates, and I’m not even sure if something like this can be done in a translation, but that was the only one it came to my mind to don’t make the sentence sounds too weird.
一輪挿しの夢が花咲かす | This little flower’s dream is to bloom”; almost literally, “The vase for one flower’s dream is to (have/see a flower) bloom”. Anyway, a better translation would be “The dream of the flower in the vase is to bloom”, but I find it quite odd, thus my choice of changing it quite a bit.

Title: Loftiness Dream
Vocal: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: azuki
Arrangement: 衝動的の人
Album: 花筵爛然
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Publisher: そろぶた-R (Solo BUTA-R)
Event: 華激ノ宴
Original: 幽夢 ~ Inanimate Dream | Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream | Touhou 4 Lotus Land Story | Kazami Yuuka’s Stage 6 Theme

Loftiness Dream

風見鶏はいつも 空を飛ぶ夢見る
叶えられるモノは 叶え続け
向かう先は 誰も知らずに
己が言葉を 繰り返りはしない

kazamidori wa itsumo sora wo tobu yume miru
kanaerareru mono wa kanae tsudzuke
mukau saki wa daremo shirazu ni
ano ga kotoba wo kurikaeri wa shinai
ishikika ni hisonda saigi teki na
risouron wo fumitsukete yuku

I’ve dreamt of flying in the air like the weather vane always does
A wish that can come true, will always be granted
Nobody knows what I’ve faced in the past
I won’t repeat myself twice
Hidden in my subconscious, that suspicious
Idealistic thought I keep ignore

道端に咲く 花をじっと覗く
どんな望みですら 誰と知らず
一人きりで 叶え続けた
道を外れた 後ろの正面は
0か1の合間 表と裏
薄氷上 歩いて

michibata ni saku hana wo jitto nozoku
donna nozomi desura dare to shirazu
hitorikiri de kanae tsudzuketa
michi wo hazureta ushiro no shoumen wa
maru ka ichi no aima omote to ura
hakubyou shou aruite

I motionlessly look at the bloomed flowers at the roadside
I don’t understand for who and what is this desire
All by its own, it kept become true
The road was ended, and I went back
Another time, walking on
A place covered by ice

排他的な世界に 育つ花の夢さ
閉じ込めた感情は 知識への甘い罠
凍りついた仮面の 外し方は忘れた
他虐的な世界に 一輪挿しの夢が花咲かす

haitateki na sekai ni sodatsu hana no yume sa
tojikometa kanjo wa chishiki e no amai wana
kooritsuita kamen no hazushi kata wa wasureta
shigyakuteki na sekai ni ichirinzashi no yume ga hana sakasu

In my own world, a dreamland where grown flowers
Feelings are imprisoned into the sweet trap of knowledge
I’ve forgot to remove my frozen mask
In this oppressed world, this little flower’s dream is to bloom

涙で咲いた花は 偽りの実をつける
一人きりなのは誰? 見惚れたのは誰?
幽艶な花々は 生きる為に毒づく
「愛したい」と言えずに 「壊したい」と嘘をつく

namida de saita hana wa itsuwari no mi wo tsukeru
hitorikiri na no wa dare? mitoreta no wa dare?
yuuen na hanabana wa ikiru tame ni dokudzuku
“aishitai” to iezu ni “kowashitai” to usowotsuku

A flower bloomed by tears has the seed of lies in it
Who’s there, all alone? Who’s the one that charmed me?
The confined, fascinating flowers is cursed for living
“I want to love”, I can’t say it; “I want to break”, it’s a lie

無機質な世界に 萌風「きざしかぜ」取り留めも無く
ちっぽけな 夢一つ唯々咲かす

mukishitsu na sekai ni kizashi kaze toritome mo naku
chippoke na yume hitotsu tadatada sakasu

In this inhuman world, the wind’s omen can’t be stopped anymore
This small dream, only for this time, bloomed

風見鶏はいつも 一人きりを願う
望む世界の果て 自分の果て
向かう先は 誰も知らずに

kazamidori wa itsumo hitorikiri wo negau
nozomu sekai no hate jibun no hate
mukau saki wa daremo shirazu ni

I’ve wished to be all by my own, like the weather vane always is
It’s the end of the world I’ve desired; it’s my end
Nobody knows what I’ve faced in the past

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