hikari ~ monochrome-coat


Once upon a time I used to follow a lot monochrome-coat. Up until Reitaisai 9 I listened to all their album. Then, for some reasons, I stopped following them –overall, I stopped following a lot of circle. Aside the fact I first listened to them when I knew nothing about Touhou –for some time I only listened to music without worrying about finding their source- I believe the reason why they caught my attention is the fact they collaborated with many arranges, including Pinetree and Youki, who made some of my favorite Touhou arrangements.

This said, despite the fact they never caught my attention too much, Sepia’s arrangements are pretty solid. I don’t think they’re masterpieces, but they’re nice to listen to –implying anything after Reisaisai 9 isn’t included. Probably one of those days I’ll listen to everything by monochrome-coat published after Reitaisai 9. Or maybe by the time this translation will come out I’ll already done it. Who knows.

Speaking about “hikari”, this is one of the few Magus Night arrangements I have which I like even if it isn’t as dark as the original theme. Maybe it’s just me though.

Requested by Tenki.


“hikari” simply means “light”. It has also an alternative -?- meaning related to trains if I recall well and since there are no buses in Gensokyou, it may fi- no ok. “hikari” simply means “light”, that’s it. Forget the rest.

踊る星屑 | Dancing”; literally, “Dancing stardust’s sound rhythm”. I’ve removed “sound” and kept only “rhythm”, then rewritten -?- the Japanese phrase in order to try to bring out a meaning. I’ve done this last process –if it can be called “process”- for basically the whole song so, unless I’ve removed words like in this case or I needed to put a note for other reasons, I haven’t explained every choice I’ve done.
隠し続けていた | What I’ve”; literally it’s “I emit a light” and not “a shining light”, but I think the latter one fits better the translation.

Title: hikari
Vocals: nayuta
Lyrics: mono
Arrangement: Sepia
Circle: monochrome-coat
Album: Cutie POP’s Tone
Event: C79
Original: メイガスナイト | Magus Night | Touhou 12.8 Fairy Wars | Marisa Kirisame’s Theme


手を伸ばして 触れた痕
魔法色 はずむ 宙へ
踊る星屑の音 リズム

te wo nobashite fureta ato
mahouiro hazumu chuu e
odoru hoshikuzu no ne rizumu

Stretched my hand, I touched ruins
Magic-colored reaching the space
Dancing at the stardust’s rhythm

叶わないと 泣いたこと
言えないままで 焦がすよ

kanawanai to naita koto
tsuyogari datta wake wo
ienai mamade kogasu yo

It won’t come true, I didn’t cry
It was a bluff, the conclusion
I can’t say, is burning


sore ga usotsuki datte
nugui kirenai yoru wa
monotoon no riaru
tatoe kimagure datte
kasane kirenai omoi

That person is a liar
The night I can’t get rid of
Is a monotone reality
Even if it’s my whim
I can’t get rid of thoughts
I don’t want to break

feel my pain 誰もある傷口
舐めて 癒せるはずもない 騙し絵
どうか 消えてしまう前に
隠し続けていた ヒカリを放つ

feel my pain daremo aru kizuguchi
namete iyaseru hazu mo nai damashie
douka kieteshimau maeni
kakushi tsudzuketeita hikari wo hanatsu

Feel my pain, everyone has gone through
Wounds one didn’t expect to heal, a trompe l’oeil
Please, just fade away
What I’ve kept hiding is a shining light

手をかざして 確かめた
魔法色の夢 宙へ 淡く揺らめく蜃気楼

te wo kazashite tashikameta
mahouiro no yume chuu e awaku yurameku shinkirou

I held my hands, ascertained my
Magic-colored dream in the space was a faint, trembling mirage

叶わないと 悔やむ過去

kanawanai to kuyamu kako
yowamushi janai ima wa
karada ni afureru kodou

It won’t come true, the past I regret
It’s not cowardice, now
In my body beats overflown

数え切れない想い 連れて運ぶよ

sora ga usotsuki datte
toki ga ijiwaru datte
motometai emooshon
tatoe todokanakute mo
kazoekirenai omoi tsurete hakobu yo

This sky is a liar
The time is unfortunate
I want to seek emotions
Even if I won’t reach them
What I carry are countless feelings

キミに 代えれるはずもない世界で
いつか 消えてしまう前に
隠し続けていた ヒカリを放つ

namida nante misetekunai
kimi ni kaereru hazu mo nai sekai de
itsuka kieteshimau maeni
kakushi tsudzuketeita hikari wo hanatsu

I don’t want to show you my tears
I thought you couldn’t be replaced in this world
Someday, you’ll fade away
What I’ve kept hiding is a shining light

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