Gore Screaming Show – Day 03 Out!

HeLlO EVeRYbOdy!

Since it’s Golden Week and I have time, aside from translating songs, I decided to (finally) update Gore Screaming Show. I’m also working on an ending guide (or better, revising the one I made long time ago), but since I want to test it super well and since I want to move on first with the translation, it will take some more time for that.

As for the next chapter/day, unless I get super busy and/or distracted by other things (which is highly probable), I’m willing to publish list in mid-late June.

Just like the previous part, download links are hosted on Mega and the script is available in both .docx and .pdf. As usual, leave a comment/contact me if you find any error/mislink/link down.


.docx Download

Chapter 03

.pdf Download

Chapter 03

~ by Jaefine on May 3, 2018.

2 Responses to “Gore Screaming Show – Day 03 Out!”

  1. Oh my god, someone’s translating GSS! So many people have started to TL this and never completed the project. I really hope this comes to completion!

    • It will take A LOT since I’m working on this alone and I don’t have that much free time, but I really want to bring this TL till the end. Working on chapter 4 right now!

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