Monochrome Eden ~ TatshMusicCircle

Just a note this time. Oh my God. Maybe because I was doing quite too many things meanwhile and forgot to write ‘em :S

Nothing much to say, Tatsh’s a great composer, and this is one of the few male vocalists I truly like. Probably one of my favorites Alice’s arrangement. I still wish to have a full rock/metal album by Tatsh.

Well, I’m not really turned into descriptions these days, don’t know why- So well, enjoy this song.

OH MY GOD it’s C82 and I’m translating stuffs from C79. Because yes.


I personally love how this song recalls Alice’s title, The Seven-Colored Puppeteer. I haven’s counted the number of colors mentioned, so I can’t say they’re seven, more or less (too lazy :S), but I love this idea.

明日という名の絶望を | If a tomorrow”; literally, “If tomorrow can break”. I think it sounds better leaving the future tense rather than the potential form –just my opinion though.

Title: Monochrome Eden
Vocals: 桜井 零士 (Sakurai Reiji)
Arrangement: Tatsh
Circle: TatshMusicCircle
Album: Far East of East IV
Event: C79
Original: 人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女 | Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Alice Margatroid’s Theme

Monochrome Eden


awai tsuki no yoru ni
nagareru namida tada munashii
shizuka ni me wo tojita
todokanu omoi koboreochite kiete iku

Under the pale moon of night
My tears are falling down in vain
Calmly, I closed my eyes
The feelings I couldn’t reach are scattering, and disappearing

白く染まる丘に 寄り添った足跡と
二つ並ぶ影交わる 手の平

shiroku somaru oka ni yorisotta ashiato to
futatsu narabu kage majiwaru te no hira

On a hill dyed in white, there were closed footprints and
The shadow of two people standing up, with their hands joint

楽園へと羽ばたく この碧い心は
輝かしさ故に 行き場を無くし
咲き誇った霞草 今宵も俯いたまま

rakuen e to habataku kono aoi kokoro wa
kagayakashisa yueni yukiba wo nakushi
sakihokotta kasumisou koyoi mo utsumuita mama
hikari ni sewomukete…

I spread my wings towards a paradise; this blue heart
Is so bright; but a place like, doesn’t exists
The dianthus has full bloomed; even that night I looked downward
So that I pretended not to see in the light…

時を止めて さあ
明日という名の絶望を 壊せたら・・・

toki wo tomete saa
kodomo no youni odorimashou
kono te wa hanasanai
asu toiu na no zetsubou wo kowasetara…

Time stops; so
Let’s dance like child
Don’t leave my hand
If a tomorrow will break this despair…

香り まだ今も恋しく
止まない雪が闇を奏で 消え・・・行く・・・

soba ni iru hazu no
kaori mada ima mo koishiku
kaeranu toki wo matsu
yamanai yuki ga yami wo kanade kie… yuku…

Near me, there’s your
Scent; yet I still miss it
I wait for a time that won’t come back
The snow doesn’t stop, keep dancing in the night, then… fading…


fureta yubi ga
shuuen wo mune ni tsukisasu
shinku no hanataba wo
shizuka na tamashii ni kazatte

My fingers
Give death to my heart
Crimson flowers
Decorate my quiet soul

流れる涙 繰り返し
ある筈の無い幻を 探してる

awai tsuki no yoru ni
nagareru namida kurikaeshi
koyoi mo samayoeba
aru hazu no nai akai uso wo
aru hazu no nai maboroshi wo sagashiteru

Under the pale moon of night
My tears don’t stop to falling down
If even tonight I’ll wander
I’ll search for red lies there have never been
I’ll search for illusions there have never been

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