[GSS] Day 01 – Part 05a

手下のひとりが、調子に乗った様子で付け加える。 One of his underlings, excited by how things turned out, added something else.
「それに、あのめちゃめちゃ暗い双木。あいつまで転校生のこと意識してる感じなんすよね」 “And, about Namiki, that gloomy, messed girl. Since when the transfer student arrived, she looks more lively.”
「マジかよ。転校生ちょーモテてんじゃん」 “Seriously? The transfer student is super  popular.”


“Only ugly girls like her can like that transfer student. I’d rather――”
貞島は葵のことを一刀両断した後、不機嫌を絵に描いたような顔で続けた。 Sadashima, after cutting it out about Namiki, kept talking with a disgusting face.

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~ by Jaefine on June 24, 2017.

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