劇愛の呼声が溺哀の叫声を喰らう ~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence


Apologizes for the late post, but work is work. Since I won’t be able to schedule my posts anymore on Friday, nor on Saturday, from now on I will publish posts on Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00 GMT+1. Thanks for the comprehension~

All the screams aren’t translated because not written inside the lyrics, and the very first line corresponds to the narration half-covered by the music at the beginning. Since this song is part of a themed album, some parts may sound off, but I believe it’s enjoyable even like this. Sooner or later, though, I’ll translate the whole album –more later than sooner since as for now my priorities are requests and GSS’ project. Anyway, anything can happen, so wait warmly~

Requested (or maybe I should say suggested?) by Jay


A quick mention about wordplays, if they can be called like this: it was impossible, and I truly mean it, keeping most, if not all, of them. Aside the phrases where a word is written in a way and pronounced in a different one, there are phrases like “咎人 断ち 舞いあがる”, which, when you listen to them, you understand “The criminals are in ecstasy” but, when you read them, there’s actually written “The criminal cut and are in ecstasy”. Though aren’t many, sadly this kind of phrase can’t be adapted into English.

“劇愛の呼声が溺哀の叫声を喰らう”, “gekiai no kosei ga dekiai no kyousei wo kurau”, “The tragic love’s call feeding on the blind love’s scream”. Note that some words, starting from the title, aren’t written conventionally, but by compounding other kanjis (“ardent love” is written as “tragic love” and “blind love” as “suffocating despair/sorrow”). As for the translation, I’ve haven’t been coherent throughout it, and kept sometimes the “written” meaning, sometimes the “said” one, depending on the contrasts/analogies within the lyrics itself.

“狭間の希と | Covered with”; I’m not really sure what’s being said here, but I’ve decided to leave “no zomi to”, and believing it’s just Kylie’s pronunciation that makes it difficult to understand it. Anyway, I believe this as a wordplay where “の希” is actually “飲まれ”, because otherwise, I can’t figure out a sense.
“慈悲無し凶夢を | Unable to take”; same as above. I have no idea what’s being said here though, but my ears tell me it’s “nagatsu yume”, as of “nagatsudzuki”, but I can be completely wrong. Anyway, for the translation I’ve decided to use “凶夢”.

Title: 劇愛の呼声が溺哀の叫声を喰らう
Vocals: Kylie, KIMIKO
Lyrics: Rib:y(uhki)
Composition: Rib:y(uhki)
Arrangement: ICDD, Hull
Circle: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
Album: 狂おしく咲いた凄惨な骸は奏で、愛おしく裂いた少女は聖餐の詞を謳う
Event: M3-28



higeki wa ai yue ni tsure, sono ai wa gekitekisa yue ni kanashimi wo kurau. korekara ikudo to naku, sono katachi wa kawatteiku—.

The tragedy thus brought love, a love feeding on sadness, a drama. Since there, it keeps changing its shape, countless times —.

劇愛の奏を 痛痒喰らう 痣と失す麾物語の 幕開ける
溺哀を吼えよ 悲しみ塞ぐ 少女の為す 別れの続きは 紡がれる

gekiai no kanade wo tsuuyou kurau aza to usu sashizuba monogatari no maku akeru
dekiai wo kanade yo kanashimi fusagu shoujo no nasu wakare no tsudzuki wa tsumugareru

Sing of this tragic love devouring anguish. Bruises vanish, beckon a tale as the curtain rise
Sing about this blind love shutting sorrow. Who the girl became spun that farewell’s continuation

有限の命 古 往々壊疽 愛は陋見し堕す

yuugen no mei inishie ouou eso ai wa roukenshi dasu

Limited life, old eras, often gangrene, love degraded to a foolish idea

再び訪れる悲劇を 唯ひとつの為 諾うか
私の思いは響かれず 叶えられない侭
嗚呼 是はまるで喜劇だ 唯ひとつの羽根 奪われた
絶望の鵺が笑い啼く 禍々しい闇

futatabi otozureru higeki wo tada hitsotsu no tame ubenau ka
watashi no omoi wa hibikarezu kanaerarenai mama
aa kore wa marude kigeki da tada hitotsu no hane ubawareta
zetsubou no nue ga warai naku magamagashii yami

Again, the tragedy comes, but does it conform to anyone’s sake?
My thoughts won’t be heard, as I can’t grant it
Ah, this is all a play where one feather has been stolen
The Nue of despair laughs in the ominous darkness

叶えられた想いは 命を焚き上げ 檻断つ
私の血は赫赫 第二の退廃扉

kanaerareta omoi wa inochi wo yakiage ori tatsu
watashi no chi wa kakkaku daini no taihai doa

