W ~ Sally


Requested by Tenki.


誰よりも | By your side”; there’s seriously no verb. And so I’ve done with the English translation: no verb.
白銀世界 | I’ve always”; “白銀” means silver, but also snow with this pronunciation. Guess I don’t have to explain why I’ve chosen “snow world” instead of “silver world”. Even though I’ve translated it liberally. But that’s another story.

Title: W
Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arrangement: ワニ (Wani)
Album: ピグマリオン (Pygmalion)
Circle: サリー (Sally)
Event: C83
Original: クリスタライズシルバー | Cristallized Silver | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Stage 1 Theme



kisetsu wa ashibaya ni toorisugi me ga samete
hakanai owari tsugeru “sayonara” no hitokoto de
mabushii hajimari no oto ga suru mado no soto
akenai yoake nado sonzai mo suru hazu nai

Seasons are quickly passing by, and I wake up
Telling this fleeting end with one single word, “farewell”
Outside the window, there’s the sound of a dazzling beginning
But not letting the dawn to rise is something impossible


dare yori mo kimi no sobani

By your side, more than anyone else


fuyu no sora ni azayaka ni sakihokoru
kimi no egao wo boku no kono te de mamoritainda
hakugin sekai oikaketeru yo zutto
kitto dokoka de mata aeru kigashite hitomi fuseteru

Under the winter sky, they vividly bloom
I want to protect your smile with my own hands
I’ve always searched for a world covered in snow
I’m sure when I will meet you somewhere, I will close my eyes again


itsuka no kizuato ga uzukidasu mune no oku
kizamareta kimi wa mada kawarazuni waratteru
nandomo kotae wo sagashite mo wakarazuni
tokenai kimochi nado sonzai mo suru hazu nai

Sooner or later, my scars will make my chest ache yet
The you engraved in my mind hasn’t changed, still smiling
Many times I’ve searched for an answer, without understanding
But not letting feelings to melt is something impossible


owari naki tabi no youni

Like a never-ending journey


hiroi azumeta yume no kakera wa kitto
kanau koto nai owari naki fuyu machiwabiterunda
hakugin sekai dokomademo tsudzuiteku
tabiji no hate de mata aeru kigashite waratte miseteta

But all my dream’s fragments I’ve gathered will not
Make it true; I’m tired to wait a never-ending winter
I keep search anywhere for a world covered in snow
I’m sure I will meet you at the end of my journey, and I will see your smile again


mou hanasai toko no te tsuyoku nigitte
donna toki demo kimi no egao wo mamoritainda
kisetsu wa sugite yagate mata meguru kedo
kono sora no shita mata aeru kigashite waratte miseteru

Don’t let go the place I’ve difficultly grasped
I want to protect your smile always, at any time
Seasons keeps passing by, yet they keep repeating
I’m sure I will meet you below this sky, and I will see your smile again

~ by Jaefine on February 8, 2014.

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  1. Thank you very much *-*

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