Just like Sanctuary, this song is not a full version yet, and just like Sanctuary, I will update this page as soon as the full version comes out. Well, only two more weeks left for the 7th single (which has Sanctuary and BRAVE JEWEL in it), which I am warmly waiting because I love Sanctuary (okay, I will stop mention this song now), but I am already looking for the 8th single, which will probably have PASSIONATE ANTHEM in it -or at least I hope so.

Anyway, it has been a while since my last post on Roselia. More than two months. Wow. And I have just realized I haven’t posted BLACK SHOUT yet, though I have finished that translation a long time ago -around June maybe? I guess I should start to schedule all the translations sitting in my hard disk.

Necessary note: these lyrics may be inaccurate because they are not transcribed from any booklet. I will simply update this post as soon as the full song and the actual lyrics will come out. Meanwhile, enjoy!


Vocals: Roselia
Lyrics: 織田あすか (Oda Asuka | Elements Garden)
Composition: 藤永龍太郎 (Fujinaga Ryuutarou | Elements Garden)
Arrangement: 藤永龍太郎
Album: –
From: バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ! | BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!


We will all aim to win PASSIONATE DAYS
We will all aim to win PASSIONATE VOICE
We will all aim to win PASSIONATE SONG
We will all aim to win


manazashi wa tada hitasura ni guchokusa wo komete
tamashii to honnou wo kusugutteita
arata na chousen ga honmono e to chikadzuku
donna suteeji datte hohoemi wo ageru wa

Your gaze filled with a passionate pure honesty
Tickled my soul and my instinct
This new challenge is getting close to the real thing
I will smile no matter on which stage I’m on

Breaking Down
Breaking Down

Breaking Down
gekirin ni fureta saki ni ochita
Breaking Down
ubugoe ga hageshiku butsukari butsukari au utage

Breaking Down
The wrath I brought upon you has gone
Breaking Down
Our first cry is a banquet clashing violently

磨き上げて行く それぞれのダイヤを胸に抱き
妥協はしない 譲らない
誇りある この想い

kisoi saku you ni inochi no Anthem narashite
migakiagete yuku sorezore no daiya wo mune ni daki
mizukara no oto wo shinjiteiru kara to takaraka ni
dakyo wa shinai yuzuranai
keshite yuruganai mono wa
hokori aru kono omoi

Sing your life’s Anthem as if it’s in full bloom
Polish up each single diamond and hold it in your heart
Because I believe in my music, I shout
I won’t make compromises, I won’t give up
If there’s something that will never shake
These are my feelings I’m proud of

We will all aim to win PASSIONATE SONG
We will all aim to win


~ by Jaefine on November 25, 2018.

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