(I Don’t Need Any Titles To This Song!) ~ Foreground Eclipse


Why have I used the cover of “Seated With Liquor”?

Everyone keeps remind me about this collaboration between Draw the Emotional and Foreground Eclipse, and each time I basically die. Thus why I wanted to remind this to everyone, or simply inform those who didn’t know this. Useless to say, I’m freaking excited.

My wallet is crying, this C83 promises to be a bomb; now my only doubt is: will it reach, and maybe surpass, the level C81 was? I personally don’t think it will better, but as for me, it’ll be already enough for have in my hands a copy of “Seated With Liquor” –and the Toranoana thing too.

I don’t know if someone expected this, but I totally didn’t. I recall Teto speaking about the vaguely chance of a CD for C83, but a collaboration? Completely unexpected. And what made me die is seeing Foreground Eclipse re-arrange “We cannot get out of here forever”. Foreground Eclipse. True Administrator. Toyosatomimi no Miko. I’m in paradise.

But that’s not all. The new songs by Foreground Eclipse sounds awesome. “When Innocence Is Just A Mask” sounds at the level of “Escapes”, and the Touhou arrangement (The Dark Blowhole plus Lost Place), vaguely recalls those themes and for me it’s simple at the level of “I Bet”. And I haven’t talked about the Toranoana arrange yet, the Grave of Beings and Suwa Foughten Field arrange. God what isn’t this arrange. And last, but not least, finally the lyrics of “To The Terminus” will be available –unless Yuyoyuppe decided to remove them from the booklet; but I highly doubt it.

Teto is getting better and better in arranging theme and composing originals, and even if it’s not that evident like in the past, Merami is improving too. I love a lot her performance a lot in “Dear, Are You Getting Sober”, I really like the rhythm she gives to the song. Awesome.

Anyway; somehow I believe all the people who requested me a song will be deluded, but my fag side is here and won’t never disappear. But, I’ll try to be faster in translations so-

(I Don’t Need Any Titles To This Song!) is one of the songs I really wanted to translate, but due the lack of lyrics I never had the chance of doing it. This arrange of Broken Moon is really well done and even if among all themes Suika has (well they’re not that much but still…) I’ve always preferred that awesome theme which is Missing Power, I love what Foreground Eclipse did here. And that 8-bit screamo part. Holy yes.

The wall of text ends here. A big, big, big, big thanks goes to 0P2C (channel here, channel here, visit it, come on, click here), because lyrics <3

Oh right, before I forget; Merry Christmas!


君の名前を教えて | Please, tell me your name”; there’s no “please” in the Japanese, but it sounds terrible good (and I have the feeling it’s necessary in English) so I’ve thrown it in.
君の名前を教えて | Please, tell me your name”; no I’m not drunk and wrote twice the same thing for nothing. The incipit here really sounds like a video game (Dragon Quest *Cough*) intro. If you’ve ever played to a single player RPG, I believe you’ve already noticed the similar format used in the first two lines. No doubt Foreground Eclipse decided to use this kind of beginning, since the CD is Touhou ReiMari QUEST and it’s basically a parody/tribute/whatever to Dragon Quest. Oh right, and I’ve done a lot of liberal translation here. And by “here” I mean the whole song~
傷も愛してあげたい | I want to accept”; literally, I want to love your weaknesses. The sense here is really “I want to accept”, or closest to the Japanese structure “I want to gift you with the act of accepting even your weaknesses”. It’s a pity that English (nor my main language) has an expression equal to

Title: (I Don’t Need Any Titles To This Song!)
Vocal: Merami
Scream: Teto
Arrengement: Teto
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: 東方レイマリQUEST (Touhou ReiMari QUEST) / Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights
Event: C82 / C85
Original: 砕月 | Broken Moon | Touhou 10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody | Ibuki Suika’s Theme

(I Don’t Need Any Titles To This Song!)

君の名前を教えて 冒険を始めよう
大きな闇から世界を 救う為のストーリー

kimi no namae wo oshiete bouken wo hajimeyou
ooki na yami kara sekai wo sukuu tame no sutorii

Please, tell me your name; your adventure will now begin
This is the story of a hero saving the world from darkness

平和な日々にある時 忍び寄る暗闇
大切なものを守りたい 芽生えた小さな勇気

heiwa na hibi ni aru toki shinobiyoru kurayami
daisetsu na mono wo mamoritai meboeta chiisana yuuki

There was a time with peaceful days, before darkness arrived
“I want to protect what’s important to me”; and a little courage bloomed within me

さあ旅に出よう遠くまで 迷いを振り切って
次の仲間を求めて 明日の希望を求めて

saa tabi ni deyou tooku made mayoi wo furikitte
tsugi no nakama wo motomete ashita no kibou wo motomete

So I started this distant journey, throwing away my hesitation
Seeking my next comrade, seeking a tomorrow of hope

誰も見捨てはしない 決して諦めない

daremo misutete wa shinai kesshite akiramenai
sadame nado ni makenai

I won’t abandon anyone, there’s no way I’ll give up
I won’t lose against fate

広がるこの空は 見ているだけじゃ
いつか君のこと 置いていく
終わりはまだ 見えないけど
遥か先へ 進もう

hirogaru kono sora wa miteiru dake ja
itsuka kimi no koto oiteiku
owari wa mada mienai kedo
haruka saki e susumou

What I am seeing is only this boundless sky
Someday you will leave me behind
I can’t see an end yet, therefore
I will go on, far away, far away

I’ve had enough

どんなものにだって 縛られないような
私の物語は 私の色に描きたい

donna mono ni datte shibararenai you na
watashi no monogatari wa watashi no iro ni egatai

Because I’m not tied to this kind of things
I want to draw my story as I please

綺麗事はもう言わない 後戻りもしない
眠るだけでは癒せない 傷も愛してあげたい

kireigoto wa mou iwanai atomodori mo shinai
nemuru dakede wa iyasenai kizu mo aishite agetai

I can’t say anything else, I can’t turn back anymore
You can’t heal by just sleeping, I want to accept your weaknesses

Wake up!
No one provides choice for you in our lives
We can’t retry a big decision
Heroes don’t save you in a desperate situation
Wake up!

僕らは強くない でも弱くない
震えた心は そのままに
一人きりが 寂しくても
強く強く いよう

bokura wa tsuyokunai demo yowakunai
furueta kokoro wa sono mama ni
hitorikiri ga sabishikute mo
tsuyoku tsuyoku oyou

We are not powerful, nor  we are weak
My heart is trembling as always
In the end, I am alone
I just want to be strong, to be strong

ただそこで 見ているだけじゃ
いつか君なんて 置いてゆく
終わりはまだ 見えないけど
遥か先へ 進もう

tada soko de miteiru dake ja
itsuka kimi konte oiteyuku
owari wa mada mienai kedo
haruka saki e susumou

However what I am seeing from here
Is that you, someday, will go on
I can’t see an end yet, therefore
I will go on, far away, far away

5 thoughts on “(I Don’t Need Any Titles To This Song!) ~ Foreground Eclipse

  1. kimi no namae wo oshiete bouken wo hajimeyou
    “Please, tell me your name; your adventure will now being”
    being –> begin?

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