Futuristic recollection ~ Minstrel


Did I mentioned I’ll be busy with graduation thesis? Well, I’ll be busy with graduation thesis for about a month. So well, don’t expect posts for some time, need to focus on my studies. And this pic probably would have been better on Killing me. Anyway. Cheers!

Futuristic recollection is exactly what the title suggests: a “recollection”. The only thing I could think about when reading those lyrics were memories. I really love how this song basically “ends” the “story” (if you want to imagine this album as a book where the story is told through songs), by looking back behind, gathering past experiences and giving them back as “good memories” –or, well, kinda good memories. Anyway.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve found this song incredibly hard to translate. I’ve tried my best, but it’s probably still full of errors. Also, I’ve decided to follow a lot my instinct, since there are too many parts where my brain literally died while trying to understand how everything should be.

Anyway, hard or not, it’s a beautiful song, and even if I’m pretty sure I couldn’t express the beauty of this lyrics in the translation, I hope you’ll still be able to enjoy it.

And with this, recollection has been done. Favorite album from C85. Better than Stories for many reasons.


嘘みたいって| When you”; literally (?) “I realized your smile looked like a lie (when) I’ve lost sight of you”, more or less, and assuming “嘘みたいって笑ってた君を見失って気づいたんだ” is a phrase and “一人になったってからっぽなんだって泣きじゃくって” is another one. Even though I’ve actually threated “一人になったってからっぽなんだって” as a separated phrase.
隠れてないで | Don’t hide”; the whole stanza is clearly a reference to the hide and seek game. Personally, I’ve thought about it as a recollection of memories about childhood, and I’ve tried to transmit this feeling.
あの日見た | In the world”; literally, “towards the dreamy world I saw that day”.
いつまでも | The memories”; literally, “The feelings of the two of us will always be in the future”.

Vocals: LIQU@。
Lyrics: yuta
Composition: yuta
Circle: Minstrel
Album: recollection
Event: C85

Futuristic recollection

嘘みたいって 笑ってた 君を見失って
気づいたんだ 一人になったって からっぽなんだって
泣きじゃくって ひとりきり 君の影を追って
さよならなんて 言えもしないことを思った

uso mitaitte waratteta kimi wo miushinatte
kidzuitanda hitori ni nattatte karappo nandatte
nakijakutte hitorikiri kimi no kage wo otte
sayonara nante ie mo shinai koto wo omotta

When you disappeared, you were smiling, as if you were forcing it
But when I realized that, I was already alone, already empty inside
I started to cry, all alone, chasing your shadow
I thought I would have never been able to tell you “Farewell”

晴れた日の夜空も 雨のち曇りの朝も
そう ありふれた 時間も

hareta hi no yozora mo ame no chikumori no asa mo
sou arifureta jikan mo

The night sky on clear days, the rainy mornings, and
My everyday life, are still there

君が居なくなって 一人になった 今夜は
また逢える日まで 夢をみせて
いつかまたそうやって 笑いあうんだ 今夜も
願うならば ふたり あの日見た夢の世界へ

kimi ga inakunatte hitori ni natta konya wa
mata aeru hi made yume wo misete
itsuka mata souyatte warai aunda konya mo
negau naraba futari ano hi mita yume no sekai e

But you’re not here anymore, I’m alone, and tonight
Until when we’ll meet again, I’ll keep dreaming
That one day, I’ll see your smile again, and even tonight
I still wish we’ll be together in the world I dreamt of that day

隠れてないで 出ておいで 僕の傍に居て
「もういいかい」って言わせてよ 君を見つけたよって
一人にしないで 手をかざす 僕をすり抜けた
「もういいよ」 ただ その言葉だけでも聴かせて

kakuretenaide deteoide boku no soba ni ite
“mou iikai” tte iwasete yo kimi wo mitsuketa yotte
hitori ni shinai de te wo kazasu boku wo surinuketa
“mou ii yo” tada sono kotoba dakedemo kikasete

You didn’t hide, you came out, and stayed by my side
You let me say, “Are you ready?”, and I’ve found you immediately
I couldn’t play alone, so I covered my eyes, but you passed by, saying
“I’ve had enough”, but I pretended not to have heard your words

ありがとうのしるしも かけがえの無い毎日も
もう 見つからないままで

itsumademo futari no omoi wa mirai no naka ni
itsumo no keshiki mo kawaranai mama
arigatou no shirushi mo kakegae no nai mainichi mo
mou mitsukaranai mama de

The memories of the two of us together will never disappear
This scenery is the same as usual, as if nothing changed
Yet the memories of your “Thank you”, can’t be replaced anymore
And once again, it’s like if you disappeared

君が居なくなって 一人になった 今夜は
また逢える日まで 夢をみせて
いつかまたそういって 言い聞かせてるんだ 何度も
ここにいるんだって ひとり 届かない君の世界へ

kimi ga inakunatte hitori ni natta konya wa
mata aeru hi made yume wo misete
itsuka mata sou itte iikikaseterunda nandomo
koko ni irundatte hitori todokanai kimi no sekai e

But you’re not here anymore, I’m alone, and tonight
Until when we’ll meet again, I’ll keep dreaming
That one day, I’ll be able to tell you that many times over
But now I’m here, alone, unable to reach your world

それでも僕らは 交わりもしないまま

saisho de saigo no sayonara sae ienakute
mahou ga toketeikuyou de
yorisoi narabu futatsu no heikousen
soredemo bokura wa majiwari mo shinai mama

At first, I couldn’t even bid you a last farewell
As if a magic could have solved everything
Yet we can’t meet, like two parallel lines
And so we go on, as if we have never met

君と笑いあって 二人で見た 星空
ただ二人だけの 秘密の場所
「何も言わないで」 穏やかな心で
ささやいた あの夏の向こうへと
君が居なくなって 一人になった 今夜は
また逢える日まで 夢をみせて
いつまでもそうだって 伝えたいんだ 今度は
願うならば ずっと いつまでも君が好きだって

kimi to warai atte futari de mita hoshizora
tada futari dake no himitsu no basho
“nanimo iwanai de” odayaka na kokoro de
sasayaita ano natsu no mukou e to
kimi ga inakunatte hitori ni natta konya wa
mata aeru hi made yume wo misete
itsumademo soudatte tsutaetainda kondo wa
negau naraba zutto itsumademo kimi ga suki datte

I saw your smiled when we looked together at the starry sky
This is our and only our secret place
“Don’t tell it anyone” you calmly whispered
During that summer, while looking away
But you’re not here anymore, I’m alone, and tonight
Until when we’ll meet again, I’ll keep dreaming
It has always been like this, I’ve always wanted to tell you, and now
I still wish I had told you that I’ve always, always loved you


~ by Jaefine on May 16, 2014.

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