人形ノ涙 ~ Adresse + L-TYPE


Remember it’s a doll talking. Or at least is the only thing I can think of, considering the lyrics.


人形ノ涙” “ningyou no namida”, “A doll’s tears”. Usually I try to be as neutral as possible while translating titles (meaning, I try to avoid putting pronouns or anything else), but now it just sounded so good putting the article there.

瞼の裏には | Though I could”; usually this expression is written as part of idioms to mean “it crossed my mind” or “it was impressed in my mind”, but since we’re talking about a doll, I believe it’s actually to be intended literally –and thus, the translation. Because a doll isn’t supposed to be able to see anything, right?
終わりは見えない | I won’t see”; more literally, “If it’s (my) fate/destiny, I won’t see an end”.

Title: 人形ノ涙
Vocals: 仲村芽衣子 (Meiko Nakamura)
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Adresse + L-TYPE
Album: Spilling Star
Event: M3-28


わずかに その色を変えてた

kidzuita no wa totsuzen datta
kinou made to sukoshi chigatta
atarimae to omotta keshiki
wazukani sono iro wo kaeteta

All of a sudden I noticed
It was all a bit different from yesterday
The scenery I thought was as usual
Has slightly changed its colors


mabuta no ura ni wa mieteta no ni
itsukara hitori de ita no darou
anata no egao wo sagashita kedo

Though I could see beyond my eyelids
How long have I been alone?
I looked for your smile, but
I couldn’t find it…

最初の夢を もう一度だけ
叶えてくれた あの鼓動を
願ってみても 動かない指
あたしは そうだ、悲しい人形

saisho no yume wo mou ichido dake
kanaetekureta ano kodou wo
negattemite mo ugokanai yubi
atashi wa sou da, kanashii ningyou

Just one more time, grant my very first
Dream, to have a heartbeat
I even tried to beg, but my fingers don’t move
That’s right, I am just a sad doll

景色に ただ溶けてゆくのか

hamon no you ni hirogatteyuku
tsumetasa sase kanjinakute
ikiru koto wo wasuresou de
keshiki ni tada toketeyuku no ka

Spreading out, just like ripples
I don’t even feel the cold
It’s as if I’ve forgotten how to live
So can’t I just dissolve in this scenery?

落として砕けた 想い出の鍵
行く手を阻まれ 立ちすくむ

otoshite kudaketa omoide no kagi
yukute wo habamare tachisukumu
machigai darake no sekai dake do
aiseru you ni to…

My key of memories fell and broke
Kept away from my path, I’m petrified
The world is full of mistakes, but
It’s as if I can love…

流れてたのは 涙じゃない
この瞳は二度と 輝けない
それでも ひとつ 失くせなくて

nagareteta no wa namida janai
kono hitomi wa nidoto kagayakenai
soredemo hitotsu ushinaku senakute
saigo no yume wo sagashitsudzukeru

These falling aren’t tears
They won’t shine ever again in my eyes
And yet the only thing I can’t get rid of
Is my last dream that I’m still searching

声をあげ泣いた 誰かに届くように

koe wo age naita dareka ni todoku you ni
sore wa kanawanai yume…

I raised my voice and cried, as if it could reach someone
That’s a dream that won’t come true…

動かない心 それでもまだ
忘れないように 叫ぶけれど
誰にも 届くことはなくて
終わりは見えない 運命なら
最初の夢を もう一度だけ
胸に抱えて 眠りたくて
人の悲しみ 歪みでさえ
求めてしまう 悲しい人形

ugokanai kokoro soredemo mada
wasurenai you ni sakebu keredo
dare ni mo todoku koto wa nakute
owari wa mienai sadame nara
saisho no yume wo mou ichido dake
mune ni kakaete nemuritakute
hito no kanashimi yugami de sae
motometeshimau kanashii ningyou

Though my heart doesn’t move
I scream as if I still haven’t forgotten
Though it won’t reach anyone
I won’t see an end, such is my destiny
Just one more time, hold in your heart
My very first dream, I want to sleep
People’s sadness and distortion
Is what I wish for, I’m a sad doll

~ by Jaefine on February 16, 2017.

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