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I’m impressed by the number of albums this song is featured in, I hope I haven’t forgotten any.

At this point, I’m not sure what to say. Searching around, I discovered this song has already been translated but well, I simply don’t like how some parts have been written. Aside this reason, which is more like an excuse, I love this song too much to not translate it by my own hands.

Beautiful, simply beautiful. I love how the lyrics are entirely related to Steins;Gate. Speaking of lyrics, I don’t know if it happened to you as well, but from time to time I come across openings or endings done for an anime, a visual novel or something else which are completely detached from it. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. If you haven’t done it yet, go listening to this song. It’s quite curious how so far I’ve simply loved all the ending themes of visual novels I’ve played or I know and planning to play. I also often end up to like more endings than openings. And I’m going off topic. Again.

Before starting with the actual translation, keep in mind I haven’t always explained why I’ve translated a certain phrase in a certain way. The song itself in some parts lives opened countless interpretations and thus countless translations.


運命のファルファッラ”, “unmei no farfalla”, “The butterfly of destiny”, or if you prefer, “The butterfly of fate”.

この身が | Even if”; literally, “Assuming/for example if this body (…) my will/intention/determination will stay”. Since I find the double “will” quite bad, I’ve decided to write “won’t fade” instead of “will stay” also to keep the contrast –if it can be called a contrast- with “my body will disappear”.
光の軌跡残し | Leaving behind”; literally, “leaving behind the traces of light”.
救いを求めた | As I”; note that the second part of this phrase, “prayers (…)”, is written at the present tense in Japanese but for the consecutio temporum I’ve preferred using the –ing form. Also, there’s not “my” in Japanese.
繰り返された時 | The time”; literally, “the made repeated/been repeated time will soon/finally/in the end change the world”. Also, the phrase right below means “To go upstream the flow” out of context but it’s also used to mean “travel back in time” and since we’re talking about Streins;Gate, I’ve picked the latter meaning.
一枚の葉 | One single”; literally, “A leaf swims through a vortex of closed establishments”.
永遠と無限 | The gap between”; to get this phrase, think about it as “The gap between an endless time and an infinite number”. I’m not sure which nouns would be better for the English translation, but I guess “eternity” and “infinite” pretty much do the work. If you have better terms in mind, say them~
神に抗いし | Opposing God”; literally, “the knights (…) approach (their) fate”.

Title: 運命のファルファッラ
Vocals: 榊原ゆい (Yui Sakakibara) / FES
Lyrics: 夏蓮 (Karen)
Composition: 林達志 (Tatsuya Hayashi)
Arrangement: 林達志
Performed by: ファンタズム (Phantasm)
Published by: 5pb. Records
Album: 運命のファルファッラ, Steins;Gate Original Soundtrack + Radio CD (仮), STEINS;GATE VOCAL BEST, PHANTASM THE BEST, Revival Prophecy


この身が 例えば消えても 意志は残留し
未来のあなたに いつかは辿り着くだろう

kono mi ga tatoeba kiete mo ishi wa zanryuushi
mirai no anata ni itsuka wa tadoritsuku darou

Even if this body will disappear my will won’t fade
And one day, will finally reach the future you

孤独を抱き 避けられない痛みと共に燃える

nurikaerareta kioku
furuete yugamu sadame
karamiau itotachi
kodoku wo daki sakerarenai itami to tomo ni moeru

Rewritten memories
A trembling and distorted fate
Entangled in their strings
I embrace my solitude as I burn with this unavoidable pain

光の軌跡残し 地平線越えてゆく
神に抗いし騎士たちは進むだろう ふりむかずただ前へ
時を見つめる者の まなざしさえすり抜けて

chou wa kasuka na habatakide
hiraki no kiseki nokoshi chitaisen koeteyuku
kami ni aragaishi kishitachi wa susumu darou furimukazu tada mae e
toki wo mitsumeru mono no manazashi sae surinukete

The butterfly weakly flaps its wings
Leaving behind a faint light as it crosses the horizon
Opposing God, the knights are going forward, never looking back
Slipping through even the gaze of the overseers of time

救いを求めた 祈りは星たちに届く
誰もが何かを 守ると決めたその夜に

sukui wo motometa inori wa hoshitachi ni todoku
daremo ga nanika wo mamoru to kimeta sono yoru ni

I sought help, my prayers reaching the stars
That night, everyone decided to protect something

一枚の葉 閉ざされた確立の渦を泳ぐ

kurikaesareta toki wa
yagate sekai wo kaeru
nagare wo sakanoboru
hichimai no ha tozasareta kakuritsu no uzu wo oyogu

The time I’ve repeated
Will change the world
As I travel back in time
One single leaf is lost in a vortex of settled possibilities

刷り込まれ強いられた 法則を超えてゆく
神に抗いし騎士たちは探すだろう 魔の城へ至る道
扉を開く鍵は その手の夢の中に

kasuka na habataki wo kasane
surikomare shiirareta housoku wo koeteyuku
kami aragaishi kishitachi wa sagasu darou ma no shiro e itaru michi
tobira wo hiraku kagi wa sono te no yume no naka ni

Many weak beats of wings
Going through these deeply imprinted laws
Opposing God, the knights are searching a path for the devil castle
The key to open the door is within those hands’ dream

囚われ人よ 今逃れて
砕け 神の手から仕掛けられた罠を ループを

eien to mugen no sukima
toraware hito yo ima nogarete
kudake kami no te kara shikakerareta wana wo ruupu wo

The gap between eternity and infinite
Entrapped the people now escaping
Break through the trap and loop built by God’s hands

光の軌跡残し 地平線越えてゆく
神に抗いし騎士たちは挑むだろう 訪れる運命に
時を見つめる者の まなざしさえすり抜けて

chou wa kasuka na habatakide
hiraki no kiseki nokoshi chikaisen koeteyuku
kami ni aragaishi kishitachi wa idomu darou otozureru unmei ni
toki wo mitsumeru mono no manazashi sae surinukete

The butterfly weakly flaps its wings
Leaving behind a faint light as it crosses the horizon
Opposing God, the knights challenge him, facing their fates
Slipping through even the gaze of the overseers of time

~ by Jaefine on June 10, 2015.

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