パンドラの楽園 ~ 青葉りんご


And here we go. This one is the OVA’s opening, and well, I love this song as much as “楽園の扉”. The atmosphere they both create is simply amazing and Ringo is amazing. I personally love her voice. I love a lot of vocalists actually. She’s simply great, and even if I don’t always like the songs she sings for, it’s a fact that she’s a very solid singer.

I don’t have much to say, probably because I’ve already talked too much in the previous Ringo’s song, but well. Maybe I should really start talking about completely unrelated stuffs. But that would be probably very boring. Or incredibly useless. Or both.

Maybe I should say something useful and writing that this song has many references to “楽園の扉”, starting from the title. But I somehow think this is a lot “You don’t say”. So well.

Before moving on the translation itself, and because I don’t want to write many notes like for “楽園の扉”, I want to point out that I’ve reconstructed the Japanese phrase, but since I’ve done it basically for each phrase, I don’t want to make a note for each single phrase so… this is the explanation.


パンドラの楽園”, “pandora no rakuen”, “Pandora’s paradise”.

ただのつがい | However”; literally, “If I won’t grow animal’s joints”. If you’ve played the game –or watched the OVA, though I’m not sure about this one because I haven’t watched it- you’ll most likely get the reference.
愛はパンドラ | Love is”; my guess is that this part is a reference to the “Pandora’s box” and thus why my choice to translate it like this even if there’s not written “Pandora’s box”.
愛することが | If love”; note that here the phrase seems to be cut off, thus the meaning can be both “If love is a sin then I’ll be punished” and “If love is a sin then it’s also a punishment”. All depends upon what there’s after “罰を”, but since there’s nothing I’ve based my choice upon the game itself. And I may be completely wrong. Apologizes if that’s it.
あなたの中 | Awake”; literally, “Call the demon within yourself”.
そっと毒牙 | Gently”; literally, “Gently with my poison fangs I unveil my true intention is exposed… do it again”. Translating the “もっとして” though is really hard because it can refer to anything here. It may mean “My true intention is exposed… a little more” or “Once more” or “Do it some more”. In short, I’ve picked the meaning in my opinion fits more.

Title: パンドラの楽園
Vocal: 青葉りんご (Ringo Aoba)
Lyrics: Takt-W
Composition: 諸田英慈 (Eiji Morota)
Arrangement: 諸田英慈
Published by: dandelion RECORDS
Album: パンドラの楽園/楽園の扉
From: “ユーフォリア”, “euphoria” OVA Opening Theme.


狂おしい夢 満たせぬこの果実
憎しみの目で私を殺めて 心焼き尽くして

kuroshii yume mitasenu kono kajitsu
nejireta ai no kangoku de kuchiteku
tada no tsugai no kemono ni sae narenu nara
nikushimi no me de watashi wo ayamete kokoro yakitsukushite

My mad dream and this unsatisfying fruit
Rotting in a prison of distorted love
However, if my whole self won’t become a beast
You will kill me with eyes of hatred. My heart burnt to ashes

愛はパンドラ こじ開ける

watashi janai dareka wo erabeba ii wa
ai wa pandora kojiakeru
jerashii mo tsunoreba biyaku
koukotsu e to kaete tsuranuite

Not me. If someone else is chosen, then it’s fine
Love is a Pandora’s box opened
If my jealousy will become stronger this
Aphrodisiac will turn into ecstasy


anata no naka no akuma wo izanai
aisuru koto ga tsumi naraba batsu wo

Awake the demon within yourself
If love is a sin, then it’s also a punishment

欲望の淵で 偽りの愛の鎖
断ち切って 目覚めさせて

yokubou no fuchi de itsuwari no ai no kusari
tachikiritte mezamesasete
naraku mo anata to yuku nara rakuen
aa mishiranu itami ni mi wo makasete mo

In the depths of lust, the chains of a fake love
Blocking me, waking me up
If it’s you going on, even hell can be paradise
Ah, I’ve abandoned myself to this unknown pain


sotto dokuga de honne arawa ni… motto shite

Slowly, poison fangs unveil my true intention… once again

茨のベッドで 悪夢もむさぼれる

ibara no beddo de akumu mo musaboreru
kurushimi koso ga anata omou akashi
subete wo nozomidoori ni
towa yori nagai yami de mo idakeru
anata no saigo no onna ni nareru nara

On a bed of thorns I can indulge in a nightmare
For sure, you think pain is your proof
Everything is just as I wish
You’ll hold eternity and a long darkness
As long as you can’t be with your last woman


tatta hitoshizuku no sono hohoemi de
watashi wa michite yukeru tsuki
kowareta sekai mo kowaku nai
anata to iru koto ga shinjitsu

With mere drops of that smile I’d be
Fulfill and I’d reach the moon
Not afraid of this broken world
You and things here are real
You can’t go…

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