The feelings I wanted burn my life, suppressed in a cage
My blood is so bright, my second decadence

血に塗れ堕つるは 狭間の希と 腐乱と死 乖離を咎人 断ち 舞いあがる

chi ni mamire otsuru wa hazama no mare to furan to shi kairi wo toganin tachi maiagaru

Covered with blood, swallowed by this gap, the criminal, in ecstasy, cut decay, death and deviation

有限の命 往々壊疽

yuugen no mei ouou eso

Limited life, old eras, often gangrene

慈悲無し凶夢を 身戻ることが 出来ぬなら
私の血は贖う 惨劇を告ぐもの

jihi nashi nagatsu yume wo mi modoru koto ga dekinu nara
watashi no chi wa aganau zangeki wo tsugu mono

Unable to take back within me this nightmare without mercy
My blood makes up for it, marking the tragedy

有限の命 古 往々壊疽 愛は陋見し堕す

yuugen no mei inishie ouou eso ai wa roukenshi dasu

Limited life, old eras, often gangrene, love degraded to a foolish idea

愚弄と叫いて 今 この身を 狂おしいほどに引き裂くか
私の想いは響かれず 奏でられぬ儘
嗚呼 惟じゃ悪が悲劇だ 唯ひとつの夢 破かれた
絶望の歌を叫び消ゆ 禍々しい神

gurou to wameite ima kono mi wo kuruoshii hodo ni hikisaku ka
watashi no omoi wa hibikarezu kanaderarenu mama
aa kore ja aku ga higeki da tada hitotsu no yume yabukareta
zetsubou no uta wo sakebi kiyu magamagashii kami

I shout out my derision, now; is my body so broken I became crazy?
My thoughts won’t be heard, as I can’t sung them
Ah, it’s like this, evil is a tragedy who destroyed my only dream
The song of despair vanishes before the ominous God

残酷な御伽でも 転じることは稀ならず
私の此の願いは 顕えられる?

zankoku na otogi demo tenjiru koto wa mare narazu
watashi no kono negai wa kanerareru?

It’s a cruel play, but changes won’t become rare
Will this wish of mine ever be found?

叶えられた想いは 命を焚き上げ 檻断つ
私の血は赫赫 第二の退廃扉

kanaerareta omoi wa inochi wo takiage ori tatsu
watashi no chi wa kakkaku daini no taihai doa

The feelings I wanted burn my life, suppressed in a cage
My blood is so bright, my second decadence

囚われ 孤独さも 風を待つ 雛鳥のように
目を逸らすな この痛みを 愛の姿は刻薄
劇愛の物語 叫び声はきこえず――。

toraware kodokusa mo kaze wo matsu hinadori no you
me wo sorasuna kono itami wo ai no sugata wa kokuhaku
gekiai no monogatari sakebigoe wa kikoezu—.

Imprisoned into loneliness, I await the wind like a bird
Don’t look away from this pain; the sides of love are cruel
The tragic love story’s scream won’t be heard—.

5 thoughts on “劇愛の呼声が溺哀の叫声を喰らう ~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

  1. Thanks for posting!! ICDD’s themed albums are a true pinnacle of black metal, and this one is way up there. Everything from the soliloquy-like intros and breaks to the dreadfully awesome guitar chords mixed in with a dark, orchestral vocal lining, it just screams visual kei…literally…huehue. Can’t wait to get this album in the mail a week from now!

  2. Aaaahh, yes, someone’s finally translated it. This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I’ve often tried to translate it myself, but the wordplay and poeticism are so deep and elaborate, that it was hard for me to really nail what some of the lyrics would equate to in English.

    What you translated some sections as is quite different from what I envisioned them to be, but for the most part, I don’t think they’re any less fitting. I was imagining that the title would be more akin to something like “The Call of Tragic Love Devours the Screams of Drowning Sorrow”.

    Anyway, I think you’ve done a good job, and I thank you for accomplishing what I couldn’t.

    1. That can be too, of course!

      As I’ve written right below, I’ve kept sometimes the written word, sometimes the said one, keeping the most fitting meaning. Since “溺哀” is pronounced as “溺愛” in the song, I’ve preferred keeping the latter meaning even in the title.
      As for “feeding on”, that’s just a “stylistic” preference.

      As you’ve pointed out, the wordplay here are a lot, thus it’s really hard, sometimes even impossible, to give a good English translation. And this is why I classify this song as “a different translation for each single person”.

      Thank you for your comment, and I’m glad you like the translation!

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