[GSS] Day 01 – Part 05.01a1

What kind of relationship do we have, eh?


「さあて。どういう関係だろうねえ。まあでも、貞島君には関係ないんじゃない? 深園さんもそう言うだろうなあ」

“Soooo. You want to know what kind of relationship we have. Buuut, it’s none of your business, Sadashima. Even Misono said it.”
恭司は肩をそびやかす。内心は苦々しい思いでいっぱいだった。 Kyouji raised his shoulders. His innermost, deplorable thoughts popped up.


(What a jerk. He’s interested into Akane, yet he meddles into Misono’s affairs?)
それとも、随分な子分思いでもあるようだから、希衣佳に振られた手下の誰かに泣きつかれでもしたのだろうか。 Then, he remembered about Sadashima’s henchmen. After Kiika rejected them, they probably went crying to someone.


“…such behavior seriously doesn’t suit you.”
貞島の目が、一層剣呑になった。 Sadashima’s eyes turned even more threatening.

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~ by Jaefine on July 4, 2017.

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