Unlocked Weaker ~ Liz Triangle


I had to use this illustration somewhere on this blog. I personally love Kirero (maybe not as much as cis or Imizu, but still) and even if it’s quite unrelated, I had to put it somewhere.

Tutturu! Mind is fucked now blank.
Doujinshi will arrive tomorrow (it’s about 3 am now), so unless for some strange reasons I’ll be able to transcribe, translate and revise everything in roughly 8 hours, requests will be postponed until I’m done with some songs.

Well I won’t add too many things, there are still some things that bugs me here, mainly because I have no idea how to treat them –sometimes is so hard to find the meaning to words or expressions you’ve never seen in context. Anyway, Nylia-chan read them already and approved, so I guess it’s fine.

Requested by 0P2C~


知識をキチンとして | My knowledge is”; a literal translation would be “I’m aware of, I complete, I precisily aquire the knowledge”. Useless to say how much this “translation” bugged me; thus why I reversed it. The only thing that I’m still not sure how to put is the “aware” part. The meaning is really “I’m aware of what I know and what I don’t know”, but I didn’t know how to put.
零か一か真か嘘か | Is there nothing?”; literal translation is “Is it zero? Is it one?”. I’ve decided to change it because I think in this way it somehow fits better the “Is it true? Is it a lie?” part.
誰もかもを撥ねてく | Denying everyone”; literally, it means “keep going hitting everyone”, though the meaning here I believe is very figurative. I’ve somehow read it as if it was “All the people goes right, but I go left”; something like this. I hope you’ll read it in this way too~

Title: Unlocked Weaker
Vocal: lily-an
Lyrics: azuki
Circle: Liz Triangle
Album: 夏凛
Event: C82
Original: ラクトガール ~ 少女密室 |  Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Secret Room | Patchouli Knowledge’s Theme

Unlocked Weaker

リスクが【欲しくって】 誰かが【誰だっけ?】
【月火水木金土 日曜様々です】
【知識をキチンとして 一新して 意識して】

risuku ga 【hoshikutte】 dareka ga 【dare dakke?】
uwasa shite temo 【kankei kankei kankei nai】
watashi wa 【watashi to】 watashi no 【watashi ga】
gaman wa shinakutte ii desho?
sousa everyday 【minna de】
【getsu ka sui muku kin do nichiyou samazama desu】
【chishiki wo kichinto shite isshin shite ishiki shite】

There’s a risk 【I want to take】 There’s someone 【but who is it?】
There’s already a rumor that 【has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with relations】
I’m 【I and】 Mine 【I am】
It’s fine even if I don’t have patience?
For sure everyday 【with everyone】
【There will be a lot of Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays】
【My knowledge is accurate, complete, something I’m aware of】

季節も感じ無い 本だらけの空間に
【Loonie Loonie Loonie】daysデス
心感じない 誰も信じきれない
これはこれで私だから 物言わせない

kisetsu mo kanjinai hon darake no kuukan ni
chokotto ajikenai
【Loonie Loonie Loonie】 days desu
kokoro kanjinai daremo shinjikirenai
360 do no shikai wa tsune ni kuria
「gara janai」 to iwarete mo
「niawanai」 to iwarete mo
kore wa kore de watashi dakara monoiwasenai

I don’t feel seasons anymore in this room filled with books
They are a little annoying
Those 【Loonie Loonie Loonie】 days
I don’t feel emotions, there’s no way I will trust someone
My 360° field of vision is always clear
“It’s no good for you” you’ve said
“It doesn’t fit you” you’ve said
I’m in this way, therefore I am not able to talk

零か一か真か嘘か 誰も知らない
一方通行逆走して 誰もかもを撥ねてく

hokori darake no teien 【hana mo karegare de】
zero ka ichi ka shin ka uso ka daremo shiranai
【nengaranenjuu mukyuu】 kurai kurai mune no okosoko
ippoutsuukou gyakusou shite daremokamo wo haneteku

This garden is full of dust 【the flowers has already withered】
Is there nothing? Is there something? Is it true? Is it a lie? No one knows
【Year after year, nonstop】 in the depths of my dark, dark heart
I go on my way without turning back, denying everyone

