Last Serenade (Part 1) ~ Thousand Leaves

First time I bring here something by Thousand Leaves, probably because their songs are for most already written in English.

Thousand Leaves is one of the first Touhou-centered doujin circles I’ve ever listen to, and “Bullet Of Light”, another song from this same CD, made me fall in love with them, and it’s still probably my favorite one by this circle.

Anyway, aside a few “bad” songs, they almost never disappointed me, nor they did during Reitaisai 9 (so far probably the worst overall event, at least for me), making that great album called “Lunatic Dawn”. Indeed Thousand Leaves is one of the first circles I’d recommend if someone’s a fan of melodic death metal, and even if you don’t like that genre, I’d still recommend some of their song, like the already mentioned “Bullet Of Light”.

What to say about this song?
It’s present in both the albums “DEAD NIGHT BLIND” and “EARLY YEARS OF SORROW”, the latter one being a “best of” with songs completely re-mastered. I personally like most the re-mastered version, it sounds better to me –though I can’t say this for every song, I still prefer the original “Bullet Of Light”.

Well, aside this, I pretty much like Last Remote, and these lyrics fits Koishi very much; they seem to want to describe her thoughts and feelings before and right after she sealed her third eye. Okay, I guess I’ve talked enough for today. Have a nice reading~

Requested by Voß, who I want to thanks for giving me the booklet :3


I have no idea if I’ve written the right romaji in some parts. Due to the different pronunciation of some kanjis and the fact this song is entirely screamed, I picked up the most common one –or the one I think is the most common.

誰も信じない | No one believes”; this phrase can also be seen as two different sentences, unrelated with the other “part”, the first one being “No one believes (me)” and the second “This world (has) already completely”, with the phrases being cut. I by myself preferred giving a translation which merges the whole stanza, changing also the imperative form of the last part (literally it means “Throw away the world etc.”), I think it sounds better written in this way.

Title: Last Serenade (Part 1)
Vocal: Wooming
Arrangement: Bach
Circle: Thousand Leaves
Event: C78
Re-mastered in the Album: EARLY YEARS OF SORROW
Event: C82
Original: ラストリーモト | Last Remote | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Extra Stage Theme

Last Serenade (Part 1)

The person damages the person of unconsciousness.
If nothing is rather felt, it is easy.
Don’t interfere.

The ability to read the mind is unnecessary.
The third eye that I don’t have value either.
Don’t roll it.

誰も信じない この世の全ても

daremo shinjinai kono yo no subete mo
kanjou mo ishi mo subete wo sutesare!

No one believes me; this whole world,
Emotions, purposes, I’ve already thrown them away!

It falls in love, it falls in love, and it dies by intention.
I stopped damaging because I did so.
What is bad?

誰も愛せない この世の果ててまで

daremo aisenai kono yo no hatete made
konton to shita kono sekai wo satori, kanjou mo ishi mo subete wo sutesare!

No one loves me; until this world’s end
I’ve understand this chaotic world, and emotions, purposes, I’ve already thrown them away!

The third eye!!

閉ざされたこの心を 解かしてくれるのは オマエか?
いつまでも待ち続ける この場所でずっと オマエを・・・

tozasareta kono kokoro wo tokashite kureru no wa omae ka?
itsumademo machi tsudzukeru kono basho de zutto omae wo…

The one who made me close my heart, who’s letting it melt, is it you?
Forever, I will keep wait in this place, always, for you…

2 thoughts on “Last Serenade (Part 1) ~ Thousand Leaves

  1. Awesome translation, can i request a song? I really want to know the lyrics of Blind Night Sorrow, but no one translated it, and i think you´re one of the best translators of here.

    1. As written on my “Request” page, all requests are closed. I will add it though, but keep in mind I have no time right now to translate anything because of work. Apologizes

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