神>>【穢=罪_咎】>祓 ~ GET IN THE RING

Finally a new post. And long title is long.

I said nothing when I closed requests, mainly because I thought it wasn’t necessary making a post only to say “Hey guys I’m busy so requests closed”. Anyway, I’m alive and almost ready to come back active.

Past month has been so full of things, and now that my exams are over- I will go on holidays. Hopefully I will be a lot more active by the end of July, and even if I won’t publish anything for the next two weeks, I will try to translate all the requests by the beginning of August.

This means, I will most likely open requests again around the middle of August –when everybody will be on holidays and I won’t receive requests and I’ll translate random stuffs OH YEAH. Don’t question my logic.

Another good news is that I’ll start oriental languages this October, so my Japanese (I hope) will improve, and I might be able to translate songs faster (and I want to believe also better) than I’m doing right now. But don’t worry, my Engrish will stay, and this probably won’t change~

So, those are the new news and old news. I apologize for being this late, those have been pretty intense months for me-

It took me ages to translate this song, both because I was really busy and because I’ve found it really difficult, mainly because it’s full of mythology references and well, for some of them I wasn’t able to find anything. Maybe in a future I’ll actually be able to find all the references. Till then, apologizes for the most likely completely wrong translation-

Requested by Amilka

tl;dr By the way, if you’re wondering why not illustration this time, it’s because I’m lazy.


神>>【穢=罪_咎】>祓 ~神ヲモッテ穢、罪咎ヲ祓イタテマツル~ | A dirty God,  who purifies sins and crimes”; I’ve used the subtitle for the translation because the title itself means nothing “God >> [Impurity = Crime_Error] >Purification”. Anyway, the title itself actually seems only a “shortened” subtitle

神楽囃しを | An ancient melody”; Ama no Iwato, literally “Sky’s rock door” or “Heavenly rock door” or “Cave of the Sun God”, is where Susanoo drove Amaterasu into, causing the disappearance of the Sun for several time.
天津罪国津罪を | Purify yourself”; there’s no “yourself” in the lyrics. “Amatsutsumi” and “Kunitsutsumi” are the two kind of sins described in the Engishiki (a Japanese book of laws). The difference between them is that one refers to crimes done against property, the other one against people, but even if this difference is lost in English, I believe in this way there’s less confusion.
八十禍 | I grant purification”; I believe “八十禍” is a reference to “八十禍津日神”, who are, in the Japan Mythology, the evil gods who cause calamities.

Title: 神>>【穢=罪_咎】>祓. ~神ヲモッテ穢、罪咎ヲ祓イタテマツル
Vocal: みぃ (Mie)
Lyrics: Asenaria
Arrange: GCHM
Album: AWAKE
Event: 例大祭8 (Reitaisai 8)
Original: 綿月のスペルカード ~Lunatic Blue | Silent Sinner in Blue | Watatsuki’s Spell Card ~ Lunatic Blue


さぁ 戦巫女よ 寿詞捧げん
祈れ舞れ詠え 奏でよ

saa ikusa miko yo yogoto sasagen
inore odore utae kanade yo

Hey, fighting shrine maiden, say your prayer
Supplicate, dance, sing, and play

八百の万 躯にうつすことが
綿月の定め 穢れを祓い奉る

yao no yorozu mi ni utsusu koto ga
watatsuki no sadame kegare wo harai matsuru

Reflected in those eight hundred thousand corpses
There’s the Watatsuki’s law that purifies the corruption

神楽囃しを 響かせ 天岩戸開き
天津罪国津罪を 厄き払え

kagura hayashi wo hibikase amanoiwato hiraki
amatsutsumi kunitsutsumi wo yakiharae

An ancient melody resounds from the Ama no Iwato’s opening
Purify yourself from the heavenly and earthly sins

憐れみなど 感じぬ 贖罪さえも 許さぬ
黄泉つ星に 生れし者よ
八十禍 穢れ塗れた 御霊を 清め給え
此の刃で 斬り祓ってくれる

awaremi nado kanjinu shokudai sae mo yurusanu
kousentsu hoshi ni umareshi mono yo
hachijuu wazawai kegare mamireta matama wo kiyome tamae
kono yaiba de kiri haratte kureru

I don’t feel stuffs like compassion, I don’t even accept atonement
Under the Hades’ stars, a person is born
I grant purification even to spirits covered with the disgrace of the eighty God
On the edge of being exorcised

祝詞賜る 綿津見の巫女
己が内に降ろせ 御魂を

norito tamawaru watatsumi no miko
onoga uchi niorose mitama wo

I pray you, sea God’s shrine maiden
Take down the spirits inside me

八百の万 其の力揮い
無知な咎人を 目覚めぬ睡に誘え

yao no yorozu sono chikara furui
muchi na toganin wo mezamenu nemuri ni sasoe

So many times I’ve practiced that power
Asking that the innocent criminals wouldn’t woke up from the sleep

天地満りし 言の葉 玲瓏響かせて
許許太久の罪咎ごと 厄き祓え

amachi mitsurishi kotonoha  reirou hibikasete
koko taku no tsumi toga goto yakuki harae

Those words strongly resounds in the whole universe
I’ll burn all the errors done following the past sins

哀れみなぞ 待ち得ぬ その災いを 認めぬ
罪穢れを 禊き落とすまで

awaremi nazo machiunu sono wazawai wo mitomenu
tsumi kegare wo misogiki otosu made

I can’t wait for compassion, I don’t recognize catastrophes
Until this purification ceremony for sins will end

罪深き 常しえの闇 覆いし 魑魅魍魎
呪り永久に 己が罪に沈め

tsumibukaki tokoshie no yami ooishi chimimouryou
inori towa ni onoga tsumi ni shizume

In this endless night where sinners are covered by evil spirits
I sink inside my own sins, cursed for the eternity

穢れなき 浄土の地に 仇なす
黄泉つ郷に 生れし者よ
八十禍 穢れ塗れた 御霊を 清め給え
されど消えぬ 咎

kegarenaki  joudo no chi ni adanasu
kousentsu kyou ni umareshi mono yo
hachijuu wazawai kegare mamireru mitama wo kiyome tamae
saredo kienu toga

I envy this pure land without shame
In the Hades’ village, a person is born
I grant purification even to spirits covered with the disgrace of eighty Gods
But even so those sins don’t fade

永劫 彼の地に 這い蹲り

eigou kanochi ni haitsukubari
iki, soshite, shine

Endlessly, in that place, crawling
Live, and then die

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