[GSS] Day 01 – Part 04.04d

It’s none of my business – Akane’s path

後を追った訳ではないのだが、いつまでも廊下に突っ立っていても仕方がない。 It’s not like he was following her, he simply always stuck around the corridor.
恭司も結局、あかねから少し間をおいて、教室の中に戻った。 In the end, Kyouji went back to classroom a little after Akane.
あかねが黒板を消す横をすり抜けて、自分の席へ戻る。 Akane was cleaning the blackboard from end to end. He went back to his seat.
その途中で、あの葵という女の子が、自分に視線を向けているのを感じた。 Kyouji, while doing so, felt like the girl named Aoi looked back at him.
恭司がちらりと見ると、気付いた彼女はすぐに顔を俯ける。 He took a quick glance and noticed she immediately turned her face.

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~ by Jaefine on June 1, 2017.

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  1. You’re doing God’s work here.

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