New blog and Gore Screaming Show English patch

In the end, I opened a new blog for everything which doesn’t belong here, blog that for now is private. Mirror of Paranoia will stay as it is, where there will be music and translation related stuffs. This means my random talks about doujin bands and not only, singers, composers, albums and so on will be here. So, no major changes here, aside the fact you won’t see as many Touhou songs as before translated by my own and the fact I want to translate other stuffs, like games and novels. My love for the Japanese culture, and Japanese music especially, was born thanks to other “things” and it’s right because I want to give more space to them that I’ve made this choice.

In the new blog, there will be everything else that I can’t put here on Mirror of Paranoia. Which means there will be reviews, talking about, random thoughts, impressions and other stuffs about anything. Over time, the posts will most likely normalize and follow my passions. Or maybe it’s better saying “our” passions. Since I talked with a friend about this, expect a shared blog. And, that’s it. I’ll probably open to public the other blog in a couple of weeks or so.

As for the Gore Screaming Show translation project, forget about it. There will be an English patch. Thanks to insanityy who told me about it, I’ve been able to contact Crying ( and well, I’m working (slowly) on the translation. Check his blog for more information and stay tuned!


~ by Jaefine on December 1, 2014.

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