Gore Screaming Show – Patch and Updates


Yes, it’s happening. For real. And we have a whole new blog dedicated, so just click here and follow it straight away.

Why am I saying “we”?
Well, if you have read GSS’ FAQ, you know that I am unable to make a patch by myself. This means, I am not anymore alone in this project -which is awesome for me, since it stimulates me a lot working with somebody.

The saint you have to thank who is making the patch (and thus digging inside that mess called Gore Screaming Show’s game files) is Erika.

As you can see, the screenshots look great and, what else to say? I am so damn excited about this.

Because of this change, I will not anymore publish translation sheets on this blog. As for updates from now on, stay tune on “the Scent of Ashes”!

7 thoughts on “Gore Screaming Show – Patch and Updates

  1. While I did always kinda sorta hoped a patch would materialize somehow eventually if only you kept at this for long enough, I’m really really glad to read this – no, really, it made my day! Thanks to both of you for your efforts, please know they are very much appreciated… :)

  2. Wow how could I not stumble on this post earlier?? I used to follow you since 2014 and to see such great news makes me so happy I can’t restrain myself

    I also noticed there’s a post from may 3rd and will try the patch right away!!

  3. All the updates on GSS and the patch has been moved to https://scentofashes.wordpress.com since some time (the information is also written on this blog’s GSS page) .

    Translation has been done revised and is different for the 95% from the one posted here, and a patch has been released last week. Check my other blog and enjoy!

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