Prototype ~ Primary

each cover

I’m not sure if it’s the rhythm or the lyrics, or maybe both, but I really feel like this song is sung by an uncompleted (or maybe I should say, failed attempt to create a human-like machine) robot –and thus, the title. Well, the whole album is based upon “living alone”, so I honestly expected a darker tone here, but I would never expected them to be this dark –not a complaint.

This said, starting from the third track of an album may be not the smartest idea to understand it, but well. I wasn’t even sure to post something today, so let’s just say I decided to go back to translations sitting in my hard driver since a ridiculously amount of time –calculating it in years. And yes, I’ve skimmed through and corrected (I hope all) translation errors. Cheers.


Title: Prototype
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: each
Event: M3-28


why? don’t you know? いつから…少しずつ辿った
why? don’t you know? いつから…途切れぬ鼓動

why? don’t you know? itsukara… sukoshizutsu tadotta
kono basho doushite? itsumo to chigau disupurei
oboeteru sono me wo sagashiteita no wa
why? don’t you know? itsukara… togirenu kodou

Why? Don’t you know? Since when… I followed it little by little
Why this place? It’s different from my usual display
I remember those eyes I was searching for
Why? Don’t you know? Since when… my heartbeat doesn’t stop


tsumetakute… nigitta sono te wa mou ugokanai

It’s so cold… the hand I grabbed doesn’t move


nidoto owaranai atashi no monogatari
tokashita kajitsu no amai sasayaki

My story won’t end ever again, it’s
A melted fruit’s sweet whisper

何度も見てきた 最期の瞬間
記憶に閉じ込め 指先を伝って
進み続けても 同じ時間のようで

nandomo mite kita saigo no shunkan
kioku ni tojikome yubisaki wo tsutatte
susumitsudzuketemo onaji toki no you de
“ikiteru” riaru ga toozakaru yume

I saw it many times, my last moment
Locked in my memories, following your finger
I may move on, but it always seems the same moment
“Living”, reality is just a dream faded away


tsukisashite… torinokosarete mo kanashiku wa nai

Even if I will… be stabbed, or left behind, I’m not sad


nidoto owaranai atashi no monogatari
itoshii hodo kowashite hoshikatta

My story won’t end ever again, though
I wanted to break it so much it was lovely

叫び続けた日々 (止まる事はない)
同じ時間の中で (違う道だった)
重なるその掌 (砂の様に消えてく)

sakebitsudzuketa hibi (tomaru koto wa nai)
onaji toki no naka de (chigau michi datta)
kasanaru sono tenohira (suna no you ni kieteku)
tasukete hoshikatta dake

The days I kept screaming (they won’t stop)
Inside the same time (it was another path)
All those palms overlapping (disappearing like sand)
I just wanted to be saved

背筋なぞる “運命”に従って

owari no mienai atashi wa nukedasenai
sesuji nazoru “sadame” ni shitagatte
otoshita naifu wo mune ni tsukitatetemo
kaerarenai hitotsu no monogatari

I can’t see an end, I can’t go away
Down my spine, according to “fate”
Even if I stab into my chest the knife I dropped
This only one story won’t change

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