Sort of big update (Gore Screaming Show)

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, whichever time you are reading this.

As you have noticed, I haven’t updated this blong since a couple of weeks because of reasons I won’t bore you about. And as for Gore Screaming Show… it takes me way too much time to divide the script, make the post format, adding the link ect. Thus why I decided to be lazy and posting download links to the chapters (or days, if you prefer) here in both .docx and .pdf.

Good side is that you will have bigger portions of the script all at once, and for me it will be way easier to share. Bad side is that this system may be even more confused than before. Though I want to believe it’s not too confused.

Links are right below. And yes, you’re seeing it right; there are day one and two over there complete. All the links have been uploaded on Mega, but I can’t exclude I will upload them also on other sharing sites. As usual, if you spot any error/mislink/link down and so on, please contact me, I will fix it as soon as possible.

This said, pick up your format and have (I hope) fun!

.docx Download

Chapter 00 – Prologue
Chapter 01
Chapter 02

.PDF Download

Chapter 00 – Prologue
Chapter 01
Chapter 02

~ by Jaefine on October 6, 2017.

6 Responses to “Sort of big update (Gore Screaming Show)”

  1. Soo this isn’t translation which i can copy and paste into game yeah? I can only read this files and compare to japanese text in game?

    • If you know how to change the game’s files, you tecnically can do it.

      If not… yeah. Since this translation should actually follow the in-game flow, it shouldn’t be too hard reading it while playing.

      Sadly, I have nearly no knowledge in editing, so this is the most I can offer

  2. Okey, thanks. I appreciate your work.

  3. Thank you! I know you’ve been working on this for awhile, and it seems to be underappreciated. This is one of the first visual novels I’m choosing to read/text hook which in retrospect seems to be a terrible decision but your translations are helping me tremendously.

  4. Hey there, im a big fan of DenKare and please i need to know the translation for this song as this is one of my fav from DenKare but the lyrics is quite gruesome for me. Btw i love your blog. Cheers!

    Song Title: Majiwaza Youran
    Circle/Band: DenKare
    Album: Karen Teki Ongaku Shuu II
    Link to lyrics:,denkare-majiwaza-youran.html
    Requester: Maru

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