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University drains me most of the time, and also my will of translating. This means, expect a very few posts for the next months.

I totally haven’t checked the pronunciation, so romaji might be wrong. Sorry for this but I’m not a fan of vocaloids overall and I had, and have, hard time trying to figure out the words, so I simply gave up because time is something lately I don’t have.

Requested by SisterOfScarletDevil


記憶は傷を | Will be”; it took me some time to decide what to do with this phrase. The meaning basically is “Memories are ready to wound you again”, or “Memories will come back and open again your past wounds”. I’m sorry that the translation loses everything, I hope at least this note clarifies better its meaning.

Vocal: 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin)
Lyrics by: 桃華なゆた-P
Arrangement by: 150-P
Original: 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye | Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Komeiji Satori’s Theme



kanashi wo utau tori no koe
tsuibamarete kaerenai kako e to
hitomi goto kaze wo matoeba
kioku wa kizu wo kizu ni suru kamakubi e

Sadness sung by a bird’s voice
Picking at a past that won’t come back
These eyes, when cladded by the wind,
Will be injured again by memories


guuzen saemo warui nara watashi wa
sore wo ukeirete miseteyou
imareru tame ni mittsu mi no
watashi ga karu youni

If suddenly I’ll become evil
I wonder if you’ll accept it
So that I’ll be hated, this third eye
Of mine will tear apart your shell


tsumi wo togameru koto mo naku
zen wo tatae te wo awasu koto naku
tada soko ni aru kokoro goto
nozoite zetsubou e shizumete

Don’t blame your sins anymore
Don’t extol the good, don’t join your hands
Your hearts are all here
Peeking and drowning into despair

見つめる矛先 抉れば残酷に

ikiteku kodoku wo fuujite katachi naku
watashi wo watashi to yobu tame te wo hanashi
mitsumeru hokosaki egureba zankoku ni
kowasareru tame ni konasai

You can’t live preventing the isolation
So that I can call myself “I”, I leave this hand
The aims you stare at, if they’re hollowed into cruelty
Please don’t come, so that I’ll be destroyed

さながら それは鬼の面
花に埋もれ 露に濡れるいのち
信じる運命に生まれた 幸いさ
摑みだして 凛と突き付けては
醜い泥の中 探してる

sanagara sore wa oni no omote
hana ni umore arawa ni nureru inochi
watashi ni yorisou mono dake
shinjiru unmei ni umareta saiwai sa
fukai ni nemuru zetsubou wo
tsukami da shite rin to tsukitsukete wa
watashi no naka ni hanai mono wo
minikui doro no naka sagashiteru

Just like if that’s the face of a demon
Buried by flowers, exposed to this life
You can get close to me, but
I was born believing in a destiny of happiness
Sleeping in the depths and seizing
Despair, thrusting coldness
What there’s not inside of me
I’m seeking it in this unsightly mud

誰もが哀しみ憂いて 足掻いてく
あなたも何かに 囚われ染まるのに
それでも迷わず進むと 言うのなら

daremo ga kanashimi urei te agaiteku
anata mo nanika ni toraware somaru no ni
soredemo mayowazu susumu to iu no nara
zetsubou wo idaki ikinasai

Everyone keep struggling into sadness and sorrow
Even you are hunted by something
But still, since you say you’ll keep going on without losing your way
Please don’t keep embracing despair

生きてく孤独を封じて 形なく
私を私と呼ぶため 手を離し
それでも進むと進むと 言うのなら

ikiteku kodoku wo fuujite katachi naku
watashi wo watashi to yobu tame te wo hanashi
soredemo susumu to susumu to iu no nara
kizu darake demo ikinasai

You can’t live preventing the isolation
So that I can call myself “I”, I leave this hand
But still, since you say you’ll go on, and go on
Please don’t live inside your wounds

3 thoughts on “THE THIRD HOPE

  1. I seem to pick music that you don’t like huh…. ^^; I’m sorry about that. But nonetheless, thank you SO much for this translation! I’ve been waiting for a translation on this song for the longest time! I really appreciate this! =)

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