[GSS] Day 01 – Part 02.02

Yamiko’s Path


「会いたかった……」 “I wanted to meet you…”
急ブレーキ。 He slammed on the brakes.
人を引っかけた! He hit someone!
自転車の前輪が、何かにぶつかったと――確かにその衝撃を感じたと、そう思ったのだ。 The bike’s front wheel hit something―― He was sure he felt the impact, or so he thought.
自転車が横滑りに倒れかかるのを、足でなんとか持ちこたえる。慌てて背後を振り返った。 His bike went out of control, but somehow he managed to withstand with his legs. Confused, he looked back over his shoulder.
……誰も居ない。 …there was nobody.
今、確かに誰かの声が聞こえたのに。 He was sure he heard someone’s voice right now.
それに姿も見たのだ。華奢な少女の姿。 He saw someone. He saw the silhouette of a slender girl.
だが、目の前の空間には、誰の姿もない。 However, there was nobody in front of him.
“…cut it off. It’s since this morning that creepy stuffs happen.”
ぼやいた恭司は、さらなる異常に気付いた。 Kyouji grumbled as he realized there was something else unusual.

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~ by Jaefine on January 25, 2017.

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