Gerbera ~ Yuyoyuppe

Yuyoyuppe is great, I’m glad he’s back, and it’s been a while since the last time I translated some vocaloid song. Not that I usually translate vocaloid songs -this might be maybe my 10th something post about a vocaloid song?

Anyway. I wonder if this song, along with Canvas, will be in a new album for C95, or if he will do something else for that comiket, or if he will do nothing and just sell reprints of his old works.

About Canvas, I’m also planning on posting that translation soon enough, but I like this song most, so I decided to publish this one first. Enjoy!


The Gerbera is a flower that has a very positive meaning -it symbolizes joy. In addition, accordingly to the color, its meaning changes as well. In meola’s illustration there are white, yellow, orange, pink and red Gerberas, which meaning is, respectively, purity, wealth, happiness, admiration/youth and success.

I think there’s nothing more to add, considering the Gerberas withered.

Title: Gerbera
Vocals: 巡音ルカ (Megurine Luka)
Lyrics: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)
Composition: ゆよゆっぺ
Arrangement: ゆよゆっぺ
Band: Draw the Emotional



shiroi kibou wo matotte
awai yume wo katatta
utsukushii kimi wo miteita

I wore my white hopes
And told my fleeting dream
I looked at you, so beautiful


kuroi kunou wo matotte
hohoemi wo nakushita
yokotawaru kimi wo miteita

I wore my black anguish
And lost my smile
I looked at you, lying down

嘆き 悲しみ
憂い 苦しみ

nageki kanashimi
hitotsu hitotsu narabete
urei kurushimi
tsumikasaneta omoi wa
soko ni saita gaabera

All my thoughts of
Grief and sorrow lined up one by one
All my thoughts of
Anguish and pain piled up
Are the gerberas bloomed there


iki mo dekinai you da
ugokanai kimi wo miteita

When I bring back the past
It feels like I can’t breathe
I looked at you, but you don’t move
I looked at you

望み 喜び

nozomi yorokobi
hitotsu hitotsu narabete
kimi e sasageru
afureteita omoi to
soko de kareta gaabera

I line up all my
Wishes and joys, one by one
And give them to you
With my overflowing feelings
And the gerberas withered there

One thought on “Gerbera ~ Yuyoyuppe

  1. I dunno if Yuyoyuppe will plan to release the songs with the album but since he got the teaser website here I think he would likely release the songs that he showed in YT/niconico to that album + some of his old revamped Vocaloid works? Hopefully so!

    Oh but anyways, thank you for the translation. The song is so sad and beautiful!

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