Doppelgänger ~ Denkare


Favorite song of the album, and probably favorite song at the moment by Denkare. I fell in love with this song the moment it started playing, and I literally had chills. The title, the lyrics and the music itself are all awesome and the atmosphere they create together is, in my opinion, simply magnificent.

I think everyone knows, more or less, what a doppelganger is; if by any chance you have no idea about what it is, you should definitely go searching upon Wikipedia, because this song is heavily, entirely based on that single word, and probably this is the reason why the lyrics are so good –at least for me.

Before moving on the translation, a little –big- note: to keep, or at least trying to keep, the Japanese metrics, I’ve decided to add or remove words whenever possible. Since in this song I did it a lot of times, I’ve decided to not put any notes regarding this but giving only this note. So, in short, the translation is definitely not a literally translation and often adds a lot of interpretation. Stated this, I hope the result is good and enjoyable despite it.


触れあって | Once touched”; I’ve assumed “絶対の距離” is the same as “絶対距離”, meaning “absolute distance”. The phrase would actually mean “Touched the absolute distance, it shrunk”, but I’ve preferred avoiding the term “absolute distance”.

Title: Doppelgänger
Vocal: 華憐 (Karen)
Lyrics: 華憐
Composition: syu
Circle: 電気式華憐音楽集団 (Denkare)



suimen ni utsutta itsuwari no
watashi ga hohoemi katarikakeru

Reflected upon the water, the false
Myself smiles, as she says to me

「貴方は誰なの? 冴えない顔
私と似ていない 姿も形も

「anata wa dare nano? saenai kao
watashi to niteinai sugata mo katashi mo
ugoki mo fuku sae mo onaji nano ni

“Who are you? With such a dull aspect
You don’t look like me even if our faces, bodies
Movements and clothes are the same


naze anata wa
watashi no kao de nageku no
naze watashi wa konna ni mo
shiawase wo kanjiteru no ni」

Why are you
The one grieving with my face?
Why even if I’m like this
I can still feel happiness?”


kagamigoshi watashi wo mitsumeteru
watashi wa watashi no chuujitsu na kage

I gaze at the myself beyond the mirror
I am the loyal shadow of myself

貴方は私と違って どうして

「nee, watashi ni nani wo motometeiru no
anata wa watashi to chigatte doushite
aa… mabushii no

“Hey, what do you wish for me?
You are different from me, why?
Ah… you’re dazzling


naze anata wa
hikari no naka de ikiru no
naze watashi wa konna ni mo
usuyogorete shimatta no」

Why are you
The one living inside the light?
Why even if I’m like this
I became completely dirty?”

私の瞳は 貴方だけ捉えて

watashi no hitomi wa anata dake toraete
fureatte zettai no kyori ga chijinde

My eyes were able to capture only you
Once touched, our distance shrunk


kyozou to jitsuzou ga

Falsity and reality are


「naze anata wa
watashi no kao de nageku no
naze watashi wa konna nimo
shiawase wo kanjiteru no ni」

“Why are you
The one grieving with my face?
Why even if I’m like this
I can still feel happiness?”


hikari no naka kara kage nado mienai
watashi no kotoba wo anata wa kikenai

Within light I can’t see the other side
You will never be able to hear my words

~ by Jaefine on November 1, 2014.

3 Responses to “Doppelgänger ~ Denkare”

  1. Damn nice work, I liked that song before, now i love it.

  2. I just was looking for translation of this song, and found even more than I expected. Thank you!

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