World ~ Eryps


Mitsuki, what a gorgeous voice.

I’m into Mitsuki –and Eryps as well- since a lot –to be honest, I’m not sure if I can say “since a lot”; the first album by “ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY” I’ve listen to is their 3rd single “金平糖ロマネスク”. Anyway, that’s about how much time I follow what Mitsuki does. And I don’t know why I’m talking about “ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY” while this post is about “Erypse”. Probably because there’s Mitsuki. But well.

What to say about “Eryps”? They surely are an interesting circle. Most of their albums are featuring Mitsuki, Merami and Chata –their first full CD was feat. Tamari by the way- and have this rock/pop/Isuckwithgenresyouknow sound which I personally like a lot.

I have nothing much else to say. The solely reason why I have never posted anything by “Eryps” is because I was too busy with university and/or requests, so now that I have some time for myself, I will surely translate more original songs among with those Touhou arrangements I’ve never had time to translate.

Fun fact: the album titles are all “feat. vocalist”. Only the first full album and the first two singles are named without the “feat. vocalist”. But for many reasons I decided to not put the “feat. vocalist”.


止まらない戦火 | When this”; there’s no “when” nor “this”, and what I’ve translated as “war” has as main meaning “wartime fire”. So, literally, this phrase means “The end of (this) endless wartime fire”.
この眼に映った | These eyes”; literally, “In these eyes are reflected the whole world’s capitals’ shape blackening scattered”. Yeah, the literal translation sounds a little too… bad. Anyway. Keep in mind that to follow the Japanese metrics -?- I’ve divided “falling” from “into darkness”, but in the lyrics “falling into darkness” is together and also detached from the rest of the phrase –there’s a pause before it. So, basically, the Japanese phrase sounds “The world’s capitals are reflected in these eyes. They are falling into darkness”.
刃向かう | When I”; literally, “If I will be able to oppose, I will nip it in the bud”.
囚われた | On the”; literally, “(On) the tear-stained face of the people caught, pain overflew”.
過去を | And will”; I’m not sure whether this phrase is supposed to mean “(the answer) will be part of history”, simply something like “We are the one who made the past”, so I’ve tried to put a “neutral” translation. Even if it’s not that neutral.
異界の | In this”; what I’ve translated as “enemy world” actually means “enemy underworld/next world”. The rest of the phrase instead means “If I prevent this path, I will have no choice/there will be no choice but to go on”. I personally prefer “there’s no turning back” both as meaning and as structure –I find it more “forceful” and more fitting overall.
刃を盾に | This sword”; note that I’ve translated this phrase awfully liberal to give it a sense.
現実を裏返 | Reality”; literally, “To revert/turn over reality”.

Title: World
Vocal: 中恵光城 (Mitsuki Nakae)
Lyrics: Spyre
Composition: Spyre
Arrangement: くど (Kudo)
Circle: Eryps
Album: World | Apart
Event: M3-30 | C86



tomaranai senka no hate ni
kudakareta inochi no kakera

When this endless war ceased
Fragments of life were destroyed


kono me ni utsutta
tenka no miyako no sugata wa
kuroku chitta

These eyes reflected
The whole world’s capitals falling
Into darkness


toki no nagare ni
hamukau koto ga dekiru nara
me wo tsunde shimaou

Time goes on
When I will be able to oppose
I’ll put an end to it


rekishi wo koete
sugisariyuku ochita sekai
kono te de nigiritsubushite

Across history
And through this fallen world
I’ll crush them with my own hands


torawareta nakigao no tami
kurushimi ga nijimi afureta

On the captured people’s face
There was only sorrow


todoketa kotae ga
kanashimi ni owaru koto nai
kako wo tsukure

The answer I brought
Won’t end within this sadness
And will make the past


kimi ga egaita
yume ga kanau sono hi made wa
boku wa kuraku somaru

You drew a dream
That stayed true until the day I
Was covered in black


kimi ga terashita
sono hikari de boku no kage wo
kirei ni arainagashite

You were shining
And with that light, my shadow
Has been purified


ikai no teki ni
michi wo samatagerareyou to
tsukisusumu shikanai

In this enemy world
The moment I will prevent a path there
Will be no turning back


yaiba wo tate ni
kono mi wo nageutsu kakugo de
boku wa kimi wo mamoru

With my sword, shield
And this body, I’ve took my decision,
I will protect you


toki ga kizanda
genjitsu wo uragaesu koto
sono tame ni tatakau

Time ticked away
To change reality, this is
My reason to fight


bokura no mirai
ubawareta kagayaki wo ima
kono te de torimodosu kara

Our own future
The brightness they stole from us
I will take it back with my hands

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