八雲藍の唯心論 ~ 君の美術館


A very nice song my kimino-museum. I can’t say I’m a fan of them; I’ve listen to quite some albums by this circle, but that’s it. Sometimes they make songs that are absolutely amazing. Sometimes they make “just” good songs. If there’s something I absolutely love about them is that in their “ataraxia” CDs they always write lyrics based upon the characters, starting from the title. And now I pretty much want to know if they’ve done the same even for their “dialogue” albums, since the titles are for most the original theme itself or with a few variations.

I feel like I’m blathering. Not that usually I do something different. I think I should apologize for the huge amount of time it took me before doing and publishing this translation, but part of me didn’t want to public two request by the same person one after another –even if the other one wasn’t a request… kind of. Anyway.

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a duet that this song seems so “fragmented” in term of lyrics –more like, phrase structure- but I want to believe this whole song is based upon Yukari’s and Ran’s point of view alternated. Took me a lot of time to do this translation, way more than the usual time I need, probably because I had to do a lot of phrase reconstruction –and I hope I’ve reconstructed them in the right order.

Requested by Liquid


八雲藍の唯心論”, in romaji “Yakumo Ran no yuishinron”, “Ran Yakumo’s idealism”. As I said before, kimino-museum write lyrics based on characters starting directly from the title. Thinking about it, it doesn’t happen often to have a song explicitly referred to a certain character. So this is awesome.

与えれた名前 | The name”; literally, “I have no doubts on the name you could gave me”. Also, the tense is actually present, but I’ve found it better to translate it at past. Also, “幻想の地” is most likely a reference to Gensokyou.
今捉われるのは | Now”; I’ve preferred divide the two phrases so that one results “ただ課せられた自分の立場に、今の立場に/今捉われるのは そう” –and here I’ve added “something” and assumed “立場に” means “position” and not “point of view”- while the other one is “この世界を調律する理想へと/私の持つ力捧げたいだけ”. My choice is based more upon the fact that the last two lines of this stanza are sung by both the vocalists and “divided” by a little pause; thus why I’ve decided to separate them instead of translated them as if it was a single phrase. And my choice is highly arguably. Also, “調律する” means “to tune” and not “to regulate”.
今の私が | That”; even if I’ve translated it as “heart”, this time “心” is honestly intended to be both “mind” and “spirit”. Not sure if I’m enough clear, but it basically point out a person as is in both “feelings” and “ideals”.
心の在り処は | I don’t”; literally, “Where’s my heart? I don’t want an answer”.

Title: 八雲藍の唯心論
Vocal: fi-fy, 723
Arrangement: PHEVOTT
Lyrics: 黒岩サトシ (Satoshi Kuroiwa)
Circle: 君の美術館 (kimino-museum)
Album: ataraxia – 願うは儚き幻想の –
Event: 例大祭8 (Reisaisai 8)
Original: 少女幻葬 ~ Necro-Fantasy | A Maiden’s Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy | Ran Yakumo’s Theme
妖々跋扈 ~ Who done it! | Charming Domination ~ Who done it! | Phantasm Stage Theme



ataerareta namae ni utagai wa motazu
tsuishou shiteyuku fukai yami no sukima
kyoukai kara futo nozoku gensou no chi wo
yuukyuu no toki no naka nagametsudzuke

The name you gave me leaves no doubts
I followed you into that deep, dark gap and
The land of illusions I saw through the boundary
Lost in eternity, is what I couldn’t stop gazing at

今捉われるのは そう

tada kaserareta jibun no tachiba ni, ima no tachiba ni
ima torawaretu no wa sou
kono sekai wo chouritsu suru risou e to
watashi no motsu chikara sasagetai dake

However, in a situation imposed to me, this situation
Now, something is stolen
The ideals which rule this world
Is what I want to devote my strength to


ima no watashi ga, kono kokoro, itsuwari de aru to wa
kesshite omou koto mo nai darou
zettai ni, kono kokoro wa, itsumademo, tashikani jibun no mono de aru hazu dakara

That this myself, this heart, could be untrue is something
I’ve never thought about
Because surely, this heart, always, has certainly been part of myself since forever


kimagure ni arawareru miakita kao ni mo
idakienai kanjou wo oboeteru
itsukara darou mebaeta atataka na kimochi
watashi ni mukerareru koto tada omoi

Even in the face I was tired to see and the whims
I remember the feelings I couldn’t accept
Since when those warm feelings grew within me
I thought I could have never turned back

また変わり果てても そう

tooi mirai de nanimokamo subete ga, ima aru mono ga
mata kawari hatete mo sou
kono mune ni yadoru omoi wo kanata e to
kesshite kienai youni nokoshi tsudzuketai

In a distant future, anything and everything, what there’s now
Have completely changed so
Inside this heart, I want the feelings that lurk there
To go on, as if they’ll never disappear


chiriyuku basho ga, doko nano ka, wakaranai mama demo
yukusue wo ureu koto wa nai
kono basho de, yorisou mono, yorisotte, kayou kizuna wo tayori ni toki wo kakenuke

A place is falling, somewhere, I don’t understand but
For a fate where there’s no sadness
In this place, where I get close to people, I get close, I run through a time when I rely on bonds


sono saki ni mieru mono ga, okoru mono ga,
nande arou to tsunaida te wa hanasanai

Whatever I’ll see ahead, whatever will happen,
I will never leave your hand

心の在り処はどこに 答えは求めない

kokoro no arika wa doko ni kotae wa motomenai
chigau ikikata ga aru no da to shitemo
ima no jibun wo suteru koto nai

I don’t want to know it where my heart is
I can always change my way of life
Now I can’t throw away myself


kono me ni mieru, mieteiru, ari no mama no sugata
omoi no yukue wo toikakete
tsukamenai, katachi no nai, katachi nai, tamashii wo sadameru koto wa dekinai kedo

I can see it with these eyes, I can see it, the true myself
I ask myself where my feelings are
I can’t grasp them, they have no shape, no form, they can’t rule my own spirit


tada hitotsu dake, tada hitotsu, tashikani ieru koto
ikutsu no sadame wo tadorou to
kawarazuni, kitto watashi wa, kono saki mo, shinjiru mono no tame ni ikitsudzukeru no darou

Yet that I’m alone, I’m alone, is something I can certainly say
How many destinies I’ve followed?
I won’t change, I will surely, after this, carry on for the sake of what I believe in


kokoro ga kiesaru toki made

Until when my heart will vanish

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