まだちょっと香ってるっぽい ~ Riverside


I honestly hated the font used for this booklet, had a lot of troubles in understanding the lyrics and well, it’s probably the first time it took me about the same time transcribing a song and translating it. New record established!

As for the song itself, it’s full of contractions and slangs; I hope to have translated them all correctly, I’m not used to them and even if I understand what’s said, I’m not sure about how they should sound in English. Apologizes for me being this bad, I can only hope the translation makes sense –even if the song itself is full of nonsense.

Oh by the way, I love the part around two minutes. The parodies count goes up. And this song makes me happy, if I haven’t said it already~

Requested by Malek_Deneith


まだちょっと香ってるっぽい”, “Still a little fragrant”. I’ve completely ignored the “っぽい” simply because I would have no idea how to put it in English –and because it’d turn out something like “It still smells a little sweetish”, which sounds awful to me.

何センチだか | How many”; note that I’ve preferred using “cm” and “mm” instead of “centimeters” and “millimeters” simply because they’re abbreviated in Japanese. Also, I’ve preferred translating “不明なペン” as “strange pen” rather than “unknown pen” because I think it fits better in context.
何文字だか | So many”; I’ve assumed that the phrase here has left incomplete and after “辞書で” it’s implied another verb and that the “final” phrase would have been “So many words I don’t know and I must look up in the dictionary” and thus why I’ve translated the phrase as “without a dictionary” rather than “with a dictionary”.
くそま | I’m not”; here, and in each part you see any sort of symbol (☆※×~?), keep in mind that they’re sung as something like “rattatarata”, longer and a little different when there’s “☆※×○♂=・ω・=!”. They really aren’t pronounced in a specific way, they’re just there as “fillers”. Anyway. Literal translation is “I’m working too seriously but it’s only inside your head”; I’ve tried to change the phrase without changing the meaning, I hope it fits more the context in this way-
※ご想像にお | I leave”; this part isn’t sung. Or rather, it’s sung as a “mmmmm”. So actually it isn’t sung. But well, I just had to translate it.
るぁ!Mad kid”; aside the fact I started laugh the moment I saw this stanza, the lyrics are sung in Japanese even if they’re written in English, and then Sara putted English lyrics which sounds alike the Japanese words sung there –except for a couple of words which are actually sung in English. It’s pretty much what has been done with Haruhi’s opening by Luschka, so well, I’ve decided to leave it as it is without even trying transcribing it. Love the nonsense~

Title: まだちょっと香ってるっぽい
Vocals: 秣本 瑳羅 (Sara Matsumoto)
Lyrics: 秣本 瑳羅
Arrangement: KNHEZiXYTH
Circle: Riverside
Album: よひむすび
Event: 例大祭SP2 (Reitaisai SP2)
Original: 香る樹葉花 | Fragant Plants | Touhou 10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody | Forest of Magic Theme



nansenchi daka fumei na pen to
nanmiri kano kami
nanmoji daka wakaran jisho de…
mendokusee, nageta.

How many cm is that strange pen and
How many mm is that paper?
So many words I don’t get without a dictionary…
How troublesome, I’ve thrown it.

あら、3時のおやつ タガメの丸焼き

ara, san ji no oyatsu tagame no maruyaki
joshiryoku sutete mo soko made ki ni wa shitenai

Ah, it’s time for my afternoon snack, roasted water bugs
I’ve already thrown away my femininity, yet I never cared


kusomajime ni hataraitetatte atamannaka☆※×~?
donnani maji suggee mahou yori
yappa naiyou ga miryoku deshou

I’m not taking it too seriously, it’s your imagination ☆※×~?
I’ve taken seriously only magic
And I’m fascinating by one’s personality


nani dere daka wakaran are to
nandome kano (※gosouzou ni omakaseshimasu)
kaerimichi ni yotta omise de yabai mono getto///

How much lovely, I don’t get it, and
How many times (※I’ll leave this to your imagination)
On my way home, I stopped by a shop; amazing stuffs get///

妄想爆発 前方不注意
無免許ばんじゃい 交通法はありましぇーん
余裕こきすぎて 後日巫女にしばかれた。

mousou bakuhatsu zenpoufuchuui
tossani bureeki janakute akuseru
mumenkyo banjai koutsuuhou wa arimasheen
yoyuu kokisugite gojitsu miko ni shibakareta.

Delusions, explosions, look where do you go!
There wasn’t the brake, just the accelerator
I have a license, and there isn’t traffic on the way yet
It’s taking too much time. The miko will kick me.


zentotanan de yakubarai
dokka no aitsu to wa engacho ☆※×~?
watashi ga yumemiteta sekai wa
konna shoubboke na mono janai

Many difficulties lies in the exorcism
Someone is crossing fingers ☆※×~?
The world I saw in my dreams
Is not at all that small like this


kusso matomo na warufuzake
sonnan shirokujichuu da! ☆※×~?
mou damette ka? ussee, kinisuru na!
komakai koccha kinku deshou

Damn, with all those jokes
I could go on forever! ☆※×~?
It’s not fine? Shut it, forget about it!
Subtle things are forbidden


(kaotteru kanji)

(Sweet feelings)

るぁ! Mad kid no turns and car,
how kick it dust then “PANDA”
Poor rim why 基本的 put in toat curse enough it them.
Coins 2 were magic で伝説の now need cares…
What a seem no 頭 was its today, more “NYTROGLYCERIN”

ra! Mad kid no turns and car,
how kick it dust then “PANDA”
Poor rim why kihonteki put in toat curse enough it them.
Coins 2 were magic de densetsu no now need cares…
What a seem no atama was its today, more “NYTROGLYCERIN”


senteimenta na mukyuudou…
hitorikiri ja nemurenai?
dattara minna dezakone da! ☆※×○♂=・ω・=!
munashii yoru wo sugosu yori aattsui shigeki wo motomemashou

A sentimental eternity…
You can’t sleep alone?
Then let’s sleep all together! ☆※×○♂=・ω・=!
At least this boring night will pass. It’s hot, I want some thrill!


tsukare no ga hayasugite
koitsua komatta mondana☆※×~?
toshi desu ka? un, ja, soiu koto de….
hora asa made odorouze
yappa saikoo da! haipaa tekitoo taimu

I get tired too quickly
That guy is really troublesome ☆※×~?
How old are you? Uh, well, if that’s so…
Hey, let’s dance until morning
I knew it, it’s a psycho! It’s hyper time!

2 thoughts on “まだちょっと香ってるっぽい ~ Riverside

    1. The font drove me crazy, but I had plenty of fun translating this song, it’s a nice change from the usual Touhou arrangements’ lyrics. With years, I completely forgot how awesome this song was, so I’m really glad you requested it and made me discover it again <3

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