Sleeping Beauty ~ Rico Rico Alice

I know those aren’t the full lyrics, but I wasn’t able to find them, so I just took those written within the PV. Considering the repeated stanzas, I’m actually missing about 1/4 of the song, and I’m deeply sorry for this. Maybe someone reading this will happen to have the lyrics and will share them, but up until that moment, this song will stay uncompleted. I can only say, enjoy what’s translated, even if it’s not the full song!

Requested by Latefor


Title: Sleeping Beauty
Vocals: 双月彩 (Aya Futatsuki)
Arrangement: chiArosCuro
Circle: Rico Rico Alice / Black Onyx
Album: Phantasmagothic
Event: 例大祭8 (Reitaisai 8)
Original: 眠れる恐怖 ~ Sleeping Terror | Sleeping Terror | Touhou 4 Lotus Land Story | Kazami Yuuka’s First Theme

Sleeping Beauty


nemurishi mori ni kakureru mono yo
mezame wa samayoeru hitsuji no
mure no naka wo kakete megutta
kioku no naka kataku tojiru

Sleeping, hidden in the forest
The stray sheep awakened
Running into its flock
Shut tight inside memories

闇に 潜む
閉じし その花よ 今咲け

yami ni hisomu
tojishi sono hana yo ima sake

Lurking within darkness
The closed flower bloomed


mawaranu kazamidori
keshi no mi tsuibanda
riorisu midaresaku
marude naraku no fuchi no you ne

The weather vane, not turning
Picked up the poppy seeds
The lycorises bloom madly
As if within the depths of hell


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