MIRROR ~ 556millimeter

Pretty messed up lyrics this time, sorry. I’ve somehow found this one more difficult than the other songs I’ve translated, not sure why. Maybe because it’s a “request” done by my friend for another my friend, and I wanted to make it somehow “perfect”.

Another song which totally isn’t my usual genre, but even if, I really like the vocals –even if I think that made for a pop/acoustic genre, it’d be something amazing. Aside this, it surpassed a lot my expectations, it was a nice surprise discovering it’s quite good. Anyway, I still pretend this one is a surprise. Even if it isn’t anymore. Well, whatever.

I wanted a cute picture of Koishi, even if those lyrics aren’t actually that cute. But who cares. The illustration is done by that great woman which is Kido, one of the artists I like most for the way of expressing emotions. Hope you’ll like it too, even if it’s quite out of the place, orz.

My mind is full of bullshit, probably because comiket is near. Too near. And it’s going to be a great one, even if there Foreground Eclipse aren’t bringing a new (demo) CD –they’re participating “just” as guests; they’re bringing two tracks in total, one of which is a remix (better, a re-mastered version) of “Wandering, never Wondering”. Anyway, Merami so far sings in 18 CDs, so for me it’s already a wonderful C82, the rest really doesn’t matter ♥(ノ´∀`)╯︵ ┻━┻
And I really hope to change PC before it begins.


壊して繋いでは | I’ve broken, and sealed it”; actually it is just my personal impression that made me chosen the verb “to seal” –“繋ぐ” means “to tie”. Anyway, I’ve decided to translate in this way because I believe it’s a reference to Koishi’s closed eye –thus, my choice of using “it”, since the song doesn’t mention the third eye. Anyway, I totally can say nothing for sure, lyrics in the first phrase (and not only) are very enigmatic, with no clear subject, nor situation, nor object.
平凡の憂 | My usual anxiety”; literally “My usual grieve (its) shadow is shaking”. I’ve decided to give a very liberal translation here too, because the literal one (even the closest one) means almost nothing.

Vocal: KUMI
Arranger: きりん (Kirin)
Lyrics: 紀代
Album: passion -Dancing Battle Girls-
Circle: 556ミリメートル (556millimeter | 556mm)
Event: 例大祭8 (Reitaisai 8)
Original: ハルトマンの妖怪少女 | Hartmann’s Youkai Girl | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Komeiji Koishi’s Theme


壊して繋いでは 助けてと叫んだの
被害者面しては 悪意を振りかざす

kowashite tsunaide wa tasukete to sakenda no
higaisha mensushite wa akui wo furikazasu

I’ve broken, and sealed it; then “Help me”, I screamed
Looking at the victim raises inside me an evil will

はなればなれ 君が見えない
気だるげな憂 光見えない
罪を拭うの 目を閉じて

hanarebanare kimi ga mienai
togiretogire no iki koroshi
kedaru gena yuu hikari mienai
tsumi wo nuguu no me wo tojite

Now that we’ve separated, I can’t see you
I hold my irregular breath
There’s a sign of grieve; I can’t see the light
I wipe out my crime, and close my eyes

理由なんてさ どこにもない

riyuu nante sa doko ni mo nai
totte tsuketa mono dake

A reason such mine only
Brought me nowhere

どうして泣くんだろ 悲しいと叫ぶんだ
加害者面しては 孤独を振りかざす

doushite nakundaro kanashi to sakebunda
kagaisha mensushite wa kodoku wo furikazasu

Why am I crying? For shout my sadness out
Looking at the aggressor raises inside me a sense of loneliness

ぐらいぐらい 君が揺れてる
平凡の憂 影が揺れてる

gurai gurai kimi ga yureteru
giman da rake to mi koroshite
heibon no yuu kage ga yureteru
kokoro tozasu no aishiteru

Maybe, maybe, you’re shaking
Covered with deception, I’m letting you die
My usual grieve is now disappearing
I love you, my closed heart

理由なんてさ 言い訳でさ

riyuu nante sa iiwake desa
totte tsuketa mono desho

A reason such mine is only
An excuse I’ve found

信じて傷ついて 一人だと叫んだの
偽善者面しては 孤独を振りかざす
どうして泣くんだろ 悲しいと叫ぶんだ
加害者面しては 孤独さえ振りかざす
壊して繋いでは 助けてと叫んだの

shinjite kizutsuite itori da to sakenda no
gizensha mensushite wa kodoku wo furikazasu
doushite nakundaro kanashii to sakebunda
kagaisha menushite wa kodoku sae furikazasu
kowashite utsunaide wa tasukete to  sakenda no

Believing, being hurt; I cried, when I was alone
Looking at the hypocrites raises inside me a sense of loneliness
Why am I crying? For shout my sadness out
Looking at the aggressor raises inside me also a sense of loneliness
I’ve broken, and sealed it; then “Help me”, I screamed

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