[GSS] Day 01 – Part 04.03


昼休みになっても、状況はあまり変わらなかった。 Lunch time came, but things didn’t change much.
売店で買ってきたパンをひとりでかじり、教室をすぐに出る。 Kyouji took a bite of the bread he bought at the shop and left the classroom.


(Three years are more than I expected…)
変わった変わったと真太は言う。三年前までは一緒に遊んでいた筈の他の連中も、なんだか遠巻きだ。 Shinta said he changed. The people he used to play with three years ago now seemed distant.
自分では変わった自覚はないから、どうすればいいのかさっぱり分からない。 He couldn’t be aware of his own change, sp he didn’t know what to do.


(How odd. Aren’t transfer students usually more popular?)
自分の教室から少し離れた、廊下の壁にもたれかかって、溜息を落す。 A bit after leaving his class, he leaned against the corridor’s wall and let a sigh out.
なまじ前にこの町に居たのが悪いのだろうか。 Was it a bad thing he used to live in this town?
「転校生」の物珍しさもないし、かといって、すぐに前のような付き合いに戻れるほど、近くはない距離。 Nobody was interested into the “transfer student” and putting back things how they were with his friends was impossible.
前の学校では、親しくしているヤツのひとりやふたりは、それは当然居たけれども、ひとりで居ることも気にはならなかった。 At his previous school he got close to one, maybe two guys. It was something natural. However, he really didn’t mind being alone.
元々あまり、つるみたがる性格でもない。自分ではそう思っていた。 He was never the type of person who likes to hang out with others. That’s what he thought.
目の前を笑いながら行き過ぎる連中から目を逸らし、身体をくるりと返して、窓枠にもたれる。 He looked away from a group of people laughing passing by, turned around and leaned against the window frame.
窓の外には、少し離れて二使守山へと連なる傾斜。 Outside it he could see Nishimori Mountain in the distant.


(Nishimori Mountain…?)
あれは一体、なんだったんだろう? What the hell was that?

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