You have no idea how much I love this song. Nakae Mitsuki and Meis Clauson together are pure win and I personally believe they should work more together.

I cried. Again. While listening to this song. I can’t say through words how awesome it is, nor what I felt; it’s something one must experience. Mitsuki’s voice is incredible like always, able to make you feel so many emotions at the same time to the point you won’t understand anything anymore. Add to this the fact Meis Clauson is an excellent arranger who can make you literally shiver with his music, and you have –another- completely mind blown song.

The whole CD is really strong, and for sure I’ll translate more about it, but this one is the track I fell in love with. I feel like if my life is better now.


無窮盟約”, “mukyuu meiyaku”, “Eternal oath”.

土に塗れ | Was covered”; “土” is actually “earth”, “dirt”, but I personally preferred translating it as “mud” this time simply because I believe it gives better the idea of how the flower was.
キミよ | I pray for”; there’s no “I pray for”, but I that “キミよ” at the beginning puts too much emphasis to not be marked in some way in English. I hope in this way the phrase doesn’t sound too odd though-
それでも | Even so”; literally, “Even so, if I don’t say/speak about it, it won’t be transmit”. Which sounds –in my opinion- awful in English. So I changed the verb.
両腕で | I tried”; literally, “I tried to embrace both of them with both my arms”. I’ve seen this as “I’ve tried to accept both of them completely”, but I may be completely wrong.
空の果てに | Beyond”; literally, “At the end of the sky”.
言葉が明かす | Words reveal”; the “stanzas” a little at right are sung together with the “stanzas” right above them (to make it more clear, “この想い (…) 力となれ” is sung as the chorus –or better, to follow the song, as the “echo”- of “言葉が (…) 揺るがせていく” and “こだまする (…) 響かせる” is sung as the “echo” of “百の祈り (…) 感じる”).
言葉が繋ぐ | Words will”; assuming “言葉が繋ぐ未来を” is detached from “信じてるから” –or better, the subject is different- the literal translation would be “Words connect the future”. I’ve interpreted it as “even if you’re not here anymore, we’ll always be connected through words even in the future”, and thus why my translation.

Title: 無窮盟約
Vocal: 中恵光城 (Mitsuki Nakae)
Lyrics: 中恵光城
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Album: 金平糖レトロチカ
Event: C86


ただ一輪 風に抗い
土に塗れ 事切れていた

robou no hana ga yureteita
tada ichirin kaze ni aragai
yorisotteita hazu no hana wa
tsuchi ni mamire kotokireteita

The flowers on the roadside trembled
Yet, a flower opposed the wind
The flower to which I came close
Was covered with mud and died


―negau wa tada, hitotsu dake―

―Although my wish, is only one―

キミよ どうか幸せであれ

kimi yo douka shiawase de are
kono kokoro wo kegase wa shinai
nidoto to aenai to shitemo
najirareyou to kamawanai
kotoba ni suru no wa youi dato
azawarawareta to shite mo ii
soredemo tsumuganakereba tsutawaranai

I pray for you, please, be happy
Don’t make this heart polluted
Even if I won’t meet you ever again
Even if I’ll be criticized, I won’t care
It’s easy to put it into words
Even if I’ll be laugh at, it’s fine
But even so, if I don’t say it, you’ll never know


kodou to netsu wo oboeteru
iki mo dekinai hodo kurushii
itoshisa mo sabishisa saemo
ryouude de dakishimete miseru

I remember your heartbeat and warmth
It’s so painful I can’t even breathe
Love and even loneliness
I’ll try to accept both of them


―sora no hate ni, yakusoku wo―

―Beyond the sky, my promise―


jidai ga kowadaka ni iu youni
kono kokoro ga 『machigai』 naraba
joumeishite misenasai
honmono dake wo misete yo
hito ga hito wo omou kimochi wa
itsuwari ya utadai no umi ni
oboresaseru mono janai
sou deshou?

As if time itself is shouting
If this heart is “wrong”, then please
Show me how
Show me only the real thing
What people think about others
Isn’t something one can drown
In a sea of lies and doubts
Isn’t it?

    この想いよ この意識よ
    キミを守る 力となれ
    百の祈り 千の誓い
    胸の奥に キミを感じる

kotoba ga akasu ishi
sora wo yurugaseteiku
    kono omoi yo kono ishiki yo
    kimi wo mamoru chikara to nare
kodama suru chigai wa
omoi wo hibikaseru
    hyaku no inori sen no chigai
    mune no oku ni kimi wo kanjiru

Words reveal your dying wish
As the sky is shaking
    Those feelings, this consciousness
    I will protect you, I will be strong
The oath echoing makes
Your thoughts resound
    Hundred prayers, thousand vows
    Within my heart, I can feel you

言葉が繋ぐ未来を 信じてるから

tooku hanareteita to shite mo
kono kokoro wa kietari shinai
hikari wo miushinawazuni
kaeru beki michi tadoru yo
kotoba ni suru no wa youi da to
azawarawareta to shite mo ii
kotoba ga tsunagu mirai wo shinjiteru kara

Even if I was so distant from you
This heart hasn’t faded away
I haven’t lost sight of light
I must go back, following that road
It’s easy to put it into words
Even if I’ll be laugh at, it’s fine
Words will connect us, that’s what I believe

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