断章を紡ぐ序曲 ~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence


First post of 2019, so happy new year! And for your (my?) joy, I’ve fixed the comiket number because I was one year ahead.

A post about winter comiket would have been more appropriated, but (of course) I got sick and wasn’t able to go there. Hence, I haven’t bought any C95 album yet. Hence, no C95 post yet. And thus, I decided to start this 2019 with Imperial Circus Dead Decadence.

I should’ve translated this a long time ago, together with the whole album, but because of many reasons I’ve never done that.

Right now I guess I just want to finally translate the whole story ICDD created, though starting from the second album is not exactly the best way to start. But well. I guess I will translate the first album after this.

Once again, these few lines are somehow a small explanation of what is happening and are not sung in the song.


断章を紡ぐ序曲”, “The prelude that connects fragments”. Where “fragments” should be read as “literal fragments”. In other words, this is the song that should connect the story of the previous album to this one.

Title: 断章を紡ぐ序曲
Vocals: Kylie, Rib:y(uhki)
Lyrics: Rib:y(uhki)
Composition: Rib:y(uhki)
Band: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
Album: 狂おしく咲いた凄惨な骸は奏で、愛おしく裂いた少女は聖餐の詞を謳う。
Event: M3-28



The curtains open once again on the tale of decadence. The name of the girl born at the end of that tragedy is “Ophestra”.
In the new world the girl looks at, people’s history is merciless, yet leaves warmth behind.
The girl is pursuing an answer that will define the meaning behind living.


-daiichi no taihai sekai wa, aru shoujo no inochi e to shuusoku shita. soshite kanojo jishin horobi  saisei suru sekai sono mono e to sugata wo kaeta-

-The first world of decadence converged into the life of a certain girl. And then, the girl herself shaped its appearance into a world where destruction was back-


unmei wa sangeki no inochi wo kurai, yagate sekai wa tobira no sono e…… daini no taihai sekai e to sono oomu wo koushin shiteiku.

Destiny devours the blood of tragedies, and finally the world opens to the outside…… to the second world of decadence where it’s even worse.


inishie yori sata narite, aza to usu no ichiishi de ari, kuroki hito to mo iwareru mono ga ita.
kono sekai wo soto kara mitsudzukeru.
ikudo to naku kurikaesareru owari, ikudo to naku arasoi horondeiku sekai
sono sekai ni hatashite imi ga aru no ka, hakari shinanu haruka yori tsunoru fundo ni nita kanjou
shi wo tsukasadori nao, moumai toshita iki wo mitsumeru.

There was once a person called the blackened one, an incident from the past, willing to erase his birthmark.
He kept gazing at this world from outside.
A world consumed by countless conflicts, heading towards the same end over again.
Whether or not there was a meaning in that world, there was an emotion similar to anger growing stronger from a distance he couldn’t guess.
He rules death, and gazes at ignorant lives.


chinurareta monogatari no otoshiko, danshou wo tsumugu shoujo haishita sekai yori umareizuru shoujo
sugatakatachi wa futei de ari, kanojo no mae de wa toki wa chikara wo motanai.
kagayaki haha no ishi wa kanojo e to uketsunagare, sono me de sekai wo mitsumeru.
iki no shouchou narite, shi wo omou.

The stepchild of a tale smeared with blood, the girl who connects fragments, the girl born from a forsaken world.
Her appearance is unknown, and time has no power on her.
The girl inherited her bright mother’s will, and gazed upon the world with such eyes.
She becomes a symbol of life, and feels death.


higeki to sangeki wa sugata wo kaete utagai wo oimotomeyou ni kanade ai
mugen wo sute te ni ireta ai wa kagayakitsudzuke, soko ni fukashigisa wo arawasu
chi ni nurete umareta ko wa ai wo uketsugi
seisan na mukuro wa hakaraku mo utsukushii
eien ni kaikou dekinu kuruoshisa ni namida ga hoho wo tsutai
hito ga hito de aru kagiri no orokashisa wo nageita
yagate shoujo to mukuro ga deai
gajou de orokashisa ye no itooshisa wo sakebu
kizutsukeau monotachi wa futatabi owari wo mukaeru

Dramas and tragedies, they match by altering their appearance and chasing each other.
The love she obtained by throwing away her eternity keeps shining, showing its wonder.
The child born and tainted in blood inherited love.
A gruesome corpse that’s fleeting, yet beautiful.
Tears flow down on her cheeks, for the madness of never be able to meet.
People grieved for the foolishness they hold.
And finally, the girl and the corpse meet.
She shouts her former love and stupidity in the bastion.
And once again those who hurt each other meet the end.


sono toki, shoujo wa……

That moment, the girl……


“koko wa doko nano? oko wa totemo kurai yo…… nee… kurai yo……”

“What’s this place? It’s so dark here…… right… so dark……”


“dewa, hikari wo mi ni ikou”

“Then, shall we go see the light?”


barai…… barari to danpen wa futatabi tsudou. daini no taihai sekai, koko wa seisan no uta

Fluttering…… fluttering the fragments gather once again. The second world of decadence, the song of the Holy Communion.


~ by Jaefine on January 5, 2019.

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  1. You’re actually the real mvp for translating this <3. I'm too dumb to understand if the blackend one is supposed to be Rostfel or the devil, but hopefully i'll understand by the time the others are translated.

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