月火水木金土 にっちもさっちもいかない
人間様 お相子様 何様 お互様
zan zan 残念でした

getsu ka sui muku kin do nicchimosacchimoikanai
ningen sama oaiko sama nani sama otaga sama
zan zan zannen deshita

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, without a choice
Humans were all the same without exceptions
It was, it was, it was deplorable

欲しいモノを 手に入れても
無駄骨 折りたくないし
全部全部ウソでしょ? 手品の種明かし
もっと怒って 泣いて 笑って
なんて騙して 媚びて 嗤って
どれほどの 継ぎ接ぎすら 可能性にすら 惚れる

hoshii mono wo teniirete mo
mudabone oritakunai shi
zenbu zenbu uso desho? tejina no taneakashi
motto okotte naite waratte
nante damashite kobite waratte
dorehodo no tsugihagi sura kanousei ni sura horeru

I’ve already obtained what I wanted
It’s useless, I don’t want to break
Were they all, all lies? It’s like revealing the secret of a trick
The more I get angry, I cry, I smile
The more I cheat, I flatter, I laugh
For long time, even when we were together, with the possibility to fall in love

過去形の最先端が 私をロックオン
みんなみんな 信じてくれよ 全身全霊

waishou na jibun wo jibun wo utsusu 【ookime na sugatami】
kakokei no saisentan ga watashi wo rokkuon
【nengaranenjuu mukyuu】 daremokaremo usotsuki datta
minna minna shinjitekure yo zenshinzenrei

The little myself, the myself reflected 【in this big mirror】
The refined past myself lock on my present self
【Year after year, nonstop】 everyone has been a liar
Everyone, everyone, I’ll try to believe everyone, with all of my might

月月火水木金金 土日はありゃしない【oh yeah】
方年summer こんな事って 神様やめてよね
右見て左見て 上見て俯いて
少しは休みたい 耐えられる訳なんか【oh yeah】
non non knowledge でしょ
瞬間的一週間 リスクが【欲しくって】

getsu getsu ka sui moku kin kin donichi wa aryashinai 【oh yeah】
enen summer konna kototte kami sama yamete yo ne
migi mite hidari mite ue mite utsumuite
sukoshi wa yasumitai taerareru wake nanka 【oh yeah】
non non knowledge desho
shunkanteki isshuukan risuku ga 【hoshikutte】

Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Friday, the weekend doesn’t exist 【oh yeah】
A year of summer; those are things only God can stop
Look at right, look at left, look up, look down
I want to rest just a little; I can agree with this conclusion 【oh yeah】
kno kno knowledge it is
A week is an instant; there’s a risk 【I want to take】

月火水木金土 お日様ハレバレdays【la la la】
一年四等分 夏分の今日に
嗚呼 当たり前で 当たり前だ

getsu ka sui muku kin do ohi sama harebare days 【la la la】
ichinen shi toubun natsu bun no kyou ni
shisen mo shigaisen mo kinisezu kiowazu ni
doko made ikou tomo
aa atarimae de atarimae da

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, the sun is so bright these days 【la la la】
An year is divided into four equal parts, and today it’s summer
I’m not interested, nor I care about what I see or the ultra-violet rays
I wonder how far will I go
Ah, this is as usual, this is obvious

月火水木金土 にっちもさっちもいかない【oh yeah】
人間様 お相子様 神様 ぽぽいのぽい
一週間振り切って 振り逃げごめんなさい【oh yeah】
楽しんだもん勝ちっしょ 扉の合言葉は

getsu ka sui muku kin do nicchimosacchimoikanai 【oh yeah】
ningen sama oaigo sama kami sama popoinopoi
isshuukan furikitte furinige gomennasai 【oh yeah】
tanoshinda mon kachissho tobira no aikotoba wa

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, without a choice 【oh yeah】
Humans they all want to act just like Gods
Another week passed; I’m sorry, I won this time  【oh yeah】
That was a victory I enjoyed; the gate’s password is

sun sun sunshine sunny
sun sun sunrise summer
non non knowledge
we are unlocked girls

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