Dear big sister ~ 天然ジェミニ


The day in English there will be an equivalent phrase to the Italian expression “Ti voglio bene”, I will be happy.

Requested by Aksel


Title: Dear big sister
Vocals: 愛原千尋(神波千尋) (Chihiro Aihara/Chihiro Kannami)
Lyrics: Fancymat
Arrangement: 24 Bit Lolitas
Circle: 天然ジェミニ (Tennen Gemini)
Album: 東方香辛甘味
Event: C77
Original: ハルトマンの妖怪少女 | Hartmann’s Youkai Girl | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Komeiji Koishi’s Theme

Dear big sister

心の中潜むは もう一人のワタシの化身 (you know?)
閉ざされた世界 ふわふわと浮いてるだけの自分

kokoro no naka hisomu wa mou hitori no watashi no keshin (you know?)
tozasareta sekai fuwafuwa to uiteru dake no jibun

Who is lurking inside my mind is another side of myself (you know?)
The world I’ve closed is now light and cheerful, but only for me

周りには so 無数の死体 見知らぬ言動悩む
記憶の中にあるのは響く悲鳴が それさえも虚ろな空間

mawari ni wa so musuu no shitai mishiranu gendou nayamu
kioku no naka ni aru no wa hibiku himei ga sore saemo utsuru na kuukan

Along the boundary, I’m troubled by countless corpses and unknown words
What lays inside my memories, is a scream echoing inside this empty room

昔のこと 嫌われていた姉妹が二人いた (to cry)
そのうちの一人 big sister ah 地底へ誘われて

mukashi no koto kirawareteita shimai ga futari ita (to cry)
sono uchi no hitori big sister ah chitei e izawarete

In the past, the sister being hated were together (to cry)
And a long ago, alone, big sister, ah, she was offered to go in the underground

わたしは嫌われたくない だからこの目を閉じる
第三の目が無くなれば もうだれも恐れはしないからよ

watashi wa kirawaretakunai dakara kono me wo tojiru
daisan no me ga nakunareba mou daremo osore wa shinaikara yo

I don’t want to be hated. This is why I closed my eye
If my third eye didn’t existed, no one will ever be afraid of me again

この目を開く時こそ  ah 自分を取り戻す

kono me wo hiraku toki koso ah jibun wo torimodosu
sou minna de tanoshiku kuraseru hi ni wa
ane ni kokoro kara daisuki toiu

When I’ll open my eye again, ah, I will have back myself
So that the day I will be able to live at ease with everyone
I will tell big sister from the bottom of my heart “I love you”


~ by Jaefine on February 15, 2014.

One Response to “Dear big sister ~ 天然ジェミニ”

  1. If only you knew how grateful I am!
    Thanks awfully >3<

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